Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull

Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull
Third model of the Lamborghini range, this Urus SUV differs totally from the sporty Aventador and Huracan.
This is the first super-SUV. Impressive, long (5,11m), the Lamborghini Urus displays especially extreme proportions being the widest (2.02m) and the lowest (1.64m) luxury SUVs. However, it is necessary to make the idea to ride in a Lamborghini and no longer down! But we quickly take its bearings in the spacious and luxurious universe of this Italian SUV. Taurus fans will not be disappointed by the hexagonal and sharp style. We find the "firing" button behind a red flap, wraparound sports seats and a huge "Y" dashboard , designed here around three large screens, two tactile (multimedia, comfort equipment) and a dedicated to the instrumentation.

Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull
The immense "Y" dashboard is designed around three large screens, two tactile (multimedia, comfort equipment) and one dedicated to instrumentation.
On the central console, impossible to miss the "Tamburo", the new dynamic program control "ANIMA" which offers up to 6 driving modes, four for the road -Strada (standard), Sport, Corsa (circuit), Neve (snow) and two off-road (Earth, Sand) optional. Not to mention the three customizable functions EGO (smooth, medium, sport), with well-marked differences to better refine its preferences for steering, transmission and suspension. More comfortable on the road than in town, this Urus is easy to carry, safe and quite comfortable even if the large 23-inch optional wheels (21 inches in series) tend to generate trepidation.

Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull

A real sense of welcome
The standard setting allows at least to appreciate the great softness of the steering -from a frank consistency- and the delicacy of the carbox 8 in quiet driving. Another good surprise, this Urus is welcoming for 5 -the 4-seater configuration is optional- and their luggage, the trunk well designed and practical (ski hatch, folding seat) being announced from 616 to 1596 dm3. A record in the genre. But if the big guys have enough space for their legs in the back, they will have to bend over and deal with the diving roof of this family Lambo.

Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull
The size of this Urus does not really make it the ideal vehicle in the city.
Amazing at all levels, this super-SUV is not afraid to evolve on circuit. The 650 hp V8 4.0 twin-turbo engine, the first supercharged engine for Lamborghini- shared with Cayenne and Bentayga cousins snorts with a heavy, hoarse sound, largely reworked by Italian engineers. In Sport mode, and even more in Corsa, which lowers the body of 15mm, the feeling of driving a super sporty elevated is real. It is just incredible: with 3.6s to reach 100km / h, this 2.2 ton SUV has almost the tone of the Huracan LP 580-2 (580ch), yet 800kg less heavy! The 650 hp and 850 Nm of torque are miracles here.

A "super-SUV" necessarily a super expensive
On track, the result exceeds expectations with such a monster. Four-wheel-drive with rear-leading, rear-wheel steering, sport differential with torque distribution, adaptive air suspension, active anti-roll, huge 440mm carbon-ceramic discs pinched by 10-piston calipers in front: Lamborghini did not skimp to offer a formidable ease in the Urus. Even if the inertia is felt badly braking certainly at shameful pace. The brand relies so much on this "super-SUV" super-expensive (€ 205,715, April 2018 price) to double its production capacity quickly, from 3500 models to 7500. In the literal sense as well as figuratively, the brand takes another dimension.

In four-seater configuration, the rear passengers are installed in comfortable armchairs.
Lamborghini Urus: A Turbo Bull

Technical sheet Lamborghini Urus V8 4.0

CategoryLarge SUV
New price-
Tax category-
Nbr. doors5
Nbr. assizes5
EngineV8, Biturbo, 32 S, 3996 cm 3
Engine positionBefore
Power650 ch
Max power rate6000 rpm
Couple850 Nm
Maximum torque2250 rpm
BoxAutomatic, 8
Test carried out-
Essay published in AM n °865
Standard AV tires285/45 R 21
AR Series tires315/40 R 21
Conso urban manufacturer16.7 l / 100km
Conso extra-urban manufacturer9.7 l / 100km
Mixed manufacturer conso12.3 l / 100km
CO2 emissions279 g / km
0 to 100 km / h manufacturer3.6s
Vmax manufacturer305 km / h
Dimensions (l / L / h)5.11 m / 2.02 m / 1.64 m
Tank75 l
Safe mini builder616 dm 3
Manufacturer's weight2200 kg

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