Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017 Review

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide 2017. On top of the range American throne in 2017 the official custom CVO Street Glide. exclusive tourer, it loads the novel Big Twin Milwaukee 114 below eight (1868 cm3), which we have tested in the Seattle area. Let's go! Between sea and mountain, in Canada's border northwestern US Subject to natural spaces. Welcome in the Olympic National Park, Washington State, where roads wind through forests of giant evergreens and lakes deep and clear waters. A breathtaking, the framework 100% Nature today observed over the smoked windshield Battle Wing of our local Tourer, a motorcycle perfectly in his element since the US cut for the long course is the new Harley Davidson Street Glide, which takes us ride between Tacoma nearby Seattle and Port Angeles on the Pacific.

The 2017 model of course, powered by the new Big Twin Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight 8-valve, but not the 107 it 1745 cm3 tried on the latest draft of the Road King Classic and the Street Glide Special. Place today the most powerful and biggest Harley-Davidson engine ever built in series, the new block 114 below Twin Cooled, sculptural V Twin exclusively located in two of the three models Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) of the range HD 2017. including the famous exclusive Street Glide to € 39,550! Which is for us today. It indulgent to the station!

Strong and sound!
And this discovery range Touring Harley-Davidson on American roads in 2017, no fewer than 24 bikes are available to reporters, comparing the 114 with new engines 107 Air or mixed cooling is required to herself. Provided in the saddle, this difference chest for the biggest engine of CVO - 1.5 daNm torque and a dozen more horses, according to the German Harley Davidson, does not really perceives the throttle opening. 

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

And be it 1745 or 1868 cm3, the two blocks "Euro 4 approved" already snap to the same slow motion set at 850 rev / min. They provide an instant response to the handle. And agree to be wound on a net from 1500 rev / min. However, it is more than 2 000 revolutions they wake up and show off their enhanced performance compared with the blocks of the previous generation the Big Twin 103 and 110. With a "6" on the Richter scale of motorization, which then tumbles horde is pleasing, but as long as the bitumen is uncertain, the large torque required to apply the accelerator gently. And about the biggest boiler. For Harley point (again) anti-skid!

Big vs CVO Big Twin standard: It was better before!
On the CV0 this revving appears slightly more candid and exclusive as this model has a specific exhaust its most cavernous sound reinforces this impression. This big block also reveals slightly more aggressiveness in times. And the longer he still makes some horses with the approach of 5000 rev / min, while the 107 seems to have already said all 500 laps earlier. Phew, like his ancestors, the CVO Street Glide 2017 therefore offers more performance than its basic variation, tradition is saved! Nevertheless, it is clear that the uniqueness of this 114 facing 107 is not delusional. She is certainly much less than before, where the performance gap between the 103 and 110 twin was much shouting handlebar hands. 

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

On the 114, you can obviously find the technical changes made to the "small" Milwaukee Eight, including its particularly effective balancer to limit its vibrations. Already observed in the judgment: on idling the engine shakes barely inside the frame. And in the heat of the moment, those "vibes" are much less present than before, as other mechanical noises besides, stamped out by the engine of the MoCo. If the significant loss of vibration may displease some purists, it is understood, however, that's what optimize the tranquility of the crew, as to perceive more clearly the typical vocalizations Harley engines emanating special collectors CVO.

Iron fist, velvet glove
Wealthy fans of this new official custom of the Street Glide will also benefit from a transmission with onions, in the presence of a hydraulic control and an assisted clutch. It shows a flexibility unmatched leverage in Harley, coupled with formidable precision of the box to the ascent and descent speeds. This is observed in the city, and by extension in suburban areas, where they often exchange reports, especially in the New World where queues of cars are completely banned. Pickup, truck, american car, biker same battle in traffic everyone queued in the United States.

Starting, stopping, so knitting more in this stop and go permanent. Fortunately, developments on the transmission help the task, but in these situations unsuitable for these imposing Touring is perceived very quickly that despite the efforts of engineers, this large Milwaukee Eight heats as always. Right side in particular, where the pipes of the exhaust remain too close to the knuckle of the pilot who cooked like a T-Bone steak on the grill, despite a passage pots substantially revisited.

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

More spring!
As the models in the conventional touring HD 2017, the suspensions of the CVO Street Glide also evolved this year. At the front, the new fork springs do not transform the CVO track machine (there is still some work!), However it has to recognize the proper maintenance of this motorcycle almost 400 kilos on hard braking . The lift fork also seems more progressive than before, such as the accuracy of the front.

Behind the new combined shock absorbers, whose left part is equipped with a manual adjustment dial, does not revolutionize the holding route of this machine, already good. However, besides the practical advantage to easily evolve its preload adjuster which also offers more possibilities than before by depositing the left of suitcase, reactions on small shocks are more encouraging. Beautiful evolution, of course, but given the premium segment of the requirements in connection with which the American reference, we would have appreciated a power adjustable handlebar! However, they console themselves with comfort no criticism thanks to the good hydraulic system, providing excellent absorbency to CVO model built for enquiller kilometer. A long road still under protection, in the presence of a large bow and hoods placed in front of the steps, the parts that receive the two side fans of Twin Cooled liquid cooling system.

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

Bad boy & luxury
Tabernacle! While crossing the Canadian border, our Quebecois cousins are heard through the powerful speakers of the CVO Boom System Audio - 2 in the "Battle Wing" and other 2 front panniers. A high-end equipment, like the host of exclusive accessories shipped by the US cavalryman ceremonial. Lighthouse to handles, wheels, special paint finish of the engine, the dashboard, the tank, fork in every stop, contemplating the model glad for its quality workmanship. Custom home meant embark what is best for the side of Milwaukee, the Street Glide beautiful is undeniably great effect.

Especially with its look and its specific saddle even lower than the Street Glide Special in 690 mm high against 715, the CVO Street offers an overall look even more bad boy but luxury however.

More than ever, an image model
Displayed at € 39 550, few will indeed purchasers of this sublime achievement. At the same time, it is obviously intended by Harley-Davidson, for customers seeking exclusivity. Knowing that the Street Glide Special is trading from € 26,910, also accessorised needing CVO declination, the gain in performance offered by its specific engine does not justify such a price difference.

But when passion overrides reason and that the tariff issue becomes secondary, if granted the services of this model collector, like the CVO Limited from € 41,750! This is becomes irresistible. Whether for cruiser for days or contemplate this beautiful legendary mechanical object, we will never get tired!

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

  • Finishing
  • Equipment
  • Performance / approval
  • Comfort and protection

  • Limited gap (114 vs 107)
  • Price
  • Weight

Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide 2017 Price at: € 39,550 (at 12.09.2016) Availability: NC Colour: Vivid Black (black / orange) Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage.

Original written by Mehdi Bermani-Tezkratt. Photos Tom Riles and Stefano Gadda equipment focused on this test: Helmet Arai Freeway jacket Icon 1000 Hood, jeans Rev'it Austin, sneakers Dainese motorcycle Street Rocker D-WP, gloves Rev'it Abbey Road for moto-station.com.

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