Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

Benelli BN 302. With two 260 mm discs gripped by 4-piston calipers, the Benelli is an excellent brakeman. The Benelli BN302 a roadster sparkling twin and very well equipped. The look of the Benelli BN 302 is not unlike that of the Kawasaki ER6N. Despite this strong resemblance, the general line is very pleasant and well balanced. The finish of the Benelli BN 302 is very good. With two 260 mm discs gripped by 4-piston calipers, the Benelli is an excellent brakeman. The twin-cylinder 4-stroke cooled DOHC 4-valve water develops 38 horsepower at 11,500 rev/min. The couple is not without interest for this type of engine with a value of 27 Nm at 9000 r/min. The tubular frame provides good stiffness and good road feedback.

If the passenger seat is counted, it benefits still dedicated handles. The engine is capable of taking the Benelli BN 302 to the maximum speed of 155 km/h. The selector and the brake pedal are adjustable in distance. The single transverse damper is adjustable via a hydraulic wheel. Left: Turn signal control, control horn and position control fires. The 240 mm rear disc is just as convincing as the front. The Benelli is formidable in the exercise of braking. The escapement in the down position delivers an incredible sound in the towers.  Music lovers will enjoy, residents a little less. At the front, the Benelli BN 302 is equipped with an adjustable inverted fork 41 mm in diameter. Right: control starter, cut-contact control and warning control.

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

The small wind-jump participates in the aesthetic success of the Benelli 302. In dynamic BN, its effectiveness is very relative. With 790 mm seat height, the Benelli 302 BN wants rather accessible. Only its weight of 180 kg can put off the most fragile among us. Comprehensive and well presented, the dashboard includes all information (tachometer, total and partial mileage, clock, fuel gauge, temperature). The brake lever of Benelli BN 302 has an adjustment wheel. The aircraft-type gas cap wrench farm and is hinged. Very healthy in his behavior, Benelli BN 302 is not the last to address the winding roads. His high-flying harsh braking and chassis put in trust. To deliver its full potential, the twin needs to be maintained above 6,000 r/min. Below, there is compelling but was less demonstrative.

Technical sheet
Engine: Twin 4T water cooled, DOHC, 4 valves Displacement: 65x45,2 = 302 cm3 Maximum power: 37 bhp at 11500 rev / min Torque: 27 Nm nm to 9000 rev / min Operation: electric starter Power: injection Clutch: in oil bath Gearbox: 6 Frame: Steel bridge front, rear aluminum Front suspension. : Inverted fork Ø41, deb. mm Rear suspension. : Single adjustable shock absorber, deb. mm Brake BC. : Discs ø 260 mm, 4-piston brake ar. : Disc 240mm two-piston Pneu BC. : 110/70-ZR17; ar. : 140/70 ZR17-Fuel tank: 16 liters Length: 2150 mm Seat height: 790 mm ​​Dry weight: 180 kg

Standard equipment
Side stand with motor safety 
passenger handles 
passenger footrest 
adjustable selector 
lever adjustable brake 
hydraulic adjustable inverted fork 
Mono adjustable hydraulic shock absorber dial 
needle Tachometer 
segments Fuel Gauge 
Total distance 
aircraft-type gas cap hinged 
retractable Key 
Lights rear LEDs
Manufacturer / Distributor BENELLI

Largely inspired by the Kawasaki ER-6, the lines of the 302 Benelli BN does not necessarily shine by their originality. However, looking more closely, it is clear that the 300 does not miss assets to seduce, among others, the new license holders A2 motorcycle. Polished finish, high-class equipment and playfulness make this bike an endearing companion to overcome the everyday and take a good dose of fun on weekends.

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

DIP imported by France, the Benelli brand was born in 1911 in Pesaro, Italy. At that time, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, and Domenico Antonio Benelli founded a repair shop of cars and motorcycles. Gifted for mechanics, these six brothers decided to manufacture their own parts to produce an engine 75 cm 3 adaptable on a bicycle. In 1921, they imagine the Motoleggera, first bike in a long line for the Benelli siblings. Commercial successes and victories in competitions accompany the brand until 1970, when the company was purchased by Alejandro de Tomaso. In 1990, Benelli disappears from radar screens before re talking about her in 1997 following its acquisition by Andrea Merloni. In 2005, the powerful Chinese group Qjian Jiang absorbs brand promising to keep his DNA. Today, the range consists of the trek Amazonas, the Trek 1130 1130 R DTT, DTT 899, R 600 BN and BN 302 which contains the test today

Even draw on an existing bike, both refer to one of the stars of its class. This is exactly the bias Benelli of designers who did not hesitate to take up the broad outlines of the Kawasaki ER-6, reference to the mid-size roadsters for many years. Lateral shock absorber, vertical optics, low exhaust outlet position, lined tubing at the swingarm, forms side scoops. Fortunately, Benelli has not fallen into the trap of cheap imitation, one that does all the same as its but with less inspiring.

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

One feels that the Italian brand wanted to do things well, offering 302 BN of quality elements. Front disc brake in 260 mm petals with 4-piston calipers, hydraulic adjustable inverted fork 41 mm in diameter, adjustable shock preload simply by knob, plus the brake lever, selector and adjustable brake pedal. This ability to adjust at will all inevitably brings us back to the long history of the brand in competition. 

No bad taste
Other facilities on offer on the BN 302 are more common on this type of machine. Thus we find an engine with side stand safety grab handles, a rear light LEDs and a lockable fuel cap hinged. The dashboard is not left with a tachometer needle attached to a particularly generous digital window. The speedometer is found there, the watch, the outside thermometer, fuel gauge, odometer and odometer.

Do not spoil the readability of the whole is excellent even in bright sunlight. Finally, the ignition key is in the holder folds like some car. Certainly, it is not used much in absolute terms, but such details allows the BN 302 score points before you even press the electric starter. 

At the heart of Benelli BN 302, we find a dual 4-stroke twin cylinder overhead cam head, 8-valve, liquid-cooled, 300 cm 3. This engine develops 38 horsepower at 11,500 revs / min for a torque of 27 Nm at 9000 r / min. For comparison these values ​​are almost similar to those of a Kawasaki Z 300 for example. The Italian even delivering its maximum torque 1000 laps before the Japanese.

Featuring 180 kilos dry on the scale, the BN 302 is not necessarily obvious to move. Fortunately, things work out when the handlebars (aluminum with variable section please) through a 785 mm seat height that allows most of the templates to lay the feet flat on the floor. The ergonomics are well thought out with a fairly neutral riding position, slightly remote footrest, smooth controls and a carefully carved saddle. 

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

At home in the city
The first of the six-speed engages smoothly and the smoothness of the clutch can jump without fear of stalling. The first meters also reassure us on the good behavior of the engine at low speed. While the twin lacks a bit of roundness as the needle remains in the bottom of the rev counter, but the flexibility is there to move serenely in urban areas without constantly playing left foot.

To escape from the flow of traffic, however, it will start typing in the towers to take full advantage of the twin playfulness. Well balanced at low speed, BN 302 is quickly forget its relative overweight. However, the turning radius deserved to be shortened for easier maneuvering in town. After several minutes of driving, the firmness of the seat starts to be felt, but the comfort of the cycle-part compensates this slight inconvenience. Potholes, speed bumps, deformations of the road, BN 302 gum road traps brilliantly. 

Formidable in the countryside
As soon as the horizon clears, the Benelli reveals another face. The discreet feulement exhaust becomes angry roar from the first big revving. After 6000 r/min, music lovers will be delighted bordering a little less. Second, third, fourth the selection is intense, precise, and the sensation of riding a sports model is omnipresent. While the engine will not lengthen your arms, but led to good progress, the twin distils excellent feel.

Benelli BN 302: appealing to more than one!

The chassis is never subject to sway, Pirelli tires well stay the course and only the nervousness of the front on the wrong coating could inspire you to make the hand. From the next turn, the desire to put a "shady" Yet even takes over the braking proves formidable in all registers. Power, progressive, endurance, hard to blame him anything at the front and rear. A return on the expressway confirms the lack of protection inherent in the kind roadster despite the presence of an anecdotal windscreen. At the maximum speed of 155 km/h chrono, your neck can withstand several kilometers, but your license points will already be suspended.

Conclusion: The segment 250/300 just to take off in France despite an offer increasingly varied and serious in the image of this Benelli BN 302. Even on an entry-level model, the Italian brand does not do things by halves using materials and equipment beautiful bills. Not very original in form, BN 302 is a rewarding machine and very fun to drive. Now proposed to € 4,290 instead of € 4,790, she found a little air face 600/700 cm3 at competitive price and very popular with new licenses.

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