KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

2T Injection. Are you wondering about the latest Enduro 2T Injection KTM and Husqvarna? Here are answers! Maintenance, practicality of use, adjustments. We make the point for you! The arrival of the 2-stroke injection, you experienced it through our tests with the discovery of the KTM EXC Tpi 2018 tested at the Erzberg, and then again with the Husqvarna TEi 2018 tested in the mountains from Canada. You have probably realized that if the arrival of the injection on a 2-stroke engine is a technical revolution, for the common enduristes it will not change significantly the way of driving. The injected 2T motions being very close, with a few subtleties, to that of the carbureted engines.

But then, concretely, that will it change for the daily life of the endurists? Will we still be able to do his mechanics? Will the maintenance intervals change? We conducted the investigation. Before getting into the thick of the technical subject, we got closer to an experienced driver: Giovanni Sala, 6 times Enduro World Champion (5 titles in 2T, 1 title in 4T). Developments, he saw the Italian driver, and besides these KTM Tpi 2018 correspond to the 4th generation of known 2-stroke engine, practiced or even developed by Gio since 1991.

"For me who does not use the bike 100%, this new 300 Tpi is very nice and especially it became easy to exploit.I want to push a little, it is enough! The strong point of the injection that I was able to try in various conditions (mountain, rain, strong heat), it is the optimal and permanent setting of the motorcycle Good, and then to be honest, I am happy not to me anymore bother with this damn mix! There is no more risk of making a dosing error, you can go hiking and refueling in the station, it's easy! At the time I drove, never imagined that, but it is inevitable today to find new solutions to continue driving on 2-stroke enduros."

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

Enduro 2T Injection: The interview questioned?
After feeling the user of the friendly Italian, we look at the more practical and technical aspects. You are not unaware that the purchase of a 2-stroke enduro is often dictated by its maintenance cheaper and especially easier than a 4-stroke enduro, which is an indisputable argument. Will that always be the case? Patrick Fura, technician at KTM and former very good driver who has also known several generations of 2T, we learned more. For the endurist who practices himself current maintenance and more, the arrival of the injection will not change much eventually. The engine structure is developed on the same basis as a carbureted EXC, only the cylinder and the cylinder head change.

On the injector side, there is no particular maintenance to be done during the season. However, for a motorcycle that will not ride the winter, it will be necessary to do an injector cleaning before leaving for a new season. But it's a bit like a "classic" bike that will not be against a carburetor tank drain. In the end, there is not really any additional maintenance due to the arrival of the injectors.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

The settings
As you have been told, the injection no longer requires putting your hands in the needles and sprinklers to refine the carburation of his bike. But we understand that some demanding amateurs will still want to refine their feelings on the new Husqvarna and KTM 2018. And the idle screw also serving as a wealth screw, we can play a little on this screw which is just next to the choke zipper. It allows to impoverish or enrich low diets.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

For the moment, there is no tool to completely adjust its injection as can be done on modern 4-times. It is only a matter of time to see such an optional tool arrive. The Austrian firm needs to develop a new tool, the 2-stroke injection being provided by Del'Orto (and not Keihin as on the 4T). These more advanced settings should allow to be a motor behavior a little more à la carte.

The maintenance intervals
No change in maintenance intervals. For example the manufacturer's recommendation for the change of a piston in use competition is 40 hours. For hikers, quieter say, this interval doubles to 80 hours. Regarding other interviews such as crankshaft, the recommendations do not change either. The new injection system will not change your usual maintenance schedule.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

The price
It can be noted that the original cylinder will increase slightly, the latter being reworked including the implantation of the two injectors. The breech is modified, but its price does not change significantly. The piston being exactly the same as that of the carburettor models, just like the connecting rod and the low engine, the prices remain identical. It will however be necessary to add the price of the two injectors in the addition. More surprisingly, the injection body is cheaper than a carburetor. Overall the final score between the pieces of the old and new Tpi and TEi models will be the same.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

The consumption
In theory, the consumption of a 2T injection is lower than that of a carburettor. The first tests are very variable depending on the enduriste's management. However, the average observed on KTM Tpi 2018 would be a bit higher than one liter less gasoline per 100 kilometers for a hiking use. Oil consumption is also well reduced. As a general rule, roll with an oil mixture of 2 to 2.5%. Here, the bike is calibrated with a percentage of about 0.9% (!). The electronic oil pump automatically manages the dosing according to the engine load of the driver and does not exceed 1% even at full load.

Why can not we get this result with a carb? Because the oil is mixed with gasoline and will burn. On the new 2 Stroke Injection, the oil is sent directly into the lower-engine without being mixed with gasoline. This allows the passage a better lubrication. According to Patrick Fura, if the maintenance at the crankshaft bearings are still the same, the intervals can probably be pushed back on these new bikes. 

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

Be aware that the oil reserve can make 5 to 6 full of gasoline. A full allows to perform about 120 km, so there is something to do a very big taxi before refilling the oil level.

The falls
If pure consumption is reduced, a detail will largely save gas and pleasure to the ecologists. When we fall (yes yes, it happens), that we forget to turn off the tap by placing the bike on the ground, the carburetor tank often takes the opportunity to empty it. This problem now belongs to spent with the injection.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

The blow of the breakdown!
We can still be afraid of running out of oil and cause significant damage to its engine. Well no! To avoid this, there is first of all an oil light which lights up on the meter to indicate that it will imperatively be necessary to redo the level. We can still drive a little, to rally a refueling. If we fail to reach the drop point, a second sensor will send the information to the electronic management to order the engine shutdown. The latter will not be done brutally but gradually to avoid falling.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

And if we run out of fuel, can we help with the classic mixture? If we find ourselves in the middle of the Moroccan desert or the Romanian forest, we can, the bike will work. But otherwise it is not really advisable! By doing this troubleshooting, the oil from the mixture would remain in the injectors and the little needles that vaporize the gasoline would stick and clog.

More watts
The arrival of the electronic injection goes hand in hand with the installation of an electronic management system, which implies a bike more greedy in electricity. The Husqvarna and KTM 2T injection 2018 have therefore received a new alternator identical to that of 4-Stroke which goes from 110 to 196 watts. In addition to the purely technical aspect of the thing, extreme endurance racing enthusiasts can rejoice, since they will have the opportunity to put a more powerful lighting.

KTM Enduro 2T Injection: What does it change?

Enduro 2T Injection: And the disadvantages then?
A first "defect" emerged from tests conducted by the pilot tops who find a lack of power at very high speed compared to the carburetor. Note that there is talk of high level, for the use of Mr. Everyone, this "bridle" will probably not be a problem. Rather a solution for some! Our tests have also highlighted this point, this new generation of 2-stroke shines by its ease of handling.

Finally the weight is revised upwards with the arrival of the injection. It must be said that KTM EXC 2017 had a good cure, the KTM EXC Tpi take back the lost pounds. With the injection wiring, the electronic box, the oil tank, the pumps, the alternator and that makes a few more parts and increases the addition of about 2.5 kg. This remains very correct, rest assured! Source by; moto-station.com

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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