BMW G310R - the wish to conquest of the east


The BMW G310R to conquer emerging markets by marketing BMW G310R, average entry-level engine. This cylinder also comes to Europe in order to attract brand new practitioners in search of an "A2" motorcycle. Here try this 2017 BMW novelty. To enlarge its customer spectrum in Europe and in emerging countries, it was necessary to BMW motorcycle of less than 500 cm3 to less than € 5,000. The Bavarian manufacturer is a serious home it was not a question of rebadger "Chinese" model. The G310R was designed in Germany but its manufacture is entrusted to an Indian partner, TVS. With this entry-maker, BMW has to fetch the customer right out of the moto school and retain at the earliest.


BMW G310R is a pretty roadster in its livery three colors so BMW Motorsport. The lines are aggressive and compact motorcycle. An inverted fork and radial fixing brake caliper give him a "big bike" side. In detail, it is nevertheless an economic vehicle: a thick epoxy paint covers parts of cast aluminum, the rear shock is the most basic, the levers are not adjustable and the plastic body is not even decorated with stickers varnish. However the Michelin Pilot street radial tires are a plus.


Once in the saddle, handlebars hand falls naturally and distance between seat and footrest is studied for a relaxing driving. Contact the innovative single cylinder starts with a very discreet breath and idle speed stabilizes within seconds. First report, engaged and the engine stalls. Unbalanced, effortless one retains the 159 kg of the motorcycle. The New practitioners will appreciate. But no way to start on a light throttle.

Mono is not very flexible in town (do not stay below 3 000 r / min). But as soon as the horizon clears, the block is best expressed, with a beautiful beach between 3 and 6 000 r / min, and a frank pushed to 10,000 rev / min red zone. What overtaking on highway without much trepidation. Now against a Yamaha MT-03 very "of JEUNS" and a KTM 390 series too "racing" to use, G310R is a credible alternative. Its versatility and handling will appeal to customers without much experience, male as female. The price for the offer is therefore more reasonable, especially with the BMW offers LOA (hire-purchase) at 80 € per month without any contribution.


BMW G310R (manufacturer data) Engine type: single cylinder water cooled, 4T, 2 ACT, 4 valves per cylinder Displacement (al x cse.): 313 cm3 (80 x 62 mm) Maximum power: 34 hp at 9500 rev / min max torque 28 Nm at 7500 r / min Alim./dépollution: injection / Euro 4 Transmission Transmission 6-speed final transmission chain Chassis Front brake (caliper x pist.): 1 disc, Ø 300 mm ( 4 opp) ABS. Brake Ar (x caliper pist.): 1 disc, Ø 240 mm (1) ABS tank (reserve): 11 liters (nc) Weight announced: 158.5 kg seat height: 785 mm Practical Colours black, blue, tricolor Price: € 4,950. Photo by;

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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