Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

A decisive factor in Ducati's success in recent years has been the development of new segments. A real model of success: the Multistrada 1200. Their popularity was sustained BMW probably an eyesore. Therefore, the new S1000XR aimed precisely at the Italian rival, has similar performance, similar suspension layout and looks ultimately also similarly made. Reason enough for us to go with two on test drive.

Looking at the current Multistrada 1200 S, one forgets very quickly that there was a history before the 1200s in terms Multistrada. 2003, there were with the 1000 the first version of the Multistrada. What the designer Pierre Terblanche had created there, was told friendly courageous. Because with all the qualities for most part was simply ugly spitting. Of course, this is always in the eye of the beholder, but there is supposed to be people who found the Fiat Multipla irresistible. A similar fate also plagued the first multi. The very round half-shell lining the upper half was mitlenkend constructed, had about the same as the headlights Schick called Cyclops eye of the BMW R 1200 ST. No comparison to so pleasing appearance of the current Multistrada 1200. modernized in the latest version can be seen as a multi, exactly in the right places and revised.

The BMW S1000XR does not have to bother with the hunchbacked relatives of bygone days. As a debutante in the BMW model range it is breaking new ground - which remind all together but also to the 2nd look somehow to the Ducati. Ultimately, it is now again the same vehicle category and the face with the double headlights has precisely in the S1000 series is a tradition. And the bill has not yet Ducati BMW invented the first had as the Suzuki DR Big. Even though this is now no longer interested. The role of S1000XR is not an easy. On the one hand they should not and must not interfere come, on the other hand it must be against the naked sister S1000R defend the bestseller R 1200 GS. Having the same technical basis in fact, but a similar configuration to have significantly cheaper. However, BMW has now finally an alternative for motorcyclists can start absolutely nothing with Boxer and the GS with the S1000XR. The actual opponents are therefore KTM 1190 Adventure and Ducati Multistrada 1200th

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S - Lots of features and a powerful heart
Unlike the basic version, the Multistrada 1200 S is therefore with complete facilities. And since BMW presents its test motorcycles always replete available, we at Ducati equal to the S variant ordered. The basically has almost everything has installed at BMW as an optional equipment as standard. Reads at first glance very laudable, is reflected at the second stop but also significantly reflected in the price. 18,490 Euros have to shell out for the south, corresponding to base a premium of exactly 2,000 euros. With the machine mounted on the test cases, the price adds up to 19 553 Euro. For this is very much modern technology there. In particular, the semi-active suspension, called by Ducati Skyhook. This property has 4 settings options: Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro and the setting of the spring bias on the loading condition. Unlike S1000XR the driver can adjust the steamer vote according to his personal preference and separately for the front and rear within each program. The same applies to the engine mapping, the ABS and traction and Wheeliekontrolle. Art lovers, perfectionists and Playstation freaks bounce the heart with joy - the majority of drivers will likely leave it at the default setting.

Front and rear LED headlamps emit, in addition there is the DCL (Ducati Cornering Lights) called Headlights. Here is donating an additional LED light at a certain angle of light in the curve. The cruise control is just as important as the on-board computer and the very high-quality looking TFT display. Staple hands prevents the good working grip heating. The windscreen can be by a simple handle vary by 60 mm in height, the driver's seat by 20 mm.

Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

However heart of each Ducati is the drive - even with the Multistrada 1200 S. The Testastretta-V2 comes from racing, but has been revised sharply for use in sporting tour segment. The first Ducati Multistrada has a variable valve timing hears the name DVT (Desmodromic timing variable). Variable are the valve opening times, the balancing act between high peak power is to succeed particularly well at low speeds combined with high torque. In fact, the V2 shows amazingly good manners if you go in low engine speed on the throttle. The unit takes at low speeds for a large-volume V2 without Zicken gas and runs very cultivated. That he actually stronger ans gas goes as the predecessor we have not really noticed. On the contrary, the V2 makes a strong but also very honest impression. Only in Sport mode it stretches the muscles and thus responding to the throttle as you would expect from a Ducati. While both the 160 horses and 136 horses are always and constantly present, however, the predecessor was more aggressive and direct. The current model works against it pleasing and suitable for everyday use, although still has a very nice V2 sound, but no more so bollernd as before. What do you like the spontaneous departure from about 3,000 revolutions. Immediately bollert rid of V2 and draws the driver's arms damn long. The thrust continues until the limiter, the sense demand the highest concentration so that the driver can keep up here. While the BMW sets the speed increases by more coals on the highway like the punch in the middle, however, better. If you want to chalk up the Italian something, then it is not available the shift assistant.

Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

Compared to S1000XR the noticeably lower seating position falls on. On paper, there are only 15 mm, in reality you sit an entire floor below. Who has not just Gardemaß, feels much more comfortable on the Multistrada 1200 S. Serve with the relaxed knee angle and almost upright sitting position. The steering is very wide, but fits comfortably in your hand and is cranked pleasant. The seat takes the riders on very well and provides good support under hard acceleration. And speed you are doing at each Resulting opportunity. Then the sports for fun mode and the driver is a permanent grin. The overall package of engine power, V2 sound has hit the driver's heart, affects more emotional than the BMW. Although the Multistrada 1200 may have lost a little Italian charm in comparison, but it is just for everyday use, acts more mature, the pilot takes more accommodating than before. We nevertheless still swift as an arrow. The biggest surprise here: the really good comfort: tight enough to properly bolt around the corners, but felt it more compliant in terms of damping than the S1000XR.
The Skyhook suspension contributes a large part to the well-being. Just when you are fast on the road really bad stretches, showing both the Ducati and the BMW which potential in the electronic damping control infected. The feedback on the road surface is excellent, what are missing to rough blows or unlike swaying of some sort. This ensures a good contact with the road and always keeps the entire motorcycle better on track. The comfortable impression of the Multistrada is also confirmed here. They bagged ever more into the springs as the BMW, acts a little as count and regulates the BMW a little faster. For the Italian compensated with easier handling, whereby the current Multistrada is not handling miracle. Does the driving fun yet not diminish, because it is a real curve file. Draws a precise and follows the line taken like clockwork. The Scorpion Trail II from the house of Pirelli provides excellent grip and underlines the sporty ambitions of the Ducati. These are also the excellent brakes. The Brembo M50 monoblocks moored excellent and can be metered very well. Even when braking in an inclined position, the Ducati holds the line, from siting no trace. This high level can not hold quite the transmission. It calls for an increase of attention, we landed several times between transition. 5 and 6

BMW S1000XR - precision tool with lots of power and rough character
The S1000XR must make do with far less equipment ex works, but it has a significant lower price: 15,300 euros. Our test machine is, however, fully equipped and therefore will cost 19.410 euros. The pricing strategy of the manufacturer therefore play basically no role: the road to maximum equipment leads exclusively through the stock exchange of the customer. The BMW priced slightly better come off - could not care less at 19,000 euros. After all, everything is built for what the modern motorcycle design has to offer: dynamic traction control, different driving modes, skew-ABS, gear shift assistant, semi-active suspension and much more. In contrast to the Multistrada 1200 the S1000XR does not leave much individually adjust the driver. Within the selected driving modes, the damping can not influence, the same applies to the spring preload. The can not be changed within the selected setting. Whether actually doing in reality, everyone must decide for themselves.

Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

The drive of the S1000XR has similar to the Multistrada supersports genes. He originally comes from the S1000RR supersports and was largely unchanged from the bare S1000R. The need for the highway use adjustments has since already made. What remain are tight (and reliably An incoming) 160 Bavarian horses from 999 cubic, the torque is 112 NM to 24 NM whole under the Multistrada and at 9,250 revolutions also considerably later. Here the Ducati plays from their engine capacity advantage. When driving, then confirmed the impression leaving imagine the technical data. The BMW needs more speeds to develop their performance, Ducati has in the lower third of the speed better starting. With increasing speed, however, the image changes, from the mid-speed sets the S1000XR even more than the Multistrada, flaring here more fireworks from. Not that the impression is created that the BMW was a barrel organ without power in the basement. The commencement is enormous, but the Ducati is just a bit better in the pots. Conversely, the Ducati in the upper speed range pushes While also powerful, but conveys a touch less sparkle than the BMW. Ultimately a matter of taste and personal preference. However, this does not apply to the smooth running of the series quad. The fact produces high frequency vibrations that tugging on time really neat on patience.
His work takes the driver in front of quite a bit higher than on the Ducati. The S1000XR is clearly long-legged and demands accordingly after longer legs or Balance skill. Once on the driver's seat, there is a similar picture on the Multistrada. Relaxed because upright seating position, wide handlebars and comfortable knee angle. The instruments have a less quality than the smart TFT display of the Duc, it allows the BMW use much more intuitive. Taugt both for the long tour as well as the fixed round on the home track. And fix it is often with the BMW go. Because the performance offered is simply the hammer, to the harsh rattle of the four-cylinder and the afterburner smooth acceleration with increasing speed. Unlike the Ducati, but no less cool. Serve with the razor-sharp precision of the landing gear. The basic setup is noticeably firmer, which helps the S1000XR also to a slightly better steering precision. As a surgical instrument follows the BMW the driver's hand, pampered with excellent feedback. Here she has the pointed nose slightly in front of the Ducati, but the offers, unlike a more relaxed driving style. Because the Duc done their job usually a higher gear than the BMW, especially when you're fast. Then the BMW needs speed and operates a total of a little more hectic and requires more work done.

Duel BMW S1000XR VS Ducati Multistrada 1200S

The S1000XR is not handling miracle. Of greater force, we do not want to speak here, both the Duc and the BMW want to be aware of moves. The damper control of the BMW works better than that of the Multi with surface irregularities. The XR looks stable, not like the multi bags in the springs from this, and do to. For them we already noticed a peculiarity in the R1200RS. The chassis seems to be always and forever busy with the damper control. The leads apparently pot level ground at a very slight but significant work on the front lines. It feels like very slight constant motion judder.

A real plus point for the BMW is the shift assistant. Upshifting and downshifting without coupling fits perfectly with the sporty character of the BMW and works perfectly. Another is the excellent workmanship of the Bavarian. Here the XR benefits from the experience of the manufacturer. Everything seemed very mature and thoughtful, the materials are of high quality, the functionality is up to the bag system very well. The Multistrada 1200 can not quite keep up here. From a rickety Italian one is actually miles away, but at one point or another is a certain carelessness visible. Thus, for example, the lining bend above the headlamps, provides the stability of a Tupper can lid. And the chic TFT display dismissed despite low mileage already visible scratches.

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