Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Suzuki GSX-250R Review. A2 license in hand, you can access a few sports on the market of the new bike. The new Suzuki GSX-250R is one of them. Yes, a GSX-250R, not a GSX-R 250. To understand, read on! She is brilliantly illusion! Without a doubt, the new Suzuki GSX-250R is a very pretty bike. It may look small, but it is very rewarding with its harmonious volumes that play in her favor. Note also that the MotoGP replica color of our Suzuki GSX-250R test is going to delight, but implies an additional cost of 100 €. Here is a nice surprise: despite its small capacity and its Chinese manufacture in a local factory 100% Suzuki, it is cute this new 2017. What makes us all the more regret not to see more motorcycles of this category in France, which for the moment still, remains a niche market and for good reason: these 250 are not very present in the concessions and therefore less visible, and in the end little diffused, CQFD.

MotoGP in 250 cc bottle
Despite being among the new 2017 Japanese manufacturer, the Suzuki GSX-250R was not born a blank sheet and for good reason, it takes some parts of the GW 250 Inazuma. This small-capacity utility roadster has not met with resounding success in France, even if its owners appreciate it as evidenced by the opinions on this 250 inazuma in the Maxitest. Clearly, the 250 (and 400) respond primarily to the demand of the Japanese domestic market where they are favored by local legislation, and are then generally exported in greater or lesser volumes depending on the economic "sensitivities" of their destination countries: more for emerging countries, less for countries already "emerging".

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

With the GSX250R, Suzuki tries once again foray into a category still atypical at home in terms of volume (less than 2,000 units counting the KTM 390, 1.2% market), but today more expanded in number of models (see the sales figures of motorcycles from 250 to 390 cm3 at the bottom of the article).

Impressive ease
It's impossible to start testing this new Suzuki GSX-R 250 without dwelling on its sturdy, compact size. With my small meter seventy, I do not often have the opportunity to feel like a giant on a bike over 125 cm3. Here, it is nevertheless the case, although thanks to a judicious ergonomics, the GSX-250R can accommodate without difficulty pilots of higher stature. The low seat height (790 mm) also helps to easily lay your feet on the ground, flat on both sides when you reach 170 cm (please). By manipulating the bike, we see its weight content. At the weigh-in (all full facts), we find almost the value announced by Suzuki (183 kilos against 181 kilograms announced). The dashboard is illuminated and is the image of the bike: very rewarding.

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

The small vertical twin cylinder of 248 cm3 emits a very discreet sound. The clutch control cable is bluffing with smoothness and progressivity to use. The handling of the gearbox and the metering of the accelerator are of the same level and one takes off on a net of gas. Then just walk a few hundred meters to realize the ease of driving of this little white sports and mainly blue especially. Aside from a turning circle that's a bit straight in the face of pure juice utilities, the Suzuki GSX-250R has an impressive grip of ease! In town, it's a real bike that seems even less than its weight checked!

Forget the left lane!
This is a small engine very easy to access, not sad to watch and can be strongly recommended to beginners, those who come back to the bike, young bikers in need of confidence. To do this, the flexibility of the twin parallel is an asset, but past the stage of discovery, performance appears limited. In the city, we will do without it easily. On the other hand, on the more clear roads, road and moreover highway, the announced 25 horses are more peaceful ponies than fiery thoroughbreds.

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Maximum performance for this GSX-250R, count on 139 km / h peak (meter) on the flat, 141 km/h downhill, with about 132 km/h real GPS. In theory, it will be impossible to be flashed on the highway. What appears, it is true, a little paradoxical considering the name of this bike, when one thinks that his big sister, the new GSX-R 1000 R, takes about 155 km/h first. It is therefore far from the time of RG 250 Gamma RGV 250 and other machines! On the other hand, the GSX-250R catches up on the comfort of rolling, satisfying thanks to a supple seat, suspensions much less low-end than expected (a good surprise!) And, one will say, a semblance of protection of the part of the full fairing.

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Ultra healthy
It was predictable, his accelerations do not really give the thrill and his occasions under the mid-regimes are mollassonnes. But that does not detract from the approval of this engine debonair, but always voluntary. As proof, its flexibility on the small roads, its vibrations almost absent even at high speed (say 115 km/h), its discreet sound including on highway when one rolls with only 500 rpm of the red zone and a average consumption (4 l/100 km) that will seduce the most stingy. Therefore, the positioning of the bike appears clearer by the yardstick of its performance level and its name: it is a GSX-250R rather than a GSX-R 250. And it may be a nothing damage considering the capabilities of the part-cycle.

Indeed, the stability/agility compromise is remarkable. A test on all types of road profiles, the GSX-250R remains ultra healthy, finally quite precise in its placement in the turns. Thanks to the sensation of ultra-low weight, low engine braking, it is very easy to curve on the momentum. Largely enough to discover the first sporting excitement of the corner taking, provided that the coating is dry, because tires IRC Roadwinner RX01 quickly become "Roadlooser" in the rain. As much replace them as soon as possible (by Bridgestone BT45 for example). Lastly, on the braking side, the simple front disc fulfills its role, without any jitter, and the ABS is quite transparent.

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Appraisal: Less sporty than useful
What is the test result of this new Suzuki GSX-250R model 2017? If we stop at its pace of sports, the disappointment may be large given the modest performance of its engine that suggests that we are dealing with a big 125 cm3 rather than a real 250 cm3. In this, it can not compete directly with more powerful competitors like the Yamaha YZF-R3 or the KTM RC390 for example.

But if we consider the GSX-250R as a beautiful utility disguised, it becomes this time much more sympathetic. With its reasonable consumption, reduced maintenance, standard ABS, the little Suzuki becomes a needy man to live in everyday life, economic alternative to your beautiful mount weekend. Finally, its remarkable ease of driving is particularly for beginners in the A2 category and as this progressive license now concerns all newcomers, it will remain interesting on the second hand market. Rest a price (5 399 € in black, 5 499 € in replica colors, to 09/08/17) still too high in this category of cubic capacity. By Christophe Le Mao, Bruno Sellier photos for

Suzuki GSX-250R Test - Brilliant but less sporty

Value line
Taking in obvious hands
General comfort
Engine approval
Part-cycle very healthy

(Very) limited performance
Standard tires in the wet
Price a bit high

Suzuki GSX-250R: Practical
Price: 5 399 € std / 5 499 € replica, to 09/08/17 
Color: black, blue replica motogp 
Warranty: 2 years, parts warranty and MO, unlimited mileage 
Homologation: A2 license , Euro 4, two places 
Availability: Immediate reduced quantity

Technical sheet
Engine: 248 cc, 4-stroke, vertical twin, 53.5 mm bore x 55.2 mm stroke, 1 ACT, liquid cooling, electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, 6-speed gearbox, electric starter, chain drive 
Power 25 hp. at 8,000 rpm, torque 2,34 mkg at 6,500 rpm
Cycle part : double cradle steel tubular frame, non-adjustable hydraulic fork, adjustable single-shock AR in 6-position preload, AV brakes 1 disc diam. 290 mm / caliper 2 pistons - rear disk diam. 240 mm / 1-piston caliper, ABS standard, front tires 110/80 x 17 - rear 140/70 x 17
Template: size (L x W x H) 2085 mm x 740 mm x 110 mm, wheelbase 1430 mm, ground clearance 160 mm, seat height 790 mm, tank 15 liters, weight 181 kg all full details (manufacturer) - 183 kg verified MS
Performance: maximum speed 139 km / h (11,000 rpm meter), average consumption checked 4.0 l./100 km, average range approx.

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