Aston Martin DB11 Test

Aston Martin Super Car. A new era is on. Even for manufacturers of supercars, renew itself is a matter of survival. After 103 years of existence, the English brand new look. And presents a new model. His code name: DB11. Its distinctive features: new design, new platform, new engine. In fact, Aston Martin announced the most important developments in its history. Any change without denying the DNA of the brand, what is the soul of an Aston Martin. It was the challenge? Are the DB11 of performance to match its beauty? To prove the brand has sent us to Florence on one of the favorite playgrounds of Italian supercars. Florence (Italy) - From our special Twitter: @SC_Turbo

Farewell to the DB9
The life cycle of a supercar is much longer than the consumer models. And the birth of an Aston Martin is always a special moment. After 13 years of loyal service, the DB9 bows. Her replacement is not named DB10. It will be built only 10 copies for the latest James Bond. No, the replacement for the DB9 is called DB11. We leave the time Henrik Fisker and the relative discretion, the quiet strength of the DB9. The new chief designer Marek Reichman departed from scratch. The lines are modernized, the design is reinterpreted, but the brand identity is preserved. Andy Palmer, president of Aston Martin wanted to make "the most beautiful car in the world." And we say that it succeeded. The DB11 combines more than ever elegance, innate grace and heightened aggressiveness. A pencil whose only Gaydon designers have the secret.

Aston Martin DB11 Test

A bi-turbo V12
But more than just a change of style, DB11 marks a real turning point for Aston Martin. There are 3 years, the English brand signed a technical partnership with Mercedes, specifically with its subsidiary High Performance: AMG and takes the place of Ford as an engine of Aston Martin. And will provide engines as well as its expertise in exchange for 5% of its capital. But reputation requires, the V12 is not signed but AMG Aston Martin. The partnership with the preparer applies only to equip V8 models of the lower segments. The DB11 Aston does not communicate much about it, we know that AMG might have particular responsibility for the electronic management. . An engine optimization sum Old aspirated V12 fitted to the DB9 gives way to a more modern block: a new twin-turbo V12 with an output of 610 hp. The DB11 thus emerged as the most powerful model in the history of the brand. The displacement decreases: it goes into effect a 6 liters to 5.2 liters. But the main information is not power but it is V12 Bi-Turbo. And Turbos, this is also new Aston Martin. The engine, the centerpiece, inevitably loses its nobility. Because with great fanfare Turbos it becomes easier to create a powerful engine. But in terms of temperament customers can be reassured that DB11 retains well its authenticity.

Aston Martin DB11 Test

Technology style service
The DB11, the designers more than ever worked hand in hand with the engineers responsible for the design. The body always mixes aluminum and composite materials. But each component has been rethought and designed to make the most current technologies. Without upsetting the style. The side air extractors before, in continuity of the wheel arches, are responsible for discharging the high-pressure air rushes into the front wheel arch and thereby lift and improve behavior. the designers wanted the trunk is tilted back to maintain optimal fluidity of the silhouette. They would also not an ugly spoiler that would have broken the line. Engineers have developed an aero spoiler that enhances high speed stability by getting air into the rear pillars, and doing stand via a blade on the rear trunk. Aston is so proud of the system that he patented.

Aston Martin DB11 Test

The synergies with Mercedes
The DB11 is not limited to be beautiful. It is the first to inaugurate the new platform, which will serve the next models in the range, a large SUV, essential to ensure the future of the brand. The wheelbase is longer than 6.5 cm. Double benefit: it allows the engine to be located a little further back for better weight balance. It also offers more space in the cockpit. Aston wish that the DB11 more welcoming than the DB9. There's more, but the rear seats are always book for children or luggage. Aston Martin has always been singled out for its finishes, which were not in references, much less worthy of its rates . Today, the situation has improved significantly. The collaboration with Mercedes is not limited to mechanics. And that's good. On board the DB11, there are many elements of the mark at the star: as this 12-inch screen. The controls in the center console or the touch pad that can manage the whole. But the atmosphere remains typically Aston. The brand was also overtaken by competitors due to its aging technology. The GPS of the DB9 for example, was one of the worst market. The good news is that we finally have a system to the task. The block of the screen? instrumentation and multimedia system are modernizing the whole. By against farewell to account turn reversed if specific to the brand. Farewell also to the crystal key. Two false notes in the heart of a sublime score.

On the road
We must admit we were waiting for this moment, when Aston Martin will not be content to be beautiful, but also become competitive with the reference category. The DB11 is now based on an aluminum frame. This is the lightest and most rigid platform ever produced by the brand. As we know, one of the faults of the Aston Martin regarding gearboxes. But last year, the latest developments of Vanquish and DB9 just received an automatic gearbox signed by ZF. The same as found in Audi, BMW, and even Jaguar. It is precisely this that is found on board the DB11. And that is good news because it is a true reference in the field. Soft as fast in comfort mode, the new management is sweet. The damping control several modes is very cozy. The DB11 is primarily a GT high-performance, but also versatile and everyday drivability. Moreover, this V12 is able to stabilized gait off half of its cylinders. There is talk of a 20% reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions. And at this level, it's huge.

Aston Martin DB11 Test

Performance at the height
It may surprise some, but the majority Aston Martin does not really impress for their pure performance. They are obviously exceptional, but often back of many sports competitors. On the DB11, the figures speak for themselves: 0 to 100 km / h is dispatched in 3.9 seconds. And the top speed is set at 322 km / h. To conduct the major difference with previous concerns Aston V12 engine now has two Turbos. The maximum torque is now delivered 1,500 r / min. And speaking of 700 Nm. What was nailed to the seat, to nearly 7,000 r / min. To contain all that power, the DB11 is the first Aston to carry a differential active limited slip with torque vectoring. On corner entry, electronic brakes the inside rear wheel to help turn. In practice, it is very effective. Despite its 1770 kg the DB11 is agile and wraps the curves like no other Aston.

Balance sheet
The progress made by Aston Martin are impressive. The DB11 has become more homogeneous much to envy of its rivals, be they Italian or German. As for prices, the DB11 is more competitive than ever. Just over 205,000 euros. A little inflation facing the DB9 so. But this is the kind of detail, which the gentleman does not discuss. Image by;

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