Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017 - The upgrading

Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017

Launched in 2008, the Opel Insignia will go hand in spring 2017. The arrival of this second generation coincide with a change of name reflects an entirely new model with the aim to compete with models from the next segment. In voted "Car of the Year 2009" and sold over 900,000 copies in Europe, the Opel Insignia is a commercial success. In France too, she recorded 6.5% market share in the segment while the mark merely 3%. Despite these encouraging figures, it is time for it to be replaced. For this new sedan, Opel has obviously given the critical particularly of the excessive weight, dark presentation, the design could be improved and of course the efficiency of the engines. Elements who had also guided the development of the latest Astra, marked by many positive developments. All this is promising on paper.

It is on the occasion of "validation testing" taking place in the region of Bitche, in Moselle, we were able to take over the prototype of the future Insignia. Forgiveness, the Insignia Grand Sport. Change of name to give it a more premium side. It should be noted that on this occasion the body 4 doors disappear. No change from the side of always named Sports Tourer.

This second generation is not a simple evolution but rather a model 100% new. While camouflaged, our test car showed very distinct volumes of the current drawing on the Monza Concept unveiled in 2013. It particularly notes the tapering headlamps or longer hood and horizontal. Obviously, this design change comes journals dimensions. Thus, the new Insignia will measure 4.90 meters, 6 cm longer than the current one. Longer, the Insignia is also slightly wider (1.86 m + 7 mm), but also lower than 3 cm. This however is its wheelbase increased the most, with a gain of 9 cm. For their part, with overhangs front and rear decreased by 30 and 7 mm respectively. More impressive, the Insignia also promises to be more habitable space with the legs increased (+25 mm), better headroom (8 mm) and an inner width up 11 mm.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017

Next finish, the dashboard will inherit a multimedia touch screen 7 or 8 inches, the same as in the Astra, positioned in the center. No readability problem, as is the case for example on Adam (too low). The driver will be facing him a classical instrumentation (2 analog meters and a small digital display in the center) or more modern - 100% digital as is already the case today. Impossible to talk about the quality of materials, but one thing is certain: usability improves greatly as the Astra. Too soon also for information on the equipment or the definition of the range, but Opel has made us a demonstration of the new generation of automatic headlamps referred IntelliLux Advanced LED lighting. They allow to ride all the time in headlights: these adapting to traffic by lowering or increasing the direction and power of the beam. Very comfortable for the driver.

Under the hood, we obviously find petrol and diesel engines whose powers respectively oscillate between 140 and 250 hp and 110 hp and 170. From classic but especially in weight Opel has particularly worked, with a reduction of up to 175 kg. We therefore look forward to getting behind the wheel since the whole point of this trip was to test the future Insignia. For nearly 200 km, we alternated driving the current and future models. And to be clear, here has nothing to do. This transformation materializes out of the box with a much lower position than before (- 3 cm).

Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017

Our first model tested was the most powerful version in gasoline namely the 2.0 Turbo 250 hp - already present in the catalog in 4 steering wheels mated to a new automatic transmission to 8 reports that replaces the 6 reports. Same power but totally different impressions. With relief (-140 kg for this version), transmission significantly more responsive and more enjoyable and informative management, one has the feeling that this Insignia is definitely more powerful. Impressive, even if we recognize that we have already known blocks of 250 hp more demonstrative. During this trial run, we found a similar consumption of 13 l / 100 km on a relatively demanding course, a substantial but traditional middle of this kind of engines. On the road, the Insignia is therefore pleasant and more accomplished than the current. Good news, especially since the damping control with three modes (comfort = round, normal and sport) ensures a compelling comfort with good filtration of road irregularities and a satisfactory maintenance. These modes also play on the consistency of the direction and the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal but less blatantly than in some brands. In terms of efficiency, this version has no limited-slip replaced by two clutches, but inherits an Active Torque Control, which improves the speed of transition curve.

The second test vehicle is a version more "basic" animated by the new 1.5 Turbo 165 hp makes up for the 1.7 170 hp, always coupled with a manual 6-speed gearbox. Lighter than the current (- 170 kg), this engine demonstrates a vivacious particularly in low revs thanks to its torque of 250 Nm Volunteer, it is pleasant to take whatever the situation.. Its consumption is measured with an average of 11 l / 100 km on a mountain path where we have not saved efforts this Insignia. Not much to report defects if it is a manipulation of not very pleasant shifter not only because of its size but also of too much travel. Equipped with the damper regulation, the Insignia has a rather good compromise, whatever the diameter of the tire rises.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017

No doubt, this new generation of Insignia progress on many points (organization and presentation of the passenger comfort), particularly on the dynamic plan. An important element to attract some customers of the upper segment (large sedans), which is the goal of Opel. Unclear how react customer category face a brand that lacks some prestige. But why not go for some customers of Skoda Superb, for example? The question is whether the mayonnaise will take. Meanwhile, we already know that the official photos of the Insignia Grand Sport will be revealed next December 7 and that his first presentation will take place at the Geneva show in 2017.

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