Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show: 3-wheels and future CBR 250 R?

As usual, Honda lifts the veil on the concepts that will be presented at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in November. A three-wheeled motorcycle crossbred Gold Wing and a sporty small displacement which probably heralds a sharp CBR 250 R, approached for several months by our Japanese colleagues.
Honda Neowing

Following the three-wheeled motorcycles and four-wheeled patent filed by Honda between January and April 2015, the Neowing confirms the value of the brand for the tricycle race. While our market, 3-wheel scooter is synonymous, it is not is an urban commuter, but a competitor of the Can-Am Spyder. The style is sporty, the advantageous template, the hybrid gasoline / electric entrusted to a 4-cylinder flat, and transmission entrusted to a gimbal. This architecture as the name also evoke the iconic road and superlative Gold Wing. The technology of the front axle is unique to the brand.

Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show: 3-wheels and future CBR 250 R?

Honda "Super Light Weight Sports»
"Supercar ultra light" in French, this bike takes the aesthetic codes of the category. Unlike the Honda CBR 250 we experienced, much more sports-GT. Thus notes a more generous swingarm, an inverted fork and a more ergonomic tilted on the front. Unlike the 250 single cylinder, twin cylinder engine is tipped. No radial front brake, and the framework is tubular, possibly steel.

The formula could still be simplified in order to maintain a competitive price face of competing Yamaha YZF-R3 and Kawasaki Ninja 300. These displacements are marginal in Europe, but meets a great success in the emerging markets of Asia (Indonesia in particular).

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