Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test
Suzuki GSX-S 125. On the basis of the new GSX-R 125, Suzuki also offers for 2018 this roadster version, the GSX-S 125. We took the handlebars for a test in the English countryside. Left all! Operation returned to the entire Suzuki range, or almost! The Suzuki press release of the autumn 2017 has allowed us to test several new features: you have already read on the station the test of the Suzuki GSX-R 125 and the test of the Suzuki 250 V-Strom. And today is the turn of the new GSX-S 125 to pass in our hands for first try. This bike is of course a roadster version of the sport, in the same logic as its sister of greater displacement: Suzuki GSX-S 750 or Suzuki GSX-S 1000. The name GSR no longer in the catalog of the Japanese GP.

Weight watchers style
Without (bad) surprise, the GSX-S 125 also benefits from a really very, very compact size. In the category of 125 sports roadsters, it is by far the narrowest, the one that also appears the frailest, a choice completely assumed by its manufacturer. And this visual impression is even more true once on board, with its very narrow water drop reservoir and easy to tighten between the thighs. Despite its only 2 meters overall length (and 1,300 mm wheelbase), with the new GSX-S 125, Suzuki offers a thoughtful ergonomics, as often with Japanese women. There is just an impression of sportiness at the footrests, which are slightly too remote. The over 1m75 will still manage to retreat on the saddle as needed. 

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

In short, everyone should find its place on this mini 125. The engine emits a beautiful sound (for the category), a sufficiently serious tone, a small "poum poum" friendly and discreet. Another good surprise too, this new 125cc engine is also distinguished by the absence of unpleasant vibrations. The European GSX-S 125 looks as good as it gets from a similarly modern base for the Indonesian market, but in 150cc.

Brilliant in utility
And again, the first kilometers highlight the ease of driving the new Suzuki. Lightweight (133 kg, manufacturer's data, with 90% of the full), equipped with ultra-flexible controls and super-smooth speed selection, this new GSX-S 125 fits within a few hundred meters. From then on, we quickly exploited a satisfactory turning circle, this little motorcycle was not slow in finding its way without any problems in the congestion (although we did not meet many in the province of Silverstone, where the test of this Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018)!

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

Its urban capabilities are undeniable, which augurs a certain approval in everyday use, in a utilitarian role. All competitors can not say as much: the KTM Duke 125suffers from a poorer selection and a propensity to heat in the circulation; the Yamaha MT125 is penalized by its higher center of gravity, its dry suspensions or its brake control too hard. Without appearing as a model of softness, the new Suzuki leaves at least work the springs of its suspension on the bumps and preserves the back to the descent of the speed bumps. On the paved streets however, better vadura anyway anticipate with the help of thighs. In short, for trips work-dodo, the Suzuki seems well armed!

More margin than on a Honda CB125F
The horizon is clear and we take the 2x2 lanes, with the obligation to drive on the left, I run to the pursuit of the opener. The new Suzuki GSX-S 125 climbs nicely to 110, then 120 km/h, without much difficulty. To reach almost 130 km/h meter, it will be necessary to agree to lie on the tank and improve aerodynamics. But at this speed, the single-cylinder displays a high speed of 11,500 rpm, but without showing signs of fatigue or exaggerated vibrations. We also find the motor character of the sister GSX-R, namely a rise in linear power, always easily dosable to the handle, but no particular ridge at high speed.

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

At Suzuki, we are told that the design of this engine has given much of its endurance, the need to withstand the abuse inflicted by users Asian (heat, regular practice of the duo, long drives at high speed). Indonesian users would be intractable! Also, if the top speed is not the priority of this bike (it is more for the GSX-R), it does not prevent less than its cruising speed - of the order of 110 km / h - will easily allow peri-urban journeys. This is noteworthy, compared to some utilities still provided with less recent motor base, sometimes air cooled, and limited to 10 small horses. The superior power of the GSX-S 125 brings above all its pilot serenity beyond 100 km/h,

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

A cape outfit to watch
If we tried the new Suzuki GSX-R 125 exclusively on the circuit (that of Stowe, in the middle of that of Silverstone), the test of the variant "S" takes place only on the road. Very different conditions in terms of adhesion, coating quality for example. And precisely, it is this difference in environment that will highlight certain aspects. First, high-speed heading behavior like curve stability. On these two points, the GSX-S 125 seemed to us less rigorous than the GSX-R 125. In question, certainly the impact of the ergonomics since the geometries are equivalent. On board the GSX-R, you lie down and you pull less on the handlebar at high speed. Conversely, the front end of the GSX-S 125 is naturally unloaded.

Recognize that with such a compact size, a small limited and very narrow tires, the GSX-S 125 really drives like a small engine, and therefore reacts more to the vagaries of the road. On the attack, by the way, it becomes almost exhilarating, provided you remain vigilant at "high" speed. On the other hand, even with slick-looking equipment, the GSX-S brakes very well here on the road. So thank you to the weight of all and the approval of an ABS which, obviously, was not treated lightly. Suzuki, on the other hand, played more economically with the IRC tires, which rise and fall in temperature randomly and back up little information to the pilot.

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

Appraisal: Pleasant more than fun
Visually, the new Suzuki GSX-S 125 is probably not as rewarding as its competitors. The suspensions, the swingarm, the frame hidden by the cladding, all this "slams" less than a KTM 125 Duke (€ 4,490) or a Yamaha MT 125 (€ 4,999). On the other hand, the new Suzuki offers much more than true utilities like the Honda CB 125 F (€ 2,799). Handlebar in hand, its approval and its efficiency are omnipresent. On the test, the Suzuki GSX-S 125 was easy, light, linear, available, agile, good braking. In addition, his driving has a good deal of its serenity to his discreet and well-filled engine (for the category). This roadster general public is therefore to be considered as an excellent utility with a modern mechanics more than a sporty model and ensure practical and daily trips, it will respond present very well against a tariff decent (from € 4 099, to 13/09/17).

Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 test

Ease of driving
Lightness / agility
Nice engine
Utility and powerful

Less rigorous than the GSX-R 125
Price / Facilities
Suspensions a little dry

Suzuki GSX-S 125:
Color: MotoGP Replica, black, red 
Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Availability: October 2017 
Homologation: Euro 4, A1 license, B with 7 hours training 
Place of manufacture: Indonesia
Price: From € 4,099, € 4,199 (MotoGP colors)

By Christophe Le Mao, Suzuki photos: Christophe's equipment on this test: Shoei RYD, Alpinestars Lance jacket, Alpinestars GP-Air gloves, Scott Denim jeans, BMW Dry sneakers - Suzuki GSX-S 125 2018 Test by

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