Mercedes X-Class: Outgrow the excavations

Mercedes X-Class: Outgrow the excavations

Mercedes X-Class 2017. The Mercedes builds a pickup. The prospect of a premium product in the market segment, which has so far been dominated by solid workhorses, has led to an enormous increase in expectations among potential customers. As a reminder: The first pick-up with a star comes from a cooperation with Nissan. In order to turn it into a Mercedes, not only have you started with the design, but also technically (wider track, changed front and rear axles, electronic assistance systems, noise insulation) changed a lot.

First impression: The cockpit speaks fluent Mercedes despite the cooperation-related requirements. You have to search a long time to find a Nissan switch (on the seat adjustment). Pleasing for the operation of the on-board computer: The perfect turn / push control from Mercedes cars is also in use here.

Once in motion shows that the 5.34 m long X-Class drives much more agile than the dimensions would suggest. The ride comfort is largely on the car level and even if it turns curvy, the pilot must make no compromises. Without wobbling or wobbling with the tail, she pulls her precise track steerable. Above the class standard is the noise insulation, which largely filters away the four-cylinder diesel in the cockpit acoustically. This comes from Nissan, is available in two performance levels (220d with 163 hp, 250d with 190 hp) and in the base model with a manual 6-speed, coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes X-Class: Outgrow the excavations

4WD shiftable
The power transmission takes over a switchable four-wheel drive with reduction gear and lockable rear differential (the 2WD version with 2-liter petrol engine does not come to us). This is also well-equipped for serious off-road use, an optional camera system also ensures optimal visibility in hairy places.

Even though the X-Class is rarely allowed to claim the qualities of a real pick-up, the basic data shows that it would be ready for this: loading bed 1.587 x 1.560 m, payload 1067 kg, trailer load up to 3.5 t, fording depth 600 mm, Ground clearance 221 mm, ramp angle 22 degrees, slope angle 30.1 degrees, gradeability 100%.

Mercedes X-Class: Outgrow the excavations

Market launch: 10th of November. Prices: For corporate clients from -€33,910. For private customers, 20% VAT will be added. The NoVA save both, because the X-Class indeed drives like a car, but before the law is considered a commercial vehicle.

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