Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price
Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017. For 2017, the new Kawasaki Z1000SX promises a more enjoyable driving and secure through its new electronic aids. The perfect match? Let's see it on the first highly selective and informative test. To test this Z1000SX Kawasaki 2017 model, the Japanese manufacturer has invited us in the south of France, a few kilometers from Nice to go gallivanting in the Verdon Gorge. A course of choice that has nothing to envy the roads of southern Spain, to Malaga which are often used for press presentations of new motorcycles. But then, once again the weather factor gets involved, it is 6 ° C and it rains, bad luck! Hopefully luck changes for the second session of the morning. But to smile again, there is a foolproof method: simply rotate the right handle of the new Z1000SX Version 3!

The Z1000SX in the right direction
Because its engine remains unquestionably number 1 argument of this sporty road! Now in phase with the Euro4 standard, the famous 4-cylinder "Kawa" will arrive in France without a bridle, with its 142 hp and 11.1 daN.m. In passing, note that Standard E4 did not make him lose power, which is already a positive. In the first kilometers, the famous character that we know since the arrival of the first model in 2011 rises to the surface. In this case, the hardened bitumen from our route, is its flexibility, which highlights. This big 4 cylinder in-line 1043 cm3 is able to resume with much ease from 2000 rev / min on the interim reports. The arrival of the gear indicator for 2017 is therefore not a luxury, as it is sometimes difficult to know which report is changing because of this muscular and elastic potential. Kawasaki thus catching up on this, many competing motorcycles already had and the owners of the earlier Z1000SX often demanded in maxitest.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

The roundness we love
If flexibility is the prerogative of all four-cylinder in-line, the "roundness" is however not always the rendezvous. And voluptuous character, quiet strength, elastic that stretches and relaxes with great force, responding again to the call on the third Z1000SX. Among other asset, it can rely on a Keihin electronic fuel injection double butterfly (oval pipes for the second row), controlled longtime technology by Kawasaki, but tends to disappear, such as the famous H2 compressed or the ZX-10R. The house technicians explain that this type of technology involved in a generous filling and always very sweet to handle. 

And it is quickly evident that the connection between the throttle grip and the rear tire always shows precise, tasty and generous feelings thanks to ample torque available and frankly longer vigorous 142 nags. In addition, the Kawasaki Z1000SX has always delivered a beautiful sound, so that the exhaust intake, a humming that turns into meow at higher speeds. Even certified Euro4 this 2017 model equipped with its original silent, the soundtrack remains a model of its kind.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

During our test, we found a very slight jolt transmission which penalized somewhat approval of driving, especially on "false beats" when groping for the right hand, or to nothing. In contrast, honors for the new more flexible clutch control and automatic search of neutral, perfect to prevent you from knitting left foot during stops.

Always a little reluctant at low speed
Reassured by the "transformation euro4" successful engine, its brilliance, its approval, its performance, its intact nature, we re-discover the part cycle. The hands engaged on very wet ground still commands respect. And this fact immediately ascend one of the weaknesses of this model, known from the beginning. Namely triggering the shift restive enough when the low speed is controlled or again on a "false rhythm." Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 so do not progress on this, it always seems to want to resist putting on the angle. The cycle parts have changed little (except buffer), so it makes sense to find this phenomenon here, which quickly fade as soon as the speed increases and the steering becomes more authoritarian with less "neutral phase" in sinuous portions (the moment when we no longer slows and no further accelerates). When the rate rises and that one seeks the net gas earlier, "Ninja Traveller" turns much more easily, despite his big rear tire 190/50 x 17 would ensure the best stability and better traction against the classic 180/55 x 17 (depending on the manufacturer). Recall that in the maxitest of Z1000SX, you also specify that the rear suspension settings and tire choice much impact this phenomenon. So nothing is lost;)

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

Rigorous and well suspended
But if "this character" to the inclination affect the approval of the bike, it does not call at all question the rigor of his behavior, always to be credited into strengths. The directional stability of the Z1000SX 2017 on Highway remains impeccable even with the side cases and debilitating to the wind. Cornering stability is also out of criticism. Braking is powerful (Tokico radial calipers) and dosed especially as the ABS is optimized on the new vintage (its triggers and the rebound in orders arrive late). Cornering, subject to be at ease and in its rhythm, Z1000SX is very pleasant as always healthy. Admittedly, it may not be as sharp as the Honda VFR 800 F or agile as the BMW R1200RS , but it offers a judicious compromise between rigidity and comfort directivity.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

On this point, the evolution of the rear shock (144 mm travel, 6 mm more in 2017) still siglé Kayaba, is probative. The Z1000SX 2017 digests very irregular asphalt with a depression and a rise in very progressive rear suspension. Work on the hydraulic bearing fruit. In fact, even better you can appreciate this comfortable bike on asphalt damaged and rigorous on the operating table. The quality of the suspensions is also stored in the "more" as the manufacturer still has not yielded to the fashion of Electronic Power suspensions. Kawasaki sees no interest in that class, considering the price, a development that remains working and potential sources of failure. That's a pragmatism that is not displeasing to us.

They protect feet than shoulders
With more than 250 kilometers in the rain, our first test of this Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 gives us time to test its protective fairing amended accordingly. On the feet and thighs, it is always very good with a deflected runoff where it's needed. At the bust, it remains perfectible. The hands are particularly exposed, it will be better choose his gloves. The chest is relatively spared when placing the bubble in high position. However, shoulders and head are always swept by squalls. Finally, if the protection of the driver is probably better on this version 2017, it is still very limited face a true GT, even a big road trail as the Versys 1000 . Moreover, talk about the alter ego which shares the same engine on stilts. If the Versys 1000 is significantly less dynamic (position, engine performance, directional stability), it digs a considerable gap on his sister Z1000SX in protection, comfort saddle or welcoming passengers. And they are well on these criteria both bikes find their place in the range: The pressed and lonely travelers prefer the Z1000SX, lovers flâneront Versys in 1000. By the way, they will take more baggage because Z1000SX can not adopt the top box along the side cases, unlike the Versys 1000.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

The Techno just right
The other notable developments Z1000SX 2017 regarding the arrival of a more advanced electronics. The Sport GT Akashi inherits a central-type "Inertial Measurement Unit" as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R , but re configured to suit a road exclusively philosophy. With this case, Traction Control and ABS management take into account more parameters and so now the degree of inclination of the bike to further improve the safety of its control, particularly when cornering. Let's be honest, if the acceleration IMU provides greater safety, braking relied on the wet condition angle are primarily the preservation, because we can not imagine tempt fate under cover ABS brakes IMU.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

On this point, the Kawasaki technicians state that the tire grip limit is not rejected, but the occasional losses of adhesion are informed. Clearly, the IMU will not save you from a diesel trace the trajectory. However, its entry into action indicated by an amber LED does not interrupt so on-off traction or braking. The set shows clear and very, very gradual. The Z1000SX also maintains two driving modes, Full (142 hp) and Low (100 hp). The difference between the two is especially sensitive from 6000 rev / min, where Z1000SX "full" then flew into an angry and intoxicating sound.

And the toll ticket then?
The GPS indicates that there is few kilometers before completing the test Z1000SX 2017. The motorway section is a must. Equipped with a rain suit two pieces, I have to drag the toll ticket in a pocket of my jacket, but the case is not simple anti rain with Kawasaki over vest could think of a small empty pocket on his sports bike, of course! Older generations of ZZR 600 and ZZR 1100 proposing the series and it facilitates daily. Similarly, Z1000SX does not have cruise control, which is unfortunate given the performance.

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

In terms of gaps include also the new dashboard, complete great, but hardly legible due to a too low light . Heated grips are some of the options either, but they are very classic design, with a control mounted on the handlebars. Because of the lovely exhaust line, it is still not possible to graft a center stand. This is unfortunate for the stability of the bike on loose soils, since the chain tension has an eccentric, a magnificent piece that allows an almost automatic alignment of the wheel. Suitcases pack Tourer (always designed by Givi) are truly successful: certainly large, they are Lodgeable (full each), waterproof, easy to drop. Top! Especially for a single traveler because they hinder the feet of the passenger sitting behind it or to climb on board. In short, there are some known limitations.

More Sport GT and that's good
The Kawasaki Z1000SX 2016 is dead, long live the Z1000SX 2017! Joking aside, this development dictated in part by the arrival of the Euro4 standard is a very good vintage. One finds there already all the ingredients that you appreciate the SX: aggressive and dynamic line, sporty ergonomics without excess and versatility to run every day, and performance character of the engine, rigor of the game. The new-cycle Z1000SX remains a Sport GT than a GT-Sport, and always aimed primarily at fans of walks "rhythmic" especially lonely. The 2017 version does not suffer defects such but always marked traits: a little reluctant in setting the angle of private cruise control, offering an average protection for the torso, devoid of oddments. It nevertheless remains a good example of sport versatility and sensations. Not arrested at this time, its price should be close to € 13,500 (excluding pack touring) for current availability December 2016. A nice Christmas gift in store!

Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 Review And Price

Philosophy intact
Rigor / comfort
Touring kit

Bust protection
Placing on the angle
Equipment shortcomings

Kawasaki Z1000 SX 2017 practice:
Colors: orange, gray, green 
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage 
Approval: Euro4, permits A 
Availability: December 2016
Price: approx. € 13,500

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