Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

A nice bunch of twins with strong character but different. Which to choose? Follow the guide ! Our comparative classic and neo-retro collection spring-summer 2016 (your wishes!) Are gradually gaining parking the bike-station writing. And there are beautiful: Ducati Scrambler Icon, Kawasaki W800 Black Edition, Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer and Triumph Street Twin. We have gathered here the flower of neo retro kind displayed less than €10,000, therefore, still relatively affordable. We could also have included two other models, the Yamaha XSR 700 and Harley-Davidson Iron. The first was rejected because it appears shifted here, MT-07 dressed so retro for the occasion and not only developed for this category, while the second is more typical dark custom as Harley-Davidson's catalog.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Ducati Scrambler Icon
No, no, if you already to ogle a beautiful and "real" neo-retro not (too) expensive, it is obvious that you will wear sooner or later your choice on one of these owls twins 2016. But which one? Road and urban Tests, approval, performance, seat height, passing on the test bench, measures of weight and cons, as usual told you all to choose your motorcycle without wrong. Ducati still scrub your hands. The Scrambler was one of the big boxes in the year 2015 (1520 units at end December), and he even participated in the excellent results of the brand globally. Our comparative trials and have also explained this success: the Ducati Scrambler is a "real good bike," as lively as it is elegant and able to interest a wider audience. Faced with our other bikes of the day, it is already distinguished by static. It definitely reminds the latest standards in design while waking past the mark by the presence of classical details: tank shape or saddle, mostly. However, this Scrambler remains the only one with an inverted fork or a complex (in form) aluminum swingarm combined with a monoshock. These are signs that not wrong and explain why the Scrambler tends to mimic an old Monster (air cooled) to driving. With the Twin Triumph Street, the Ducati Scrambler is undoubtedly the most modern motorcycle in this roundup.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

This is it!
Just move without using the engine to appreciate its light weight (186.4 kg fully fueled) or at least 27 kilograms less than the others! And this impacts many aspects: performance and also taken in hand. Reassuring a priori for beginners, the Ducati Scrambler offers a low seat (790 mm) and narrow and a wide and high handlebars as the best lever of the day. Remains even when this "special" ergonomic folding legs significantly while the wider handlebar comparative quickly proves painful inter-file (as we are still allowed there). For his part, even ample chastened, the Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine inherited the Monster 796 remains the least flexible of the lot. It will be knitting the gearbox or not to exceed the third in the city.

But the Monster Scrambler makes up illico on the road. Our twins of the day, it is the most fun! The lightness and rigidity of the steel trellis frame ensures an explosive cocktail, boosted by the most furious of comparison engine. Of all those present here is the engine of the Scrambler has the best stretches and more punch in the midrange. Only the Twin Triumph Street and big torque will catch only the Ducati during recovery testing. Behavior side, again, we find the traits of a modern motorcycle. The Ducati Scrambler (like Triumph) into chunks not to any great swallowed rife curve. Braking is simply proves the most powerful of the company, not surprising in view of onboard equipment (caliper Brembo four piston radially mounted!) And less weight.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Homogeneous, no; Fun, yes!
It's obvious, the (the?) Scrambler has something to be remembered. It is elegant, retro and modern at once (like the BMW Nine-T ), probably the most sparkling with driving, with better performance and Ducati character still palpable. Same frame with a playful behavior when his tire goes invited to borrow the sunken roads. Still it was less comfortable and easy daily than others (the Triumph and Kawasaki) and ultimately stands apart here. Posted at € 9,090, it has the advantages of a modern motorcycle hardly retro, but without reaching the homogeneity of the Twin Triumph Street. But what ragazza!

Ducati Scrambler Icon
Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

+Getting hands
+Sparkling character
+Suitable for "all the way"

-Tiring ergonomics
-Limited comfort and duo
-Prices up

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Kawasaki W 800 Black Edition Long live the old school!
Of all our bikes present, the Kawasaki W800 Black Edition is similar as the most "old school" ( "Old School"). And for once, this is not a fault! In profile, the only Japanese batch gives the impression of having 50 years as she recalls the motorcycle (English) 60s honestly to find more "oldies replica" should turn to a Royal Enfield ! And details abound: drum rear brake, drive shaft torque distribution and conical (like the old SS 900 or GT 860! Fork 39 mm diameter only. In fact, the remains W800) primarily the big sister of the Kawasaki W650 appeared late 98, and therefore, its design is getting old.

As is sometimes said "It is in the old pots", the saying is true again. Not the lightest of the lot (213.6 kg fully fueled measured), the Kawasaki W800 Black Edition remains accessible to the greatest number: saddle at 790 mm ​​from the ground with a sufficiently narrow crotch arcade and nearly as friendly ergonomics than Triumph. Moreover, with 700 mm long, the saddle is one of the Lodgeable of the band, a real plus for the duo escapades.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Never cheating!
Kawasaki W800 has several qualities. The first? She does not cheat! To see her, we guess it an almost debonair character and this was confirmed with the alternative hand, frankly really easy. The "Kawa" requires less manual that both Italian. Flexibility, universally recognized, its vertical twin wonders in town or on the back roads. This is the softest and most linear motor of the comparison, much use facility wages. Similarly, the clutch or her selection, they are the softest of the lot. And soft suspensions, especially in the back, missing pavement absorbs better than any other! In short, you soon realize that the W800 appears one of the (two) of our best retro twins to make trips daily or Sunday ride.

Of course it is not perfect: its vibrations are greatest (quality for some) and his seniority in the Japanese variety explains the absence of ABS braking. However, it is in terms of rigor and dynamism that Kawasaki loses points. Arnaud, our crossman accustomed to rigid frameworks and well dampened suspensions, admit find very undulating Kawasaki. This is the flip side of a little stiff bike (with its engine mounted on silent blocks) and provided flexible suspensions. The directional stability and cornering stability are the strengths of the Kawasaki face its toughest competitors, provided the Japanese normally remains "manageable", as its least efficient braking comparison. So just integrate it in making his handlebars and take the W800 at a pace that suits his course "package" classic.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Hurry up!
Motorcycles present here, the Kawasaki W800 Black Edition is undoubtedly the most "retro", whether in appearance or design or even driving. It is also the quietest motorcycle - as the Moto Guzzi - our comparative. Still, she has a certain charm, queen of the ride into the wind, and duet please. Sold € 8,899 (€ 8,599 for the version "basic") is too little difference (€ 1) with Triumph to allow him to claim the first choice. However, homologated Euro 3 and devoid of ABS, it will naturally disappear from range early 2017, which could result in a rate decrease that, especially, should invite you to look twice. For his character, he has nothing to envy the English standard, the limit!

Kawasaki W800
Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

+Retro character!
+Engine flexibility
+Comfort and duo
+Soon promo?

-Behavior (too) retro

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer: Roadster or custom?
Hands on the handlebars, the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer changed our world. The ergonomics of the beautiful Mandello del Lario and geometry attest, and his sister Bobber even more radical drives the point: it has a custom case here. Any new, ostensibly at least, the Roamer does not retain less expensive fundamental to the brand, starting with his famous V-Twin 90 ° facing the road, despite its Euro4 approved air cooling (with Conversely Triumph discreetly water cooled). A beautiful piece of machinery so that nevertheless caused us problems: it is the first time that Moto Guzzi prevents us to stand "normally" on board, knees and / or shins from systematically bump in the cylinder heads ( for more than 1.70m drivers). blame perhaps too short a reservoir and/or commands to the feet too advanced, in any case, an ergonomic study to say the least "curious.".

We already stressed this usability problem at the first try of the V9, and he was confirmed in this comparison. Even the removal of bulky covers (useless?) Of the inlet ducts are able nothing, the Guz 'slap in the knees, and even further duet when the pilot must move to make way for the unfortunate passenger in because of too short saddle. At least the stroke of Italian pencil saves the furniture, the Moto Guzzi shows off beautiful pieces (tank, wheels, saddle, handlebar unpublished) without reaching the level of finish of the Triumph.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Accreditation ride fashion
With 213.2 kilos fully fueled and 785 mm seat height only, the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer finally works well for small jigs, less bothered by the proximity of the cylinder heads. On V9, high handlebars straightened as the bust on the Ducati, while the feet will look for the most advanced comparative controls. It is less natural certainly at first, but consistent with the kind custom. And above all, that of progress in the gearbox! In this respect, the Italian joined in approval of the competition day, though its clutch released to slap the lever and its "universal joint" is not as transparent (but barely) the adverse chains. In any case, the character of the Mandello Eagle is waiting for you here, and we enjoy its inimitable sound, this frank and always thrust of this tilting moment which makes pitching the bike every rotation handle.

To walk the way gymkhana boulevards, the V9 is probably not the ultimate weapon. However, this "Roamer" reveals much pleasure to the usual and ultimately potential gaits. For between the driving position, the torque in the midrange, transmission maintenance, and general comfort, we imagine easily cut the road on the Italian with some options (windshield and saddlebags). What relativize ground clearance and just a little less rigorous cornering over bumps or "high" speed, particularly in dealing with Triumph and Ducati. Remains a surprisingly easy guide in the winding ride for V9 style with light steering, but beware of tires (Pirelli Daemon) that we have not inspired confidence.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

The crossroads of genres
The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer reveals a potential paradoxes. "Custom Road" more than "retro roadster", it really makes you want to cut the road. However, ergonomics remains problematic for large solo and two given the length of the saddle, and she stalled faster driving. In contrast, the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer retains that unique charm that can never be bored on board, a compromise between convenience and character to live day by day. Made in Italy, sold € 9,990, the V9 is positioning € 1,090 above the Triumph "made in Thailand". A price gap that includes of course, but that penalizes the final account of a too mixed overall assessment.

Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer
Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

+Elegant style
+Easy character
+Potential road

-Ergonomics / duo
-Finishing details

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Twin Triumph Street: Spirit retro, neo design
A priori, the relationship between Kawasaki and Triumph obvious: retro line, vertical twin. But it is almost everything, because unlike the W800 (and W650) long catalog, the Twin Triumph Street, her fate just consulting firms. And just the detail to measure the gulf separates the English of the Japanese or the Moto Guzzi itself derived from V7. The Triumph Street Twin is a brand new platform ingeniously designed to hide behind his aesthetic (or architecture) retro latest technological refinements. On this point, it joins the Ducati Scrambler which also includes each of its parts from the design. Thus, on each, nothing beyond, while the two others hide under their bowels. And if it appears visually slender at the template, the "Street" is not on the scale: 224.4 kilos fully fueled. Casually, if you move off the motor after the Triumph Ducati, we feel a big difference.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

There are modern roadster in it!
However, the Twin Triumph Street is very welcoming, saddle lowest (750 mm) and also the most liveable for the duo with the W800 (720 mm length for the seat, eg.). The environment of the cockpit is at least as modern as that of the Ducati Scrambler, and ergonomics very well designed, most natural here with this pleasant feeling of being one with the bike. The roar of the twin line is melodious and the hands taking turns without difficulty, even if the selection is firm and sound, almost a habit for Triumph. In the first kilometers, the Street Twin differs on several points. First, the torque of its engine, generous low and midrange, provides the strongest impression push the accelerator opening. What resist the Ducati at the legal speed recovery testing before the Italian will apply their growing.

Then the English reveals the most homogeneous behavior of comparison, the more "modern". With its highly rigid frame, Triumph offers a straight and rigor in the curve closer to modern roadsters and Ducati Scrambler. The winding portions, the Twin Street will never ceased to show his rear light to other bikes of comparison, even if it calls for more commitment in supporting changes or grip when braking (a disc to the forward with a caliper pistons 2). Not enough to harm the general approval of the latest jewel in the crown, which also shows that living the usual paces, undemonstrative in pure performance. By focusing on low and midrange, Triumph offers a really efficient engine here every day, less on major roads: better especially appreciate at 120 km / h limit the scheme and unpleasant vibrations.

Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

Street Quality!
You understood, this Triumph is one of the great surprises of this vintage 2016. This new platform has obviously been carefully considered. While retaining the retro spirit of "Bonnie" and their aesthetic codes, the Twin Street does not offer less ergonomics and very modern behavior. Granted it is not as comfortable as the Kawasaki, or less fun than the Ducati, but the "Quality Street Twin" has the best homogeneity of this comparison: manufacturing quality and high standards of behavior, mechanical expression, general authorization it ensures almost everywhere, even next portfolio. By choosing to relocate its production in Thailand, Triumph could tighten the price of the Twin Street, which starts at € 8,900. Well done!

Twin Triumph Street
Street Duel Twin vs V9 Roamer vs Scrambler vs W800

+Manufacturing quality
+Approval to common gaits
+Rigorous behavior

-Farm selection
-Lengthens engine
-Heavy steering

Ducati Scrambler vs Kawasaki W800 vs Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer vs Triumph Street Twin:

Directional stability4/53/53/55/5
Life on board:
High. saddle3/53/54/55/5
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