Ducati Monster 1200 R Review, Prices and Technical specifications

Ducati Monster 1200 R Review, Prices and Technical specifications

DUCATI MONSTER 1200 R. Launched in 2014, the latest generation of Monster, formerly named Mostro, is available in Version 1200 or 821 cm3. The latter operates the L-twin of 1198 cm3 derived from the ancient sport Superbike 1198. In version A, the Italian exploits the latest evolution of the homologated engine Euro4 and delivers a whopping 160 hp to 130 against 145 Nm of torque hp and 124.5 Nm on the S. The chassis also seems built for the track with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires barely grooved, impressive brakes (two discs 330 mm in étier 4 pistons) and Öhlins fully adjustable suspension. If the reverse fork 48 mm in diameter is the same as the Monster S, the rear shock absorber provides greater clearance (159 instead of 152 mm) which enhances the saddle 2 cm (83 instead of 81 cm).

Despite the presence of a wider rear tire as the S model (200/55 instead of 190/55), the R Monster claims 2kg less on the scale (207 kg) thanks to a redesigned rear frame loop a plate holder aluminum, a modified exhaust line, forged wheels or connecting rods Titanium. Foot rests have also been revised to provide more grip. If the handlebar is higher and wider than on a faired Sportive, bust still tilted forward and very folded legs. An awkward posture especially as the right knee rubs the heat shield of the exhaust. Hot chestnuts!

Ducati Monster 1200 R Review, Prices and Technical specifications

Capricious at low speeds, the twin vibrates badly and demanded to constantly play with the box with dried locks. The wide turning radius as annoying mirrors make you flee the city nimbly. On-road, the still very present vibration and the total lack of protection finally appear very useful to respect the limitations. Once released traffic Monster R can stretch rods freely. The quality of suspensions work with rigor , but better ease not to be shaken plum on rough pavement. The big rear tire and the steering damper (adjustable) require some involvement to put the bike in tight corners. The front wheel plunges instinctively but most back pain pudding to follow the dance.

Ducati Monster 1200 R Review, Prices and Technical specifications

Once a straight line shows the power surge is cashed by the very rigid chassis. This roadster stripped however, is not obvious to conduct briskly. It is precisely this side of raw foundry that makes it so exciting. If the low rumble of twin is quite muffled acceleration, it backfiring when decelerating and happily participates in sentiment to draw a rabid beast. Punchy and vibrant at low revs, the engine sticks to the backsplash from 3000 rev / min and a second spanked strikes you between 6000 and 10 000 r / min. On the first two reports, the front wheel asks only snaps up when the Sport mode with the traction control switched off.

The hyper biting braking as it enjoys a setting of the ABS according to the driving mode selected (Touring, Sport or Eco). The gearbox lack however speed and can generate "false neutral" downshifting. An anti-lock system avoids ending up in a difficult situation but shifter (which avoids the clutch) would bring a real plus on this bike for gold. The price of € 18,490 is € 4,200 more than the Monster S has something to shake the most zealous tifosi. The average consumption of 6.0 l / 100 km recorded during our test, however, remains the Honourable view monstrous performance.

Ducati Monster 1200 R Review, Prices and Technical specifications

Conclusion; Uncomfortable, vibrant and whimsical, the Monster R is as scary as exciting every day to subdue but to contemplate.

Sublime Style 
Performance and monstrous braking 
Sober Mechanics

Driving position tiring 
Capricious Box 
Limited maneuverability and particular behavior

Engine: Liquid-cooled L, liquid-cooled 
Displacement: 1198 cm3 
Power: 160 hp at 9500 rev / min 
Torque: 131.4 Nm at 5000 r / min 
Net weight: 207 kg 
Seat height: 830 mm 
tank capacity: 17 5 liters 
Price: € 18,490

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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