Moto Guzzi V85: For January 2019!

Moto GuzziMoto Guzzi V85: For January 2019!

It was during a takeover of the Moto Guzzi 2018 range that we learned a little more about the future Italian trail. Available, prices, performances and other anecdotes, here are the news of the moment. Moto Guzzi yesterday invited to take over most of the models in its 2018 range, which we will talk about very quickly here. On this occasion, we were able to glean new information on the new trail Moto Guzzi already unveiled on the station. You already know that the prototype of the V85 will go into production. But Valentina Barletta, marketing director of the brand in France confirmed that the commercialization of the V85 will take place in January 2019, after its official presentation at the Eicma trade show in Milan in early November 2018.

Moto GuzziMoto Guzzi V85: For January 2019!

From one point to another, we also confirmed that it would be well powered by a brand new V-Twin of approx. 900 cm3, this time cooled by air and oil, and designed to deliver a power of at least 80 hp. But what we already guess on the images will be in some way the guideline of its development: Moto Guzzi does not have the ambition to compete with the tenors of the moment, stuffed with horses and electronics. In its retro air blooming good the best years of the Dakar, the V85 will remain a relatively basic motorcycle, human scale, focusing on sensations and efficiency in real life. What must also contain its price: it speaks of 11 000 to 12 000 €.

Moto GuzziMoto Guzzi V85: For January 2019!

There is still another detail to settle: V85 is for the moment the factory code somehow future Moto Guzzi trail. But we know that the brand has already asked fans to find its next name. Today, no less than 5,000 proposals have been received! It seems huge, but it augurs especially beautiful sleepless nights for the leaders of the brand before deciding for one of the proposals. The short story does not say how will be rewarded the lucky one, for the moment.

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