Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test

Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test
Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016. After J300, Kawasaki landed on the segment 125 cm3 with the J125. An original GT? Almost since under its sleek fairing, chassis and engine derived from Kymco Dink Street 125 were optimized by the men in green. So in this first kick scooter Kawa available on B permit? Our comprehensive test conducted in Malaga told you! The Kymco Dink Street 125 was a good GT scooter. While it is never imposed upon our comparative (find here), however, the Taiwanese outsider in quality / price plan first proposed compelling dynamic qualities and practicalities in number. For comfort instead, the DS was perfectible! Passed under the banner Kawasaki, so this first characteristic that Akashi engineers focused their efforts.

And in the streets of Malaga, today we take the measure of the improvements made in this direction. Already, the softness of the seat of the J125 is no comparison with that of Dink Street 125. In addition, with the new settings made on the suspension of the GT, it shows in a more progressive damping. Driving comfort is greatly improved, especially since it does not feel any vibration mechanics. However, the picture is not perfect yet.

The ally of citizens scooter
Indeed, the driving position remains compelling, especially for the big guys whose legs are too bent. Also, the tender is not possible, then we could do it on the Dink Street, and we remain skeptical as to the space granted for the toes, in the presence of a large central tunnel and narrow steps. Fortunately, the knees are freed from all constraints, thanks to well-positioned apron, and have good ground supports hardly reveals difficulties even for the smallest of us.

Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test

The hands by taking the J125 is instantaneous, which is reassuring in heavily borrowed streets of the Andalusian city. Natural controls, adjustable levers, manageable size and weight by the greatest number, maneuverability and perfect acceleration management helps the driver to concentrate on driving. As for braking, it distills a perfect bite, that dose with ease as the system is progressive. Maintaining online scooter is reassuring and ABS keeping watch in case of adhesion problems. Tested only on dry, but city on prominent markings, assistance is not too sensitive and seems to work well with the Maxxis Pro tires. To know what they are worth on wet roads, we will remain attentive to its owners maxitest fill.

Respondent, but a lack of longer
Fire, Kawasaki J125 hard to achieve "holeshot". It marks indeed a certain lag time between when the needle of the rev counter jumps to 5500 rev / min and its implementation action. This is not the most responsive segment, however, it makes up for in speed, as in times. Launched on a fast track to reach the mountains, we find in fact that the J125 has to double trunk with confidence.

At least until 90 km / h! Because beyond it is losing momentum and lack of longer is felt. When at its top speed stands at 103 km / h in GPS (112 km / h meter), we find rather weak, Forza and X-Max 125 easily cruising at 10 km / h more. Now see if the original cylinder Kawasaki Kymco Revisited (! All the technical details are on page 2 of this article) becomes available in garnering kilometers - our test machine showed in a hundred before we left !

Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test

Proven dynamic qualities
Limited maximum speed, perfectible protection front, short bubble, so without the slightest regret that we leave the highway to land on small winding roads. A time of pleasure ? Yes, because the J125 is a well-balanced scooter that has some potential to confer riding feeling to that settles behind his handlebars.

Earlier in the day, we had already taken the measure of its good handling and on this new playing field, we now see his agility. With its nose gear well posed, dating unfiltered information from the road, the J125 is indeed easy to register curve. We find the spot at the angle changes and once seated in its path, it offers a compelling rigor. And as its ground clearance is good, he takes her to pace stride. However, its driver better appreciate the good runs rather than the lift, as weighted by the weight of a 80 kg driver (such as that of yours truly!), The Green GT hardly exceed 90 km / h in rib.

Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test

Low payload capacity for a GT
After a final passage through Marbella and 170 km more on the clock, our first day of testing on board the Kawasaki J125 SE ends. Before making keys, we contemplate a last time at the GT nice stylish design and quality workmanship. Paintings, assemblage, contrasting materials and colors, the J125 is a beautiful product. Its pilot will certainly appreciate its beautiful handles, the original of the handlebars to the metal trim texture and dashboard in blue backlight. But it will however disappointed with the handling of LCD central block (its buttons are inaccessible and tedious to operate) and by the small amount of information distilled by this instrumentation, the J125 does not have on-board computer nor external temperature indicator, for example, unlike its competitors!

Kawasaki J125 ABS 2016 Test

With its large grab handles, its soft seat and footrest to independent rubberized coating, the passenger has a good home, meets the standards of the GT class. However the side of the carrying capacity, the J125 underperformed its competitors. We can actually put one helmet under his saddle, in the trunk lit by LEDs and maintained by a good hydraulic cylinder. And glove box (which does not lock!) Is not large, especially when charging the phone that connects a GPS on the 12V. Fortunately, the J125 features a deck to stow a bag hook and a series of packet-door.

Appraisal: Outsider interesting
With a J for Jonetsu! This is the Japanese philosophy that guides the passion, which is in the DNA of each of the Akashi motorcycle brand into the realm of reason, a strong component on the city scooter segment. Following in the footsteps of J300, J125 it manages to satisfy this compromise, offering a dynamic look, seductive, style and functionality for daily commuters.

Having been almost 500 models J300 2 years (Kawasaki digits) Kawa table on a volume of 1000 J125 for its first full year of commercialization. A € 4,199 (+ € 150 for SE) as introductory price concessions in some network - we still do not know why or for how long this operation - the goal seems feasible for this atypical outsider. He stands well up to the new Kymco Downtown 125 ABS (€ 4,199) or a Suzuki Burgman 125 ABS (€ 4,099). But at € 4,599 standard tariff (+ € 150 for SE), the J125 will attack in front to Honda Forza 125 ABS (€ 4,799) and Yamaha X-Max 125 ABS (€ 4,899) more otherwise modern and better equipped than the GT green color of hope, yeah it seems! Photo by; Mehdi Bermani-Tezkratt

Engine: 4 stroke, 125 cm3, ACT 1 and 4 valves, 54.0 mm bore x 54.5 mm stroke, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, transmission and belt drive, electric start
Power of 14 hp. (10.3 kW) at 9000 rev / min, 1.15 daN.m torque at 7000 rev / min
Chassis: tubular steel diamond-type frame, hydraulic telescopic fork diameter 37 mm, deb. 110 mm, 2 hydraulic shock absorbers rear preload adjustment (5 positions), deb. 100 mm front disk brakes diam. 260 mm / 2-piston caliper + ABS - AR disc diameter. 240 mm / 2-piston caliper + ABS, front tires 120 / 80-14 / rear 150 / 70-13
Template: Dimensions (LxWxH) 2235 mm x 775 mm x 1260 mm, wheelbase 1555 mm, rake angle 28 °, hunting 113 mm, 775 mm seat height, ground clearance 145 mm, weight all full facts ( manufacturer) 182 kg tank 13 liters
Performance: top speed measured at 103 km / h in GPS (112 km / h meter), medium cons of unmeasured test

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