The Keanu Reeves Motorcycle 2018

The Keanu Reeves Motorcycle 2018

The American actor protagonist of Speed ​​and Matrix brings the motorbikes produced by his Arch Motorcycle Company to the Milan Motor Show, founded together with the customizer Gerard Hollinger. The Hollywood star is co-founder and partner of an exclusive motorcycle manufacturer in Southern California. But the celebrity entree does not need it, because the motorcycles speak for themselves.

A few days before the start of EICMA in last year, scheduled from November 7th to 12th, the hundreds of thousands of visitors who are about to crowd the pavilions of the Rho / Milan Fair will not be surprised. At the 75th edition of EICMA, an exceptional guest star is expected to arrive directly from the big screen: Keanu Reeves, who has just confirmed his presence at the Milan International Exposition, in two ways: as a genuine enthusiast of the two wheels and to present, in world preview, 3 new models of ARCH Motorcycle Company, the company he founded together with Gard Hollinger, well-known customer and long-time riders. 

We do not now discover the great passion of the protagonist of films like Matrix , Speed and Point Break , just to mention some of the most famous titles among the many that he has interpreted, for the world of motorcycles, engines and chrome. The company produces tailor-made motorcycles in the most famous California metropolis: Los Angeles. The first model, launched in 2015, was the KRGT-1. In November, the company took part for the first time at the International Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan and presented, on the prestigious EICMA international stage, three new models. 

ARCH created over 200 unique in-house pieces, which were used to compose the KRGT-1, their first production model. The designer and builder Gard Hollinger supervises an expert staff of expert craftsmen who manually assemble each unit to meet the client's ergonomic and aesthetic preferences. Arch Motorcycle collaborated with Suter Industries to distribute these new models, including the current KRGT-1 internationally in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein. 

The KRGT-1 2018 makes its debut at EICMA, which is the most recent and refined version of the first KRGT-1 of 2015, a cruiser that can be driven aggressively but at the same time comfortable over long distances. At its side is the KRGT-1S, the first motorcycle of the oscillating arm ARCH Motorcycle, an evolution of the KRGT-1. This model is sporty, from the most aggressive driving position while maintaining its performance cruiser formula. CNC machined aluminum and the extensive use of carbon fiber characterize this stylish race-inspired motorcycle. Finally the ARCH METHOD143: equipped with a Mono-Cell carbon fiber frame, this concept will be limited to 23 units. The concept of layering design and the elegance of the bodywork craftsmanship include leather, carbon fiber and CNC machined aluminum.

Arch KRGT-1
The first Arch KRGT-1 was presented to the company in 2015. It was designed as a tailor-made, high-performance cruiser that can handle both aggressive and relaxed, tourist driving style. The latest revision for 2018 places special emphasis on ergonomic improvements. In addition, the fork (now Öhlins FGRT) and the brakes (now available with ABS!) Were changed. In addition, the Arch meets the Euro4 requirements.

The Keanu Reeves Motorcycle 2018

In it pulsates a 124 V2 engine. I beg your pardon? Yes, 124 cui (cubic inches), that is 2032 cc. A steel frame and a CNC milled rear frame made of light metal keep all components in place. The 5-spoke wheels were manufactured by the carbon specialist BST. Footpegs can be ordered in the middle or pre-routed. In fact, Arch has taken up the cause to customize each KRGT-1 individually for their customers. Prices?

Arch 1S
The Arch 1S is the first motorcycle from the manufactory, which leads its rear wheel with a one-arm swingarm. It is based on the KRGT-1, but is influenced by motorsport and therefore offers a more aggressive driver's attitude without leaving the Powercruiser base altogether. The Arch 1S is the first motorcycle from the manufactory, which leads its rear wheel with a one-arm swingarm. It is based on the KRGT-1, but is influenced by motorsport and therefore offers a more aggressive driver's attitude without leaving the Powercruiser base altogether.

The Keanu Reeves Motorcycle 2018

CNC machined aluminum and generously used carbon flow in the lines of this elegant and equally sporty motorcycle. Engine and frame are largely identical to the KRGT-1, but the 1S 7-spoke wheels made of carbon, which were also manufactured by BST. ABS is available, Euro4 meets it. From when and how much money they will have to have, Arch wants to announce soon.

Arch Method 143
Forward thinking and development art are two of the pillars on which Arch Motorcycle rests. Among other things, this resulted in the carbon monocoque of the Arch Method 143, of which exactly 23 copies are to be produced. The design concept and the high quality craftsmanship includes components made of leather, carbon and CNC machined aluminum.

The Keanu Reeves Motorcycle 2018

The Arch Method 143 owes its model name to the 143 cui, so 2.343 cc V2 engine. The single-arm swingarm was CNC milled at Suter, the Öhlins fork was redesigned to meet the special requirements of the Arch 143. The design and construction of the titanium / carbon exhaust system are based on MotoGP racing motorcycles. The wheels of the Arch 143 are made of carbon, were designed by Arch and manufactured by BST. Arch is still silent about production start and pricing.

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