Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

Following our tour cross tests and now up to the Kawasaki KX450F 2016 on real novelty to be reckoned with! We completed the testing of the largest of the KXF MXGP circuit Maggiora, where she impressed us on many points, they tell you everything. Kawasaki this year, the flat calm regarding the small KXF 250. However, green are arranged to the side of the 450 KXF 2016: revised engine, new injection, chassis and draconian regime profoundly changed. In short, the fact (3.4 kilograms less are announced!) takes no less to fuel our desire to ride aboard the new KX450F, especially as our day the playground is none other than the gorgeous Italian circuit Maggiora, no less!

Test Kawasaki KX450F 2016
Nothing resembles a KXF! So when you look at the new Kawasaki 450, we do not make necessarily account of the changes. I can already hear aficionados of the green mark cry foul when reading me. But they can rest assured, we also disposions a KXF 2015 on site, and placing it next to his successor, while then became obvious! Its plastics are "sharpened" the 2016 model becomes more aggressive and modernizing!

Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

Yet when auscultates a Japanese motorcycle cross, it is rare to be subdued. But Kawasaki exception to the rule, the KX450F is clearly ahead as the most racing machines of the archipelago. Besides the many pieces anodized black or green, black DLC treated tubes and almost matte white fork blades confer a true spirit to the KXF Factory. Not to waste anything, we can only welcome the weld quality of aluminum frame, sharp, burr! You'll understand it we already won the 450 KXF 2016, but it is primarily on the ground that it will have to convince us!

Compact and easy to KXF 2016!
From the start, the Kawasaki shows welcoming, it fits perfectly behind the handlebars. But as always in green, the switch seems too close to the footrest. This is a disturbing hair and this probably requires a little more gymnastics than usual to shift gears. Too bad for this slight "hitch" in terms of ergonomics, as for everything else, it's cardboard,. green! Especially in comparison to the 450 Husqvarna FC I just roll the same week the KXF strikes me as a little bike!

Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

Fine between the legs, with closely spaced openings, the cross Kawa gives feeling of being close to the ground, and this undoubtedly gives it a player mind. Its handling is exemplary, it can turn into a handkerchief with KXF 450 2016 who do not reluctant to take the angle when propped support. Accuracy is the game, the bike does what is asked of him without flinching and without surprises. The downside, however, when hits hard in big holes, its front axle moves a little too. Better take a closer look before continuing it.

The first test of the 2016 KX450F is Showa suspension with its standard setting: no need to go quickly to realize that it is much too flexible, so weigh less than 45 kg, it must review the settings. After passing the "pump" to increase the compression of low air pressure, and then adjust the preload of the shock absorber and adjust any settings with a few clicks, it's already much better. Certainly, the fork should probably be a little more released on the first centimeters to absorb the impacts less sharply, but as is, it works much better already. And the shock did a good job, comfortable and efficient, there is not much to complain about.

Forget the 2015 engine
It seems a long time KXF angry and cut for Supercross cross. The 2016 Kawasaki 450 displays a very different temperament. The operation of the mill is quick to understand, and this comes naturally: the KXF 2016 responds flexibly to the demands of the throttle, smoothly accelerating, with little inertia and no piston blow low speeds! No doubt! We are witnessing an easy engine. No doubt the new injection there is it not foreign, but the feeling with the throttle up a notch here, and they will be felt particularly after watering of the track making compacted parts of the route for less slippery.

Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

This KXF 450 is full everywhere, to the point that we do not really feel the strength he can muster, lack of expressiveness (450 for a course) that becomes almost frustrating. At first we think that the engine will not withstand the overload, and finally it makes the job without wavering. Okay, the big KXF loses some at low revs this year, but it is gaining high! The extension of this 450 can linger longer on the same report without losing effectiveness (which was lacking in the 2015 model) and still without being afraid. To summarize this engine, one word comes to mind: smoothness.

Kawasaki Connected
Not surprisingly, the news remains on the electronic KXF 450 in 2016, with three interchangeable plugs for changing motor behavior, going from the app, or at powerfull standard. This last mode we have given full satisfaction and showing perfectly versatile, we kept it from one end to the other of the test. For the most demanding, know that we can go even further with the new Kawasaki tool to connect and modify the injection mapping (but that's optional). Inaugurated by Kawasaki on a motocross bike, the Launch Control is obviously part of the 2016 KXF but use remains a matter of taste and feeling according to each driver. To have tested several departures with this device on a very dry land, I keep my preference for "old school method", "without assistance, which I thought was more effective.

Kawasaki KX 450 F 2016: The Green Smoothness!

The KXF 450 is your friend!
More compact in its 2016 version the KXF 450 has marked us with its ease of handling. It is soon to have fun riding the Green, a well-balanced bike that leaves behind the feeling of "chopper" (high ahead) so far unique to Kawasaki. However, the cross Kawasaki 450 does not give without taking the trouble to properly adjust its suspension, at least to strengthen all that seemed far too soft for most riders over 50 kg The guests ... sharper will probably not hesitate to work more on the fork to find a good compromise between maneuverability and stability, eternal dilemma. OK, the air fork is not simple, but when understood, the settings possibilities are endless. Know also that Showa has developed an application, AIR SFF Holder for Iphone and Android, and can be of great help.

For its part, if the engine of the KXF 450 2016 does not offer this demonic force that can be found on its Austrian competitors for example, ease of handling, its continued effectiveness of low to high speeds or his precision to throttle certainly are one of the nicest in its class. While creaminess, you are told! Come on, I will not deny that the Kawasaki KX450F and brand attracted me seriously points to become my favorite 2016. We'll talk! Finally, note that the addition increases by € 200 and € 8,899 passes for Kawasaki KX450F 2016. Good news for drivers however, as on presentation of the license in one of the 37 "KX Center" of France, the price is 400 € revised downward, 8 € 499. Kawasaki pictures by Arnaud Vibien.

The Arnaud equipment for this test: Alpinestars Racer Braap Dress (shirt: € 39.95; pants: € 119.95), Boots Alpinestars Tech 10 (€ 549), helmet Shoei VFX-W Damon (€ 529)

Kawasaki KX450F 2016: Practice
Price: € 8,899 (licensee: € 8,499)
Availability: Available

Engine: 449 cm3, 4-stroke, single cylinder, 96 mm bore x stroke 62.1 mm Compression ratio 12.8: 1, liquid cooled, 4 valves and ACT 2, 43 mm Keihin electronic fuel injection, 5-speed, start by kick, final chain drive, 60:22 primary transmission, final drive 1:50 p.m.

Chassis: aluminum perimeter frame; Showa inverted fork SSF TAC Air diam. 49 mm - deb. 310 mm; Showa monoshock rear deb. 315 mm; Nissin caliper brakes AV 1 2 pistons / wave 1 disc diameter. 270 mm - 1 piston Nissin caliper AR / wave disk diam. 240 mm; front wheel: Rim 1.60 x 21 - tires 80 / 100-21; Rear wheel: Rim 2.15 x 19 - rear tire 120 / 80-19

Template: wheelbase 1495 mm, 960 mm Seat height 345 mm ground clearance, 6.3 l tank, weight fully fueled (manufacturer data) 108.7 kg.

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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