Harley Davidson V-Rod, It's Over

Harley Davidson V-Rod, It's Over
Harley Davidson V-Rod. After 15 years, a page turns for Harley-Davidson V-Rod, whose fate model in the range and is more than ever a "Collector". In 2001, the V-Rod opened another route by opening the first liquid cooled engine to the Harley-Davidson brand. A novelty that permeis him to set foot in the Power Cruisers segment. For enthusiasts, this model remains revolutionary. As such, the brand sells 60 latest models of V Rod to the end of September. The countdown has begun, for those who wish to hold the object.

Originality, performance and difference: the V-Rod signed a matchless look. A new machine signing a radical change of style in Harley-Davidson history. The rear tire is 240mm thick. The line is sculptural, carved from aluminum and chrome. The V-Rod has undoubtedly pushed the habits of purists of the brand and at the same time marked the arrival of new clients. Mi-mi-custom dragster, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod opened the way for a new motorcycle segment called Power Cruiser.

Its engine, always a V-twin, but at 60, is for the first time at the manufacturer of Milwaukee, liquid cooled. With an initial capacity of 1130 cc, this engine called revolution and designed in partnership with Porsche, reached later 1250 cm3.

The characteristic position that requires the driver to drive foot forward, such as driving become longer sports. In Europe, nearly 5,000 models were sold since the appearance of the model in 2001. It remains now more than sixty in the Harley-Davidson official network for all fans wishing to mark their difference and have this model that has marked the history of the brand. Two versions are available: the Night Rod or Muscle. Is one last opportunity to be the proud owner.

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