Ducati Monster 821 2018 - A good urban?

Ducati Monster 821 2018

The Ducati Monster 821 for 2018: The corrected ergonomics, new dashboard, cosmetic evolution, what to fine tune the "Monster for all", certainly! "Zip" on the left, "re-zip" on the right, and the Ducati Traction Control to race with its ribbon of LEDs on the new dashboard. It's a fact! Beppe, the chief opener Ducati, warned us on the occasion of this first test of the Ducati Monster 821 2018: "The roads here are not the most adherent of Italy, too, beware". Well, he did not lie! Between the degraded coverings, slumped stairs (a real trap, ideal to sharpen its concentration, the station we love!), The differences in grip, the grooves of the road, everything is together to "get to the pile"! But it's also like in the "real life", after all.

The New Ducati Monster 821
Review of the day: zero fall, whether for the French contingent as for the other invited nations. Should we see there the sign of the homogeneity of the new Monster 821? It's possible. However, this bike was not made only friends at its release in mid 2014. At the time, it was then a significant development, not to say a break, or even a cultural shock in the tradition of Monster. Indeed, this 821 inaugurated a new Twin Testastretta 11° cooled by water (exit then the Desmodue 1100 Evo), a new chassis with the lattice frame directly anchored on the cylinder heads, a larger tank intended to increase the autonomy, ergonomics softer not to say comfortable, an almost decent welcome for the pasager.

Ducati Monster 821 2018

Forget the stiff monster of suspensions, its super-firm clutch control and its autonomy of barely three digits. The first Monster 821 has civilized the Monster. Today, we made ourselves there. But that did not stop Ducati from taking over his work in the meantime, unveiled on this 2018 evolution. Starting with the revised ergonomics, with modified footrest plates. Finished models of a room, now pilot and passenger benefit each of their supports. At the same time, the silencer has been "compacted". The Ducati Monster 821 2018 has therefore received the evolutions that have already been seen on the Monster 1200 R and S. Side driving comfort, it is immediately noticeable: it is the end of the right ankle "typing" in the pot and the footrest plate.

Ducati Monster 821 2018

Almost a good urban
In fact, the ergonomics are now mature on this 821. The handlebar has not changed and it generates little support for the bust. The seat, height adjustable (785-810 mm) has a smart arcade, small size (less than 1m70) can touch the floor of both feet. At the same time, the big ones can also retreat a few centimeters on the saddle before stumbling on the rear part, sloping. In short, it appears that the Monster 821 still welcomes and even better the majority of pilots. A good point ! The new dashboard also comes from the Monster 1200. It is more readable and more complete, with the arrival of a gas gauge and a gear ratio engaged. It had to be done in 2018.

So it took three years to see these small changes that ultimately bring a lot to everyday life. We cross the seaside city of Rimini on the handlebars of the Monster 821 which reveals its qualities of "almost good" urban. Admittedly, the turning radius remains high, the engine still emits a lot of heat, especially at the rear cylinder. And then, this twin Testastretta requires regularly play selector between the second and third reports, or even "fall" first regularly. But what do you want, a Ducati twin that would not bump anymore would no longer be a Ducati twin at all!

Ducati Monster 821 2018

109 hp and 8.6 daNm, that's enough in real life!
And what matters is that this modern engine and duly approved Euro 4 retains a character worthy of Bolonaises mechanics. And rest assured, this is the case. Beyond the threshold of flexibility (count at least 3,000 rpm), this open-air two-cylinder L has a force more than sufficient in current use. Torque and power are judiciously distributed over the entire speed range, and this results in high availability, with solid recoveries on all gears, especially between 4,000 and 7,500 rpm, that is, stacking the usual speeds. Certainly, by dint of using raises, we notice that this engine has a torque peak at the bottom and another around 6,500 rpm. But that does not mean that it is hollow in the middle, oh no!

Strength, traction, this Monster 821 offers enough! In terms of length, its twin is not ridiculous either with its 109 horses, which can be fetched up to 9000 rpm, even if in common use, it will rarely need to "pull the reports "at this point. Because this engine remains energetic, powerful, full of passion when we open vigorously the accelerator ride by wire. It vibrates just right at 4,000 rpm and always delivers this superb sound, between the roar of the silencers, the crackling at the deceleration, the close pulsations in slow motion. In short, we never get bored with this Monster 821! We would have liked to test the new Shifter up and down, but he was not available for this international launch.

Ducati Monster 821 2018

When will the 821 R version released?
The kilometers pass by and several remarks are necessary. Obviously, the Monster 821 probably does not have the best part-cycle of the lineage. His suspensions are comfortable (especially for a Monster!), But the start of the race is almost too flexible (or too little braked in hydraulics), and we feel the more so as braking is also perfectible. Indeed, the first millimeters of the lever's stroke bring no biting, then this one happens suddenly. This has the effect of substantially tamp the bike on the front. Then, if we must continue to brake, the power is difficult to dose.

We have frankly been better used on a Ducati Monster, which is more when it is not the entry-level Monster (attributed to the 797). Unfortunately we can not remedy this problem, adjust the lever guard brings nothing while the fork is devoid of any adjustment.

In addition, the steering geometry provides a satisfactory compromise between stability on the angle, heading stability and agility. What hide the weight of 206 kg all full facts announced. On the other hand, we have already seen more neutral Monsters of behavior, with a front train more frank on the angle and also less resistant to braking in curve. Also, why not offer an R version of the Monster 821, better equipped with brakes and suspensions? This "super monster" is not the order of the day according to Ducati.

Ducati Monster 821 2018

Review Monster 821: Little Monster
The Ducati Monster 821 is changing in detail for 2018, and these small touches are welcome. Indeed, the ergonomics is more comfortable, the dashboard is now "on the page" and it makes a complete and endearing motorcycle. In 2018, the Monster 821 remains a Monster by its physical, the mechanical sensations it offers, its good level of performance, but at the same time it is more usable, more versatile in current use. In the end, the cocktail is tonic while remaining very fresh, but the behavior, still perfectible, leaves a little bitter taste, but ultimately not so problematic. No, the real worry is elsewhere: Italian brand icon, the price of this Monster 821 starts at 11,450 € (25/10/17), clearly not the best deal on the market, which still makes it, finally, a pure purchase favorite. It's also that, a Monster! By Christophe Le Mao, Ducati Staff photos from moto-station.com.

Timeless line
Ergonomics in progress
More complete dashboard
Live and powerful engine
Assistances mastered
Sporty and usable

Behavior perfectible
Heat released by the engine

Ducati Monster 821 2018 Price:
Price: from € 11,450 (red), € 11,650 (black, yellow), to 10/25/17 
Color: red, matte black, yellow 
Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Availability : December 2017 
Homologation: Euro 4, license A, bi-place

Ducati Monster 821 Technical sheet;
Engine: 821cc, 4-stroke, L-twin Testastretta 11°, bore 88 mm x stroke 67.5 mm, desmodromic distribution, water-cooled, 4-hp / cyl, electronic injection, 6-speed gearbox, 
electronic chain drive: 3 driving modes, anti-skid, Ride by Wire 
Power 109 hp. (80 kW) at 9,250 rpm, torque 8.8 daNm at 7,750 rpm

Part cycle: Steel tube truss frame, aluminum swingarm, load-bearing motor, inverted telescopic fork diam. 43 mm, non-adjustable, deb. 130 mm, mono shock AR, adjustable in compression and relaxation, deb. 140 mm, ABS brakes AV 2 discs diam. 320 mm / 4-piston monoblock calipers with radial attachment - AR disk diam. 245 mm / 2-piston caliper, front tires 120/70 x 17 - rear 180/55 x 17

Dimension: (L x W x H) 2 154 mm x 1 061 mm x 867 mm, wheelbase 1 480 mm, flush 93.2 mm / angle 24°3, 2 seat height positions: 785 and 810 mm, tank 16.5 liters, dry weight 180.5 kg (manufacturer) / fully loaded weights 206 kg (manufacturer)

Performance: Maximum speed NM, average test consumption 6.1 l / 100 km (ODB).

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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