Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

Harley Davidson Softail Breakout 2018. The Breakout is largely revisited in 2018, more sexy without losing anything of its exclusive custom character. And that's where the bat can hurt! Reassemble your sleeves and play the biceps because you will take place on the famous Breakout, a "dragchop" approved to the sulfurous reputation, loved by insiders and more confusing for others. A feature that does not prevent the "Eclate" (literal translation of Breakout) to be among the bestsellers of the Milwaukee Factory in our beautiful country. Just like its limited edition CVO version, the new Breakout 2018 is the ultimate luxury and lust card.

Of a rare elegance
Fine front wheel of 21 inches, huge sausage 240 wide behind, flat line, ultra-grazing and long, long, long. The table is drawn up, Breakout cultivates the paradoxes. This is the kind of sculpture that could be put in his living room, between a Stark and a Modigliani. But the beautiful, we imagine already rebellious in view of its measurements outside standards, just waiting to roll on infinite straight lines. Teasing that we are, we led the breakout to the antipodes of his homeland, for a test in the natural park of Sant Llorenç del Munt, in the heart of Catalonia, a beautiful region and, like her, rebellious.

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

The culture of respect
Leaving the Bad Boy look to the 2018 Fat Bob recently tested in our digital pages, the Breakout also offers two Milwaukee-Eight branded engines: the V-twin 107 ci with air-oil cooling and double balance wheel developing 86 horses with 14.8 mkg of torque; or its vitamin version 114 ci, 8 horses more powerful and even more coupleuse (+ 1 mkg). It goes without saying that our Test Breakouts, equipped with the 114 ci, already extend the arms at 1500 rpm, while their mechanics exults at 3000 rpm. More flexible at the bottom, vibrating less, this new engine symbolizes the ultra-quiet force of the latest Harley-Davidson 2018.

The part-cycle that has taken a drastic turn is enhanced, since it is built around a lightweight and largely rigidified Softail frame. Given its destiny, the fact that a Breakout tank only loads 13.2 liters of fuel should not disappoint anyone. The bike abandons its big analog counter mounted on the handlebars for a tiny digital block inserted at the bridge. A must of integration, if not visibility! The lighthouse also, took - by equipping itself with leds - a "weird" form.

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

Augmented reality
And here we go for the 2018 Breakout test, arms outstretched, buttocks flush with the ground and feet forward. Dismantling the 305 kg of the beast is not the hardest. If the first start or frank acceleration confirm the health of the big-twin, the obligatory maneuvers in circulation make the smile fall, unless you have disproportionately long arms or be cut like a mover. And more, the bends announcing the arrival of the buttresses raise the doubt as to the capacities of bursts (bis repetita) with such a machine. Neither the Drag-Bar, nor the ridiculous ground clearance, let alone the Canadian road train wheelbase, predispose the Harley-Davidson Breakout to mountainous terrain.

More than the other Softail, it shakes frankly on the bumps, because of its saddle dug (débourrée) and does not make a miracle in terms of braking (only one disc before) after one "wrung the handle" on the first three reports. When driving only conventional motorcycles, taking a turn with a Breakout is not always easy. Long fork, narrow front tire and very wide rear end struggle to agree on the path to follow. Respect the breakout or be respected, that is the question. Next as one chooses to apprehend it, one caresses it or one tames it, but one always leads it with circumspection. Under penalty of consummation of the footrest...

2018 Breakout Test Report
If the new Harley-Davidson Breakout is not really an accomplished road, it is still one of the best for who wants to go to the cafe or the tennis course by looking away. It will be chosen for this and for nothing else, except to shoot adrenaline shots by accelerating between a green light and a red (or green). But that it is clear, those who like the piloting will have better to make (from) 21 760 € claimed for this very beautiful object (to 02/11/17). At this price, better not to be wrong! By Philippe Chanin, Lionel Beylot photos, Eric Malherbe, Yud Pourdieu the Coz & Co

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

Piece of art
Strong sensations
Very low seat height
Two displacements

Maneuverability deficit
Special conduct
Too low seat height?
Minimal ground clearance

Harley-Davidson Breakout 2018: Convenient
Price:   107 ci from 21 760 € - 114 ci from 23 560 € (to 19/09/17) 
Color:  107 black - 114 silver Fortune 
Warranty:  2 years, parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Homologation :  Euro4, license A

The Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout competitors:
  • Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom (Stryker) 2014
  • Regal Raptor Bobber 350
  • Zero Engineering T9
  • Zero Engineering T5

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 2018

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout Technical sheet
Engine: 1,745cc (107) / 1,868cc (114), 4-stroke, V-twin open at 45 °, 100mm bore x 111.1mm stroke / 102mm x 114.3mm, air-oil cooled , tumble feed and 4-hd / cyl, compression ratio 10: 1 / 10,5: 1, ESPFI electronic injection, 6 speeds, belt secondary transmission 
Electronics: ABS not disconnectable 
107: Horsepower 86 horsepower at 5,020 rpm, torque 14.8 mkg at 3,000 rpm 
114: Power 94 horsepower at 5,020 rpm, torque 15.8 mkg at 3,000 rpm

Cycle part: Double steel cradle frame, double valve hydraulic fork, adjustable AR mono-damper, ABS ABS brake 1 disc diam. NC / caliper 4 pistons - AR disk diam. 292 mm / caliper 2 pistons, front tires 130/60 x 21 - AR 240/40 x 18

Gauge: Length 2,370 mm, wheelbase 1,695 mm, hunt NC / angle 26° 8, seat height 665 mm, tank 13,2 l, dry weight (factory) 294 kg / all full details + 305 kg (factory)

Performance: Max speed + 170 km / h (meter), average consumption of the NM test

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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