Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test
Yo bro! What's new on the Can Am Spyder in 2016, this premium motorized 3 wheelers and accessible to B license (car)? F3-T oriented version Sport GT test dice now on the station! Random funny. The commuter train that takes us to Paris this morning for the airport is signed Bombardier! And indeed if we take it, is to make us a presentation on another vehicle of the Canadian group, but not a transit (of course!). It is rather an unusual mode of transport: The Can Am Spyder. In 2016, proposed a new version F3-oriented T-Sport GT, with its optimized protection in relation to "roadsters" Spyder F3-S, its carrying capacity increased to 72 liters and its new comfort equipment, the three- recreational wheels (BRP = Bombardier Recreative Products) is the cheek Cruiser Deluxe for travelers in the long term.

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

Or even downright Bagger same, including its exclusive livery Limited Special Series in three shades of black, we have chosen to drive a priority for this first contact in the Alicante region. A color that gives a unique dark side to visually Spyder and offers a beautiful integration of new fixed panniers. With 26 liters of a side and 25 on the other, they are very useful, however they accept no helmet. Pity! The latter therefore still ranks in the trunk accessible under the front hood.

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

The spider is tamed
In addition to its new look "bad boy", the large 3-wheeler indeed brings us to the world of cruisers through his legs driving position forward. Ergonomics that can also adapt to the morphology of young and big guys in the presence of adjustable steps and several handlebar sizes available at the time of purchase. On the saddle very accessible (positioned just 675 mm above the ground) the driver stands upright torso and arms are significantly higher than the F3-oriented S roadster model. Or a more natural posture for household comfort and mastery of sensation. However, the hands grip is not so instinctive. For neither bike or car, Spyder Can atypical F3-T - like its range of brothers - will first tame on a test track.

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

With the front axle width (149 cm), radius robbery worthy of a snowmobile, its respectable weight (430 kg dry) and semi-automatic gearbox commanded by paddles, perform the first kilometers on closed road will be reassuring the novice and / or B license holders (auto) unaccustomed to such exotic machinery. Fortunately, as long as one has already driven a quad or pilot a kart, and that although we keep in mind that the machine turns flat, after a quarter of an hour of adaptation, confidence s' installed.

The new protection means!
Taming continues on expressway in testing beginning of Can Am Spyder F3-T Limited. There, we also take the measure of the evolution of the front, much more protective than the models "naked" F3-S. For if the lower body remains perfectly isolated in the presence of large integrated turn hand protection improves. And with tinted windscreen as standard equipment, shoulders like helmet undergo only the pressure of the air. Of course, this protection is less convincing than the Spyder RT, however we appreciate the atmosphere preserved on board. What enjoy the audio system, also proposed series. Via its four speakers, it provides a power of 80 W and remains perfectly audible even at 130 km / h.

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

With its compact antenna (like a Honda F6B ), the F3-T Spyder captures the waves radio. But you can also pair a smartphone, a data storage stick or MP3 player to the audio system via USB or 3.5 mm auxiliary input installed in the new glove from the top of the console. Only downside in this table: The access control platform menus, installed on a stalk left teeming buttons. Its ergonomics are improved, however the menu navigation is easy. This is controlled through a new dashboard with large LCD, still readable.

Less harsh on impact
Last specificity of Can Am Spyder F3-T: three new dampers. With Sachs elements in front (against the naked versions of Fox) and a pneumatic rear monoshock - all three adjustable preload - it is with progressive surplus that the F3-T absorbs bumps. The comfort of the whole crew is all the better. And without detriment to the dynamics of the machine, which firmly on its three wheels, provides impressive road holding and still maintains a very good plate on hard braking. Admittedly, coupled braking is also involved in this behavior.

Those are the characteristics of this version 2016 F3-T, which otherwise tracing its dynamic potential on that of the Can Am Spyder F3-S already test on station. The novelty is therefore always appreciate as much for its three-cylinder Rotax 1330 cm3, flexible and torquey, for his strong leadership in new sensations for holders of B permits (auto).

Can Am Spyder Limited F3-T 2016 Test

Sold and costs € 24,799 or 26 € 499 (at 03.23.16) to our test-accessorized Limited version (full details in the technical part to follow), it is however expensive pay its difference with the entry level F3, displayed it to € 18 999 pieces. This leaves in effect the margin to accessorize! In addition, to really seek a Spyder ready for the long journey, with his big boot lid and bow height, the RT model sold € 24 999 proposes more, but the look remains less than enticing this new Can Am, 2016.

On this test, the driver carries a X-Lite helmet X-403 GT, a Spidi jacket Master Combat, gloves Dainese Ergotour Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT, reinforced jeans Rev 'it Austin and Dainese motorcycle sneakers Street Rocker D-WP. Price: F3-T from € 24,799, F3-T Limited from € 26,499 (at 22/03/2016) Color: Magnesium metallic, pearl white; Limited: Red Pearl, Satin Black Warranty: Two years parts and labor unlimited mileage Availability: Immediate. By Mehdi Bermani-Tezkratt - Photos Thierry Honnorat / BRP 2016 from source

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