Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 Review. The Street triple the offensive in 2017, with this deep evolution declined on three levels of performance and equipment. We tried the 765 RS, the "Street +++", on road and on circuit. Verdict? This way! More than the Bonneville (at the time anyway), it is the Street Triple that has allowed Triumph to pass a significant cap on the industrial and commercial level. And for good reason, the "Baby Speed" still accounted for a third of the sales of the English manufacturer (or even almost half depending on the years), until the impressive renewal of the "classic" range in 2016 began Seriously its pre-eminence in the range in any case punctually. For the redesign of the smallest of the English 3-cylinder was announced, but Triumph logically waited to complete the presentation of its latest classic (Scrambler, Street Cup) before turning the spotlight to its star three-cylinder. Absent at the last EICMA fair in Milan, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the year to discover in London the overhaul of the highly anticipated Street Triple 2017. In addition to a 660 cm3 for the A2 license, the Street Triple 2017 now offers its engine increased to 765 cm3 on three variations: entry S at € 8,900, street triple R "intermediate" at € 10,200 and finally our Triumph Street Triple RS", the new high-end sports car for the English public roadsters at a price of € 11,600 (price on 15/02/17). This is an important test, since we are most likely to judge of the "RS" which is probably not the "big" one of the traditional clientele of this model (that of the most accessible S and the R). Global developments brought to the small "queen". Let's go bro!

Exit Street 675, up to the Triple 765!
After the discovery of the first photos and info on the Street Triple 2017, your reactions on our Facebook page were nothing split. Some found the style too conformist, others enjoyed a line sober and racy, far from the Manga culture of Japanese competitors . Discussions about the shape of the optics, exhaust or new instrument panel were more than passionate. At least she made this new Street Triple 765 talk!

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

And it is the somewhat disconfited look that we discover today these motorcycles in Spain under a sky in azure mi ash, boots lapping in the water. Pity. Come to try such a motorcycle a few cables from Barcelona to meet under a weather "Great Britain" tarnishes somewhat our enthusiasm, at least for now. Nevertheless, these conditions finally normal for the many motorcyclists who roll all the year bring us also their lot of information. Starting with the sound of this new engine now reaching 765 cc via modified bore and stroke dimensions. First surprise, if the first couplet is already known, the chorus has changed. Rises in the regime point to a distinct decrease in the characteristic whistle of the "three legs". Those who worship will take note! Those that annoyed too! Work on distribution, with the will to design a less noisy engine, is the reason.

Vitamins without calories
The overall environment is reminiscent of that of its predecessor with a relatively high saddle (825 mm), which prevents less than one meter seventy-five feet from the ground simultaneously on each side. Fortunately, this inconvenience is quickly compensated by the narrowness of the dressing, despite a tank worthy of the name (17.4 liters). The seat is almost flat, making it easy to move around for those who like to ride back.

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

The first hundreds of meters unveil one of the already appreciated assets and always on the street Triple 2017: its lightness! Announced at 166 kg dry and 186 kg all full (we had weighed on the Street Triple 675 to 187 kg all full), she would have lost 2 small kilos while seeing his displacement grow. This weight remains undeniably an asset when it comes to handling, and it will remain so on many occasions during the test: correction of trajectory on the circuit, agility in the "wet winding" on the road.

But these first kilometers also show the undeniably sporting orientation of the novelty English, and especially in this RS version of course. The folding of the legs and the recoil of the heels recall the ergonomics of a sport "pure juice". However, and we will verify this at the end of the test, the Street Triple leaves no trace of fatigue or constraint. The support on the handlebars remains moderate and one generally feels like being in the center of the bike and being part of it. On the wet fats, the adhesion of Pirelli Supercorsa, very little sculpted and therefore not inclined to evacuate moisture, is probably not their highest quality. However, the guidance of the motorcycle remains easy and the audiences (ABS and traction control) perform their tasks with brilliance.

It's alive!
But above all, at this stage of the test, it is the excellence of the electronic accelerator that seduces. The play by the handle, which implies a very direct connection between the right hand and the rear tire, this "ride by wire" shows a truly remarkable precision. Not all manufacturers always offer a transparent dosage of the handle, sometimes with systematic shocks to the raise. Here, the go-around and the "light net" are handled smoothly. In the dirty and damp pins of this first part of the Street Triple 2017 test, you will always enjoy the soft reminders and the famous welcome flexibility of the English three-cylinder, which starts from 1,500 rpm without problems on the higher ratios . What to regret the selection of box, always "catchy" and long to prowl. While on the suspensions side, the factory preset setting in the road configuration is too steep at minus 8 ° C. On the other hand, after 15 ° C, the damping regains softness. 

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

We are approaching the Circuit de Catalunya, which we will drive later, the roads dry up little by little, the rhythm increases. The Triumph Street Triple 765 RS reveals another face, probably more authentic too. With a little momentum at the entrance of the curve, it reveals a high stiffness, probably among the most marked of the category. At this stage, we are not very far from a sportsman on which we would have grafted a large handlebars. In fact, in the sinuous portions with long supports, the Street Triple 765 RS is marvelous by its rigor. But who can more, can least. As soon as you start increasing the pace on very winding roads, be careful not to be surprised by the liveliness of the chassis: the Street Triple can bite the rope point more than necessary. If its lightness and agility are pledges of pleasure, you must also take the time to understand its reactions and adapt its steering.

Ok, for the moment we have validated the excellent management of the ride by wire, the reinforced concrete frame, a marked vivacity, a sharp direction or even a little too. Stay the icing on the cake while the weather Smiles: "The sun has finally risen, another beautiful day and it's high time to spin!" Lady's and gentlemen, now it's power time, and we're not going to be asked. If at mid-speed he still hides his game, then he sends air this 3-cylinder, and like never on a Street! It is especially at high rpm finally that the real gain of displacement (90 cm3) is perceived. Roughly, we have a small Street Triple 675 up to 5,500 rpm and a big Street Triple 765 from 9,500 rpm to more than 12,000 rpm in an exhaust roar And absolutely exciting air box!

Undoubtedly, the response of the 3-cylinder has increased significantly on this version 765 RS to the great benefit of the recoveries, which remain full subject to stay in mid-rpm. Indeed, this motor always requires knitting of the left boot in order to keep it above 5000 rpm to ensure easy overtaking. Here is a difference in size, and finally logical, with its competitors more than 850 cm3, or even with the cousin Speed ​​Triple 1050, significantly more muscular at low rpm. Triumph has obviously favored the engine's 123-horsepower stretch and a great pulling sensation if you go out of turns above 6,000 rpm.

Brembo again struck!
It's now 2 o'clock. The open roads give way to the exclusive vibrators of the circuit of Catalunya, for three 15-minute trial sessions on the Street Triple 765 RS. Felipe, one of the Lopez brothers in charge of development, opens the ball. Even when you discover the layout, you instantly understand that the ambitious Triple evolves here like a fish in the water. It reveals straight out precision, at low as at high speeds. Its high-end suspensions - Showa BPF fork and Ohlins STX40 shock absorber - filter but inform the presence of bumps and limit transfers forward or backward. And that's auspicious because with less than 190 kg all made and brakes (Brembo M50 calipers), the Street Triple RS 765 allows for very very late marks! Widely enough to keep the sixth very long, in the straight line and gradually push back the limits.

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

In the course of the rounds, one seeks his rare faults: on this top of the range, the shifter could also offer a function "down shift" To alleviate the manipulation of the clutch lever (what you want, one gets used to luxury!). Also, a steering damper could have been part of the standard equipment, given the liveliness of the steering and the lightness of the motorcycle. For what is predictable on circuit with the course learning, will also require more attention on the road, as in the very sinuous portions borrowed in the first part of the test. Finally, as is often the case, the Street Triple 765 stiffens significantly during braking on the corner, or overall reactions easier to anticipate there still on circuit than in real life. 

On the other hand, it was noted that the 3-cylinder generated some slight stabilized vibrations in the hands and feet. At 130 km / h in sixth gear, it runs at 6,800 rpm, which appears higher than some competitors.

Appraisal: Only in its kingdom?
Undeniably, the new Triumph Street Triple 765 RS flourishes in extreme uses (circuit, heavy braking, fast winding roads). But she also knows how to get on the gas net for a more instinctive driving. However, if it is a question of switching all the year, probably the less exclusive versions (Street Triple S standard or A2, even R) will be more to be retained in front of a very strong competition in 2016 just under the € 9,000? Their next tests will tell more about the station.

Triumph Street Triple RS 765 2017

For now, the 765 RS offers undoubtedly a very sporting package and an elitist price still quite uncommon on the market. It is a force and it is the only representative of the genre at this price for the moment! But maybe also a weakness in front of the bigger and more expensive bonnets and slightly more expensive (like its big sister the Speed ​​Triple S to 12 100 € or the Japanese roadsters 1000), or even the Z900 Kawasaki which for 8 999 € offers the same power. A corneal choice therefore to privilege after test, as always. For now, the Street Triple 675 R is already assured of a worthy offspring with this 765 RS, and that is the essential.

Simple style and identity
Manufacturing quality
Lightweight and precise
Availability in A2 / li version>

Versatility... sporty
Dry Selection
Colors tristounets

Triumph Street Triple 765 2017
Triumph Street Triple RS 765 - Price: € 8,500 (S A2), € 8,900 (S), € 10 200 (R), € 11,600 (SAR) 15.02.17 
Colours: red or black (S), black, white or gray (R), gray or black (RS) 
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Availability: June (S A2), April (S), May (R), March (HR) 
Approval: Euro 4, Permitted A2 (S A2), permitted A (S, R and RS) Photos by;

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