BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

BMW i3s (2018): How about the "GTI" electric!

BMW i3s 2018. On the occasion of its restyling, the BMW i3 presents a new sporting version, more dynamic to drive as to contemplate. Contradictory with 100% electric propulsion? Answer in this test of BMW i3s. With its torque of Clio RS available immediately (250 Nm from 0 rpm!), The BMW i3 has never lacked nerve at the start of the green light. Its only fault? A dry suspension on the bumps, unwelcome on a city car which offers also a great quietude of driving: total silence of operation thanks to the 100% electric propulsion, and engine brake so marked, with the deceleration, that it is enough to raise the right foot to stop the car at the red light. Delicious, with the habit.

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

Today, the i3 gets its first restyling and we just expected it more comfortable. Finally: BMW draws a new declination i3 "s" which wins 14 hp and 20 Nm of torque, lowers its suspension by 10 mm and shifts its rims from 19 to 20 inches in diameter. Strange choice of evolution.

Price and autonomy BMW i3s
Displayed at the minimum price of € 41,700 (minus € 6,000 bonus), the new i3s claims an additional cost of € 3,600 compared to the classic i3 170 ch itself more expensive from € 800 since the restyling. A rise justified by slightly enriched equipment (100% LED lights, velvet floor mats) and accompanying an unchanged range structure.

The customer retains the choice between three finishes (base, iLife, and + Connected instead of + Edition), associated with four interior environments called Atelier, Loft, Lodge and Suite (modifying the type of upholstery, inserts and interior). lighting, see detailed breakdown on next page ).

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

Alas, nothing changes: at 41 700 €, the first price i3s is always GPS navigation, automatic air conditioning or simple speed regulator series, while prices peak at 51 850 € in a finish that calls for the hands-free key, reversing camera or 10.25 '' screen instead of 6.5 '' in addition...

The auxiliary heat engine, it remains available as an option, and remains charged € 4,550. What extend the autonomy of about 100 km once the batteries are discharged, which alone ensure, according to BMW, 240 km cycle WLTP, and up to 200 km in normal conditions. Let's go check it...

At the wheel of the BMW i3s
The first meters at the wheel of the i3s remind us with pleasure the pleasures of our first meeting. The uncluttered dashboard provides unprecedented forward visibility, the marked engine brake allows for long minutes without ever moving his right foot, and a cathedral silence remains (up to about 110 km / h, before air noises appear) at the wheel of an i3 still able to humiliate the GTI at the slightest pressure on the accelerator...

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

On this point, the gain in power is especially significant on fast tracks, where the  raises become even more effective to insert or undertake an overtaking (accelerations since the stop were not really lacking nerve). Symbolically, the top speed also increases by 10 km / h to reach 160 km / h.

"Still very maneuverable in town and even more successful on the road, the i3s sadly lacks comfort on the bumps"

The comfort, obviously does not improve with the lowered body and larger rims while conversely, the dynamism stagnates in turns: the very direct direction is illusion in the city, but the front wheel still slides early enough, pins, little served by wider front tires, but still narrow (175 mm against 155 mm before).

On slippery road, however, note the best traction control management, which provides effective traction by clamping less torque to acceleration through faster management (reaction time of a millisecond instead of 100 on the old i3 ).

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

At this rate anyway, the energy of the batteries melts like snow in the sun and the new mode of driving Sport  does not arrange anything: during our test mixing city and expressways, the autonomy announced did not exceed not 180 km in terms of mechanics and without air conditioning.

A notable progress since the first battery (which provided a maximum of 190 km in the NEDC cycle, against 280 km for it, appeared early 2017), but which logically imposes longer charging times: 11 hours to recover 80% of the charge on a domestic outlet , against 8 hours for a full recharge before.

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

In this context, the installation of a wallbox at home seems advisable: 7:30 in 16A, or 3 hours 45 on a 32A socket requiring the option "accelerated charge" invoiced € 1,610 (standard on + Connected) . Electric or not, premium models keep their bad habits!

On board the BMW i3s
Recycled plastic dashboard and storm door, wooden glove box lid, steering wheel control removing the center console: the ambience remains special in a BMW i3. This large 10.25-inch screen corresponds to Professional GPS navigation (20 GB hard drive, 3D view in major cities) charged € 1,190 minimum.

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

But unlike recent BMWs, the screen is not tactile (because implanted too far from the driver) and is always controlled via this wheel. Very rigid, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic cell makes futile the middle foot. An advantage for access to the bench, facilitated by small rear doors with opening antagonist. The rear space is correct for a city of 4.01 m long, but the i3 remains homologated in 4 seats maximum. The engine (s) located at the rear elevates the floor of the trunk, which points to 260 l of volume. A Renault Zoe offers 338 l.

BMW i3s Competition
In the small family of 100% electric models, the BMW i3s is the only one to claim the premium circle. Its price / equipment ratio therefore seems misplaced in the face of the new Nissan Leaf (36,990 € in a series of over-equipped launch, against 41,700 € for the i3s first price), the recent Hyundai Ioniq electric (from 35,850 €) or the Kia Soul EV (€ 36,400).

The gap is still widening against the Renault Zoe, the price much softer because its owner does not buy the batteries: from € 23,700, then € 69 per month minimum rental batteries. The French also claims the best autonomy in NEDC cycle, the only value communicated by all four models above: 400 km for the Zoe, 378 km for the Nissan Leaf, and 280 km for the Hyundai Ioniq and the BMW i3s.

Review of the BMW i3s test
Performance but uncomfortable since its launch in 2014, the BMW i3 becomes even more powerful and even less comfortable in this version "i3s". A strange evolution (but claimed by customers, according to BMW), and the additional cost of € 3,600 is nothing trivial. Since then? As much choose the classic i3, and invest this sum in the many (and necessary) options.

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

The stunning performance of the electric motor
The maneuverability in town, unbeatable
The very neat presentation in high finish
BMW i3s logo

We regret:
Discomfort on the wrong road
The many options
The extra cost compared to the classic i3

BMW i3s 2018 prices:

i3s REX
i3 Workshop
$ 41,700
€ 46,250
i3 + Connected Workshop
$ 42,600
$ 47,150
i3 + Connected Loft
$ 44,150
€ 48,700
i3 + Connected Lodge
€ 44,600
49 150 €
i3 + Connected Suite
45 600 €
50 150 €
i3 iLife Workshop
$ 44,300
€ 48,850
i3 iLife Loft
45 850 €
50 400 €
i3 iLife Lodge
46 300 €
€ 50,850
i3 iLife Suite
$ 47,300
$ 51,850

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

Standard equipment BMW i3s:
  • i3s Base
Six airbags. Manual air conditioning. Radio 4x25W. Connected apps 3 years. Bluetooth. USB plug. Reversing radar. 100% LED lights. Electric mirrors and de-icers. Steering wheel and front seats adjustable in height and depth. Rear seats foldable 50/50. 20-inch alloy wheels. Charging cable on 220V socket.
  • i3s iLife
In addition. Clim', lights and automatic wipers. 6.5 "GPS Navigation. Speed ​​regulator. Steering wheel controls.
  • i3 + Connected

In addition. Fast charging system. Traffic information in real time.

BMW i3s interior ambiances:

  1. Workshop. Leather steering wheel. Upholstery fabric with blue stitching.
  2. Loft. Fabric / imitation leather upholstery. White or orange ambient lighting, reading spots and vanity mirrors.
  3. Lodge. Leather and wool upholstery. Dashboard sheathed in leather. Decorative wood eucalyptus inserts.
  4. Following. Leather upholstery. Decorative inserts in oak wood.

BMW i3s options:
  • Metallic paint: 670 €
  • Business GPS Navigation: € 1,090 (basic)
  • Professional GPS Navigation: € 1,190 (€ 2,090 on base)
  • Apple CarPlay: 300 €
  • Rear view camera: 450 €
  • Front parking radar: 250 €
  • Heated front seats: 340 €
  • Glass roof: 990 €
  • Pedestrian buzzer: 110 €
  • Black alloy wheels: 160 €
BMW i3s packs:
Advanced Serenity Pack: € 1,890
  • Professional GPS Navigation
  • Real-time traffic info
  • Harman Kardon audio system
  • Handsfree key
Advanced Parking Pack: € 1,000
  • Reversing camera
  • Front parking radar
  • Automatic hands-free parking
Advanced Safety Pack: € 1,000
  • Braking and collision warning
  • Adaptive cruise control with congestion function
  • Reading the panels

BMW i3s dimensions:
Length: 4.01 m
Width: 1.79 m
Height: 1.59 m
Wheelbase: 2.57 m
Trunk volume: from 260 l to 1 100 l
Tires: 175/55 R20 to the front, 195/50 R20 at the rear
Spare tire: no, repair kit
Weight empty: 1340 kg

BMW i3s technology:
Engine: Synchronous electric
Power: 135 kW (184 hp)
Torque: 270 Nm at 0 rpm
Battery: Lithium-ion 353 V, 94 Amps or 32.9 kWh
Transmission: Rear wheels
Transmission: Automatic 1-speed

BMW i3s performance:
0 to 100 km / h: 6,9 s
Max speed: 160 km / h

Consumption / Autonomy BMW i3s:
Conso mix: 14.3 kWh / 100 km 

Autonomy announced in Comfort mode:
280 km (NEDC cycle)
235-245 km (WLTP cycle)
up to 200 km in real conditions

Cooldown at 80%:
11H on 230V socket
7:30 on Wallbox 3.7 kW 16A
3H45 on Wallbox 7.4 kW 32A

2018 Bonus: € 6,000

Taxation / Warranty BMW i3s
Fiscal power: 3 CV
Warranty: Two years, unlimited mileage
Battery Warranty: Eight years or 100,000 km

BMW i3s (2018): Worth for the "GTI" electric?

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