Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017: The family?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017: The family?
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. There are not so long, the queen of the families was the family, or the station wagon for friends! The oldest will remember those elongated vehicles, not very stylish but awfully practical since they allow them to accommodate more passengers and more importantly, the excess baggage associated with many children. You remember probably some models that offered two small seats housed in the rear floor and allowed to sit face to face or back, knees practically in the front.

Then, the family has given way to the van, the new trendy vehicle that prevailed for decades in the suburbs. The latter will have the same fate as the family, buyers increasingly abandoning the benefit of a new type of vehicle most fashionable, SUVs because they are labeled less pejorative and have some additional benefits.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Mercedes-Benz still believes in the family
However, the family is not dead, some manufacturers still continue to believe. This is the case of Mercedes-Benz which sells its E-Class in the form of family, which will be offered beginning in 2017 under a new generation. E Wagon joins the newly redesigned sedan.

Side engine, the choices are more limited than in the case of the sedan. No basic version E 300 equipped with four cylinder turbocharged engine, positioning the wagon a little higher in the scale. We say that fans of the genre prefer more upscale versions and are also wealthier.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

This is why the E 400 Wagon serves as an entry model with its twin-turbo V6 engine of 3.0 liter 329 horsepower and 354 lb-ft. The engine is mated to an automatic transmission nine reports, the only proposed. In order not to be imposed upon by the SUV, it was equipped with standard all-wheel drive 4MATIC, a very logical decision, since otherwise would have penalized.

A family turns heads?
To be sure to turn heads the way of your car, you can opt for the AMG delivered whose arrival was confirmed to us, but not the mechanics. We know that this will not be the AMG E 43, it is not a true thoroughbred, or the AMG 65, although it is particularly eager to have one with a V12 family. This will be the Mercedes-AMG E 63 should be proposed, which should have a twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine developing no less than 469 horsepower. This figure would rise to an astronomical 503 horsepower if we were to offer the 'S' variant. Admit that the children will be delighted to hear the rich sound with such a system, offsetting the more classic and less sports car when you drive them to school.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Stylistically, the E 400 Wagon covers all elements of the sedan, with course slightly increased dimensions, 10 mm in length and 7 mm in height. The most important gain is in terms of cargo volume with 100 liters of extra space compared to the sedan. It rises to 1820 liters if you lower all seats. That here the real benefit of such a car, its great versatility.

This is its charm for some, it is just a long low roof line stretching to the back, which changes entirely its proportions. We still breathed a lot of dynamism to the model, partly because of a choice of wheels. AMG mounted on 19-inch wheels, the car is just beautiful.

Identical to the sedan
Onboard, little distinction from the sedan. It is only when we look in the rearview mirror that the difference is perceived. Like the four-door sedan, it drew heavily from the new S-Class in the design of the cabin, if only because of the four air vents housed in the center of the dashboard. Above all, the COMMAND system that joins the digital instrument cluster gives the impression that the entire dashboard is a wide screen.

Of course, the possibilities are numerous. No complaints about the choice of materials and attention to detail. Mercedes knows how to do and that is one of its greatest strengths. The feeling of quality and wealth is everywhere thanks to the mood lighting which includes a series of strips to LED whose color can be changed using a full palette. Everything adds a majestic touch to the evening interior.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

More comfortable than sporty
on the road, the extra 100 kilos is little notice of the family compared to the sedan. Even if it is not available here, the four-cylinder did well in the 300 I tried in Germany, but it has much to do to bring justice to the vehicle. It is estimated that customer would opt anyway for engine six-cylinder E 400, that have a little more pep and flexibility. The automatic transmission is a marvel nine reports, extirpating fine horses available without hesitation.

The real benefit of such a car versus an SUV is its reduced height that provides a sense of driving dynamic. Its lowest center of gravity gives the vehicle more upright and a better sense of control. For many, it has the advantages of SUVs, without the disadvantages. Although it is equipped with all-wheel drive, some will say that his charge as the lowest floor penalizes off the beaten track compared to SUVs but actually will play in the mud with his SUV? Less than 1% of the population.

What we enjoyed the family Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017, is its comfort on the road. She has not the strength of the C-Class, but it's probably not what you want if you shop for this model. On the road, she swallows the kilometers thanks to its pneumatic suspension which inhibits all faults bitumen and strengthens if you want to promote sportsmanship. Whether you take place at the front or rear, the seats are ultra-comfortable and all passengers enjoy ample space. This is where the increased dimensions (wheelbase and length) of the car are the most profitable.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Of course, the car is full of all the latest technologies offered by the manufacturer, including an intelligent control system automatically keeping the car at the track center by controlling the direction, even in curves. The prices have not been disclosed, but we know that the E 400 sedan is sold at $ 69,400 and it will pay a premium for the Wagon. Fashion is in the SUV, but family always know how to take their game. Too bad that few fans appreciate, but in their defense, it must be noted that there are few affordable models. Photos by; Sylvain Raymond

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