Triumph Tiger 800 XRX Test

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX Test

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX. No revolution at Triumph 2015: the British manufacturer is refocusing on key models and expects 2016 to present strong new products. The "small" Tiger and comes in Triumph Tiger 800 XRX: a new generation of English fawn, more technological, but still raking wide. Our testers flock of journalists from across Europe leaves the hotel. Ten minutes later, we approach this famous Spanish departmental who for Marbella, crosses the mountains towards Ronda.

This route, which has seen many new developments - 1290 KTM Super Duke R, Honda Crossrunner 2015, looks like a must for the motorcycle press! That is what to consider early career Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC. Launched in 2010, these two excellent bikes have quickly resonated with the public, even becoming the best-selling brand in some European markets. Meanwhile crispy new for 2016, Triumph has chosen to develop its 800 range in 2015. Tiger range which is now split into two models with distinct philosophies - XR and XC - each with a version x more richly equipped.

On familiar ground
What good change a formula that works? This is probably what has been thought the house engineers when they were in charge to change the Tiger family 800. In fact, visually, the differences are not huge. Good for the owners of the first generation: they will not have the feeling of riding on an old nail. Nevertheless, the presentation of the new generation 2015 is impeccable, thanks to a titanium gray look great framework with an aluminum swingarm of the same hue. The fairing has put on weight, probably to give more room to a radiator which has seen its surface area increase to improve cooling. Saddle, handlebars and levers are adjustable, just like the bubble on this XRX release. Indeed, it quickly found its marks on this trail road to perfect ergonomics, offering a fairly low seat (810 mm minimum setting) and an ounce of support for the arms. Plus, it would be almost a roadster.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX Test

Softer selection, controlled ride by wire
The road leads from Marbella to Ronda rest just great for the variety and quantity of turns, and his reassuring grip at the end of November. In familiar territory, so it is easier to focus on the bike. And the new Triumph Tiger 800 XRX already reveals its approval, significantly improved. The work on the box, like the one made on the Street Triple in 2013, has borne fruit. The reports go better, we almost never force the selector or the rise or the descent. Where we take one of the best selections of the brand.

The ride by wire dosage is also perfectly calibrated, as successful as the Kawasaki, often referenced at that level. The Tiger 800 XRX therefore takes easily to hand, and immediately reveals a character say catchy. And again not so far from a medium engine roadster.

More than velvet paws claws
We thus find approval and versatility that made the success of midsize Tiger. The three-cylinder in-line 800 cm3 more elastic is particularly pleasant in common use. Flexible, it takes less than 50 km / h in sixth and leaves without knock or jolt to unmentionable speeds.

With 95 horses and a torque of 7.9 daN.m, this engine never shows exuberant, but always available and effective. He pulls relentlessly and is an excellent companion, especially as it remains one of the few modern engines to maintain engine braking, significant use in tourism. The cycle parts, true to the previous generation, setting the neutrality and security. Neutrality with very precise steering and sufficient stiffness that provides a clear shift in placement and directional stability beyond reproach. The curve stability is impeccable while the motorcycle is still recovering from when braking on the angle. The Triumph Tiger 800XRx is always very healthy.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX Test

So, thanks to its wheels 17 and 19-inch Pirelli Scorpion Trail pavement catching well in the dry, it becomes fairly player in the winding, to reminders of ground clearance, sufficient for this type of motorcycle. A similar pilot, some roadsters middleweight to follow, especially as the trail more forgiving wrongdoing.

Useful or useless technology?
Braking, always entrusted to two pistons calipers, proved sufficient in 90% of cases, with a rear brake worthy of the name. Certainly sporty driving could claim more power, but it may increase the effect of mass transfer typical road trails. The Showa suspension with hydraulic braked sufficiently are also finally convincing also in 90% of situations. One can hardly criticize a cocktail so homogeneous. Between two villages, it is time to change the engine mapping to judge the behavior change. And it is better to go to the judgment as navigation requires some learning.

Honestly, the motor expression differences are not very sensitive and modify the response of the throttle grip via the Road mapping Sport brings little discombobulated. The change comes about ABS or traction control, each of driving aids are making more or less intrusive depending on the mode. Just over 200 kilometers later, the Tiger 800 XRX has revealed all its versatility: comfortable saddle as suspensions, with a super healthy chassis and considerate, full of pleasure motor side except some troublesome vibrations only, it and provides reassuring, always.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX Test

The versatility as a trump card
The Triumph Tiger 800 motorcycle was excellent in 2010, five years later, the Triumph Tiger 800 XRX is equally important. Improvements (gearbox, adjustable windscreen, possible reduction of consumption) is montrentd'une subtle efficiency. The introduction of new electronic audience shows that Tiger wants to move with the times. Some, such as cruise control, participate in approval, others such as engine maps are more a matter of the gadget.

Sold € 10,190 in XR version, and € 11 390 version XRX (adjustable windshield, saddle comfort protectors hands, center stand, more comprehensive trip computer), the 800 Tiger is always a great choice for those who want to - almost - everything do with their motorcycle. But careful not to tip this safe value of the average range in the upper segment because it came out in 2010, the Tiger 800 was sold standard € 8,990.

By Christophe Le Mao, photos Triumph staff
Christophe The equipment on this test: Scott Jacket All Terrain Pro 2015 Scott Assault Gloves, helmet AGV AX-8 Dual Evo.

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