Ford F-150 RAPTOR - An Ultimate Pickup

Ford F-150 RAPTOR - An Ultimate Pickup

Ford F-150 Raptor Test. The ultimate evolution of the best-selling vehicle in the United States. Extraordinary power, an improbable sportiness for the category, and of course incredible crossing abilities. The Raptor represents all the excessiveness of USA, forged in aluminum and steel. The good news is that, if not marketed here, the Raptor can be registered. We took advantage of a grip organized by the manufacturer to find out what this monster has more than the pickups we cross on our roads.

As we saw again a few weeks ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the pickup market continues to expand. Alongside the Nissan Navarra, Toyota Hilux or Volkswagen Amarok, two new competitors have joined the segment: the Alaskan at Renault and the X-Class at Mercedes undeniably have no assets to seduce the customers of the genre with their comfort and convenience. rational motors. At least, to seduce those who design the pickup truck as a relatively civilized "utility and leisure" vehicle.

To this customer, Ford offers the Ranger. It also does not lack qualities to stand out with its modern cockpit, its powerful engines and its first-rate road benefits. But unlike European manufacturers, Ford also offers a much more extreme product. A solution perfectly suited to those who must for example go up the rapids of a river every morning to leave their home. On the other side of the Atlantic, Ford is offering the Ford F-150 Raptor.

The Robust!
First observation: facing our European Ranger, there is a small difference in size. The Ranger, who is already a beautiful beast seems very slender next to his monstrous cousin bodybuildée bodywork of 1.92 m high, 2 m wide and 5.86 m long! It must be said that the tires in 315/70 R17 contribute for a lot to the impressive side. All the more so as they obviously affect the important ground clearance. Imagine seeing the vehicle arrive in your rearview mirror, with its huge grille and hood located 1.55 m high.

Ford F-150 RAPTOR - An Ultimate Pickup

On board also the change of scenery with our vehicles is total. The furniture is very imposing, the presentation inspired by the film "Transformers", and the materials as robust as it should be. The only point that recalls the utilitarian origins finally. Because connectivity side or driving aids, nothing is missing. On this point the Raptor has nothing to envy to modern SUVs. The cabin does not lack space either. The front seats are separated by a huge central tunnel. And on our double-cab version, access to the rear seats is simply masterful thanks to the opening doors opening at 90 degrees.

450 hp under the hood!
But the Raptor would not be what it is without what it hides under his hood, a large petrol V6 3.5 liter biturbo 450 hp. Monstrous. Simply the same engine block as the GT, the all-new Ford supercar. Associated here with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox. 

At startup, the sound of the V6 is pleasant but we can not help regretting the borborygms of the V8 of the older generations. We nevertheless feel the mechanical potential of the beast's vibrations. What a pity not to be able to homologate with a more released exhaust! First turns of wheels, the dragster that we imagined proves in fact of the most docile. The reports are linked gently, the direction is almost as light as that of a Fiesta and the suspension is surprisingly very flexible for a 4x4 so high perched at sports claims. 

Needless to say, with its 691 Nm maximum torque delivered at 3,500 rpm for 2,145 tonnes empty on the scale, performance is at the rendezvous. No official figures for the moment but whatever the terrain our Ranger serving as master stallion was a vulgar tractor despite its 5 cylinders 3.2 Diesel 200 hp (and 470 Nm) already exceptional for the market!

Unbreakable Pickup!
In any case driving, we certainly dominates the traffic. It is very safe and perfect to anticipate. But rather indecent to see at this point all other users. Even the biggest SUVs are a notch below. What frustrate the drivers of Range Rover, but yet the reactions are quite unanimous: compared to the thumbs up, the reception is positive. 

Ford F-150 RAPTOR - An Ultimate Pickup

If the kilometers are swallowed in the greatest comfort, it is especially on the track of land of the Ferté-Gaucher that the Raptor impresses the most. It did not take more than 5 minutes to trudge through the mud to bury our Ranger. And having to use our Raptor to get it out. Once the track all by itself, we were finally able to enjoy the full potential of the engine and chassis.

Floor to floor, the V6 delivers its power with unprecedented brutality in the category. It is very impressive to take such a high speed. But the Raptor is clearly shown in its element. The huge deflection of the suspension allows to literally fly over the bumps, serenely. He is nevertheless worthy of his sporting claims as soon as one passes in 4x2. The torque is then distributed on the only rear wheels, which allows to note the amazing balance of the machine which turns into a drifting machine! But the photos in our slideshow will be more meaningful than a long speech.

No penalty
Finally, the only difficulty you will encounter driving the Raptor will be observed when crossing small villages. Difficult to contain the size of the machine that fully exploits the entire width of the taxiway. We keep a constant eye on the mirrors. And sometimes, it can get stuck. If a vehicle is parked in double file, the only solution will be to turn around. With such crossing abilities, we think it goes everywhere. But given the monstrous proportions of the machine, it is not totally true. 

The height is that thanks to its utility status, and despite its big-block of 450 hp, this Raptor has no penalty. You can see that it's not so irrational that you buy a Raptor! Source;

Ford F-150 RAPTOR - An Ultimate Pickup

FORD F-150 RAPTOR: Technical Sheet:

Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford F-150 Raptor Technical Data Sheet (450 hp)
Dimensions L x W x H5.86 m / 2 m / 1.92 m
Unloaded weight2.145 kg
Displacement6 cylinders in V, biturbo, gasoline 3.497 cm 3
Power450 ch
Torque691 Nm at 3,500 rpm

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