Piaggio Medley 125i ABS: The clever Italian scooter

Piaggio Medley 125i ABS: The clever Italian scooter
PIAGGIO MEDLEY 125i ABS - Despite its small size, the new scooter with large wheels at Piaggio offers a record payload. The large-wheeled scooters have more coast in Spain and Italy in our market. French scooter buyers usually prefer the convenience and anxious for the safe. But the presence of large wheels are usually made at the expense of the space under the seat and its business requires to stay between her legs. But the Piaggio Medley exception to the rule and offers both large wheels (16 inch front and 14 inch rear) and a nice load volume.

The opening of the saddle via a handlebar button releases room for two helmets (one full and one jet). To this is added a storage space between the legs with a retaining hook and a small glove box incorporating a USB. Suffice to say that despite its small size, this scooter offers a carrying capacity greater than that of a high-end scooter. Note also that the original packet-door luggage facilitates stowage in the rear or the installation of an optional top case.

Piaggio Medley 125i ABS: The clever Italian scooter

In addition to its practical aspects, the Medley impresses with its polished presentation with a beautiful metallic paint, of sturdy plastic and precise assemblies. Removable footrests are also well integrated and provide a comfortable driving position for the passenger. The legible instrumentation and well presented offers all the necessary information and even includes a small board computer, the data shall consult from the handlebar.

Piaggio Medley 125i ABS: The clever Italian scooter

The Medley also receives an automatic cut-off system on the motor type "Stop and Start". One way to limit consumption and noise levels during the many phases stop at red lights in town. Very compact and lightweight (132 kg), Medley is a real snake that slides into the steepest places and pivots on itself through an ultra small turning circle. Braking with ABS is effective and progressive but narrow tires incentive not to look too.

The engine 12 hp makes no miracle at the start and the "stop and start" lack of reactivity compared with that of Honda. It remains to take off more quickly disconnectable and performance sufficient to evolve in the centers saturated cities. However, on fast track, the top speed is limited at 105 km / h meter with the wind in the back and no windshield requires lowering the head. If the damping is working honorably, farm and narrow saddle fast tans sitting posture. Charged less than € 3,300, the Medley rivals the Honda SH (€ 3,349) certainly more dynamic and powerful but less practical and elegant. During our testing mixes city road and expressway, our Medley swallowed 3.7 l / 100 km which allows about 180 km range.

Piaggio Medley 125i ABS: The clever Italian scooter

Stylish, practical and compact, the Medley perfectly meets the expectations of city dwellers eager for a reasonable price to buy and to use.

- Careful presentation 
- Fantastic Agility 
- Payload capacity.

- Firm and narrow saddle 
- Average performance 
- Stop and Start unresponsive

Engine: Single cylinder 4T water cooled 
Displacement: 124.7 cm3 
Power: 12 hp at 8250 r / min 
Torque: 11.5 Nm at 6500 r / min 
Weight in running order: 132 kg 
Seat height: 799 mm 
Capacity tank: 7.0 liters 
Piaggio Medley 125i ABS Price: € 3,290

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