BMW G310GS Review and Spec

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

A quarter of R1200GS in displacement, a third of its price in Europe, 100% produced in India: the BMW G310GS is the recipe of the modern trail for the general public in German version. Tasting sequence. Sure, it has a lot to seduce, this G310 GS. Starting with its design. Directly inspired by that of the lineage of the GS, the novelty 2017 is aesthetically closer to the 650/800 versions than the 1200. It nonetheless takes up the challenge to propose a known and recognized look to dress simple architecture while restricting its weight to 169.5 kilos all made. As soon as it is a question of raising the motorcycle from on the side stand, or moving it to the stop, we jubilate! Already a good point before starting the test of this BMW G310 GS!

BMW G310GS Review
If the package carrier seems monumental in relation to the proportions of the back of the motorcycle, much more slender and it is very practical and offers numerous points of attachment for luggage or tender. Nice passenger handles are also present, for a comfort duo. The front is also unequivocal: we are indeed on a GS. Scoops, BMW logo, "duck beak", only the back shell really differentiates from that of the upper models. Speaking of saddle, precisely, its height announced at 835 mm is misleading: the 180 mm of suspension travel of this "baby GS" quickly bring it to a height very accessible for "short on legs". 

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

Equipment level, on the other hand, the BMW G 310 GS tested on the station plays the union minimum card and misses a few bonus points. No central stand, exit the adjustable levers in gauge, and for the hand-guards, you will have to go through the option box. Likewise, the instrumentation on board, although very complete, is not manipulated on the handlebars. Only one button on the left com - putor proposes to switch the ABS to Off. It can be deactivated at the front and at the rear by a long press and at each start, we would have preferred instead to find a hazard warning switch.

An uneven distribution
Finally, last "ergonomic-aesthetic" point: the handlebar of section 22 mm, in aluminum with black finish, is relatively flat of form. In hands, it does not offer a feeling of strength or particular luxury. Damage to such a motorcycle. A handlebar with variable section, a little higher and a little less wide, would have had a whole other impact, including on driving and sensations.

The top tee cover, a nice piece incorporating a "chip" logo BMW, made for its part good figure. The set reminds however that one is not on a frog wanting to pass for an ox. Yet, the beautiful inverted fork, although not adjustable, could have led to thinking of an unnecessary bidding. Valorising, admittedly, she is actively participating in this very successful front. An original front brake hose passage remains suspended between the fender and the radiator and a rather sporty, short and non-adjustable wind jump. It does not seem to invite adventure, nor fully fit with the usual bidding at BMW. We will discover its effectiveness during our first test portion.

A sporting trail?
Before even starting its test, the BMW G 310 GS appears to us as an economic trail without making too many concessions. The heights of Barcelona offer a splendid panorama on the city and especially a few winding roads behind the fagots. However, we "do not send wood" immediately: the cadet GS is nothing of a motorcycle of woodcutter, on the contrary. Before joining a section of motorway taking us a little higher and further west, the engine offers a voluntary character. It demonstrates a fine flexibility, with a benevolent tranquility. It remains that it is not energetic under the 3000 rpm, and that habitués of torque or higher displacement will have to be wary at the beginning of the first turns minutes.

The injection does not allow the engine speed to fall immediately below 2,500 rpm, making a stop even with gas off. It becomes frequent to stall on a small stroke of the piston to the raise, including in first. A classic on single cylinder, but an unexpected and difficult phenomenon to predict here. Here is an incentive to launch the engine and keep it in a comfort zone, at around 4,000 rpm. What we gladly do. There, the couple is present on a beautiful motor range and the revivals, soft, are still sensitive. BMW had warned us the morning: "To double, fall one or two reports and weld the handle!" Here is an appreciated invitation to its true value, especially since the gearbox is nice!

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

Rapidly, the single cylinder demonstrates a sporting tendency almost antinomic with the notion of urban trail. On the other hand, for a little sport, it does not balk at all, suggesting a version G310 RR? Why not ! For now, by looking for power above 7,000 rpm, the single-cylinder engine takes off in a change of tone, sensation and increased vibration in the footrests and handlebars. In short, it gives everything it has and shows a nice extension to about 10,000 rpm. However, an indicator of light encourages to pass the higher ratio as soon as the 9000 is hung.

The right balance
A small point at more than 145 km / h counter at bottom of 6 will have enabled us to appreciate the stability of the G310 GS at the pace of motorway. Just like the comfort level of the saddle, quite appreciable, especially associated with the protection of the wind jump and scoops. If the legs remain exposed to airflow, the upper body is generally spared.

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

In 6th, always, we enjoyed being able to evolve above 50 km / h in agglomeration. Proof of this is the voluntary nature of this 313 cm³ euro4. Flexible, with little inertia, it breathes strongly through its air intake, while it would be doped willingly of a freer air filter. It is also surprising to think of the benefits of an adaptable exhaust (type Akrapovic or other). Of course, the original pot is very nice shape and melody, but one can not help but notice the small diameter of output, while imagining what would give a little more freedom for gas. Speaking gas...

Here we are in the Off Road section of our mixed course. If the pneumatic mounts - Metzeler Tourance, 19 inches in front and 150 in width and 17 inches in the rear - are primarily road users, they offer reassuring grip on the white gravel traveled now. You get up on the footrests. Close to the narrow frame, "décaoutchoutables" for more crampons under the sole of the boots, they are pleasantly placed, even if they lack some width on road. At least they never come to rub the bitumen, and instinctively position the body.

Soft enduro for all
We thighs and knees against the tank of 11 liters and we evolve at good pace to hillside. Spring then the low height of the handlebar involving a) to let grow the arms - not always aesthetic nor practical - or b) to lean more on the front. Fortunately, the fork officiates with precision and above all, an impeccable comfort.

The suspensions can be simple, they officiate with talent on any relief of road or way. Including in the most unlikely stones. What keep the course, the smile and above all an excellent control. You can then, at leisure, increase the pace and get ready to seek good support. Enough to appreciate the whole way in rhythmic walking mode, and perform some very satisfying jumps and slips for the ego! The engine shoe ensures that whatever happens to protect the engine during the receptions. With this G310 GS, the enduro soft is within reach of wheels, and only the flexibility of the adjustments and the slamming of the fork during a call limit the shift. Especially if you're over 80 kilos. A few tens of kilometers and a little bit of dust later, here we are back on the road.

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

The only limit? The Tyres...
The behavior of the G310 GS is very natural. Easy to take in hand, as soon as one enjoys driving arms outstretched, it erases the flaws and seems to want to forgive the excesses, whether they are of speed or optimism. Easy to correct in its trajectory, remains only to be wary of the behavior of tires with paving stones. One feels their limits, especially at the front, while the white stripes and even the roads in Spanish have not ceased to make them riper. However, they are applied to the bitumen under normal conditions, the maximum angle is within reach of hands, or rather boots, without the footrests touching the ground. The comfort / height ratio of the foot rails was excellent. Once again, only the flexibility of the suspensions must be taken into account in the trajectories. Our guide / opener will not fail to trigger some sprays of full-angle sparks (stand and motor shoe) to demonstrate it during beautiful compressions.

Top braking
Experienced drivers will have little use of brakes. The G310 GS is already quick to offer a good engine brake when retrograde. At least once you drop one or two reports. The return of the rear brake control, however, lacks finesse to discern the slip point, especially when the semi-integral ABS is connected. Semi-integral? The pressure in the brake circuit is constant and the return to the levers reduces to the maximum. What drastically optimize the braking distances. The calibration of the assistance is at the top of what one can expect from a motorcycle as versatile. Equipped with a single brake disc in the front left, the stirrup officiates with application. The G310 GS does not have to be ashamed of its endowment, Cravachée, the "Baby GS" gives complete satisfaction. Fi of the ratio indicator engaged, it is driven to the sound, while it offers an additional guilty pleasures. Turn the handle fully, enjoy the reactions, draw the road or the path in a high comfort while moving smoothly in town, what more could one ask?

Test report BMW G 310 GS
By returning to the trail, while bringing modern gear and technology, the G310 GS reconnects with the motorcycles of the 80s and their versatility. The Suzuki V-Strom 250 demonstrated it before, no need for brute or brutal power to seduce. It leads to the envi, with sobriety and simplicity. While the scenery passes, the cities traveled disappear, one discovers another way to ride, "A2" and passionately, if we take the trouble.

BMW G310GS Review and Spec

Gourmande when carried out strongly, which the sporty temperament of its engine allows easily, it then displays 4.8 l / 100 km on the computer on board. On the other hand, we can guess that the consumption of the G310GS will be contained in the city. It will then display at around 3.5 l / 100 km without taking anything of pleasure to evolve to its handlebars. Remains a somewhat chicken endowment in comfort equipment, lengthening the note as much to compensate and personalize this trail. If she can not quite claim the same radius of action as her elders, she offers a high level performance while emphasizing its simplicity of handling. An excellent motorcycle to do it, precisely, hands, and to enter the universe BMW while opening many other doors. The price of the BMW G 310 GS is set at € 5,900 (as of 20/09/17).


  • Behavior On / Off Road
  • Engine at mid / high revs
  • ABS disconnectable
  • Pleasure at tight prices
  • Looks rewarding


  • Equipment gaps
  • Difficult tires
  • Handlebar Ergonomics

Price: From € 5900 (at 09/20/17) 
Color: red / gray, blue / gray, black / gray 
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Approval: Euro 4, two seats, driver A2

Output: 313 cm3, four stroke, single cylinder turned 180 °, 80 mm bore x stroke 62.1 mm, ACT 2 and 4 valves, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, 6 speed transmission, electric starter, chain transmission power 34 ch. (25 kW) at 9,500 rpm, torque 2.8 daNm at 7,500 rpm

Part cycle: Tubular steel frame with double cradle, reverse hydraulic fork, deb. 180 mm, diam. 41 mm, not adjustable; single-shock absorber AR, deb. 180 mm, adjustable in preload, front brakes 1 disc diam. 300 mm / caliper 2 pistons - AR disc diam. 240 mm / caliper 1 piston, ABS disconnectable as standard, tires AV 110/80 x 19 - AR 150/70 x 17

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 2075 mm x 880 mm x NC mm, wheelbase 1420 mm, hunting 98 mm / angle 26 ° 7, ground clearance 160 mm, seat height 835 mm, tank 11 liters, weight 169, 5 kg all made (manufacturer)

Performance: Maximum speed 150 km / h (meter at 10,500 rpm: 143 km / h manufacturer), average consumption of the test 4.6 l / 100 km (on-board computer - sporting rhythm) km approx. Image by;

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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