Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator - Prices, Reviews & Specs

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Ducati XDiavel. After trying mad KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 173 hp to 205 kg, we thought the Ducati XDiavel 156 hp to 220 kg would be less traumatic. Yet the Italian now holds an important place in our memory tester. Although with its fabulous look, this new devil of catches the eye immediately . The very bare style leaves conspicuously show the L-twin but all wiring goshawks handlebar. The interface is pretty far fetched with a tiny display of information or a headlight call trigger too long we inadvertently engages with the gloves. But the stalks lit in red, optical Led the digital color screen and hands-free boot a touch of modernism welcome. The fine also incorporates a traction control, ABS and a response from the accelerator configurable in three modes.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Although it shares the same name as the Diavel launched in 2011, this version X is a separate model. Its size is even more impressive with a length of 2.31 ​​m (2.24 m against for the Diavel) and a larger wheelbase (1615 mm against 1580 mm). This XDiavel also shows a larger displacement (1262 cm3 against 1198 cm3) and has a transmission belt instead of a chain. The driving position with feet forward, arms outstretched and buttocks close to the ground is typical of customs "Low rider" to the US. The Italian, however, offers several footrest positions and saddles and handlebars accessories to adapt to different gauges. If the rear seat is very spartan, it includes all the same a small backsplash (optional) very useful to avoid the bold finish passenger astride the huge tires (240/45 ZR 17) to the first acceleration. One precaution the more necessary that the XDiavel features a function 'Launch Control' to carry guns acceleration in the manner of drag racing.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Let's face it, we did not dare test this function on the open road. The acceleration in Sport mode already provides the thrill . Despite its length, the XDiavel lifts the front wheel first and appears to plow the bitumen on the higher gears . Explosive between 4000 and 9000 rev / min, twin delivers additionally a thrilling sound while meeting the latest Euro4 standards. Box hard enough speed emitting "clongs" evokes that of a Harley Street Glide. Neutral is easier to find than the US but in sporty driving, it is not uncommon to "miss" certain reports. In town, the engine heats up quickly between the legs, wide handlebars does not help lift queues, and suspensions are showing great firmness at low speeds. They are fortunately fully adjustable front and rear. If not a model of comfort, XDiavel proves quite handy thanks to its low weight (247 kg fully fueled). If the big bang twin fort under 2500 r / min, it nevertheless agrees to move to 3000 rev / min on a light throttle. On winding roads, the long XDiavel lack of agility. The rear wheel seems to have a time delay on the front but the Italian still easier to register a Yamaha V-MAX 1700 cm3 and demonstrated remarkable stability around-the state of the coating.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

The highly effective traction and braking ultra mordant ensure a high level of active safety. The ground clearance allows to take the angle in tight corners and to survey small sidewalks without sweating. Despite its outstanding performance, the XDiavel is not too greedy. If she can swallow more than 8.0 l / 100 km in sporty driving, it claimed that 6.2 l / 100 km and 7.0 l / 100 km during two full performed during our testing. The price of € 20,390 is certainly high but reasonable compared to Harley Davidson CVO less well equipped. The XDiavel is also available in S-version with some extra decorations, a modified exhaust and increased brake calipers. But the additional cost of € 3,000 seems excessive.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

The XDiavel combines the sensations of a large custom with the performance and braking a sport. A machine delightfully unconventional.

We like : 
- Tone and mechanical character 
- Exceptional stability and braking 
- Reasonable consumption

We like least : 
- Special Driving position 
- Rear shock very firm 
- Overall dimensions and width of the handlebars

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Technical & Prices:
Engine: V-twin, liquid cooled 
Displacement: 1262 cm3 
Power: 156 hp at 9500 rev / min 
Torque: 128.4 Nm at 5000 r / min 
Net weight: 220 kg 
Seat height: 755 mm 
tank capacity: 18 liters 
Price: € 20,390

Image by; auto-moto.com

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