Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

The S version of the third generation of Italian sports maxitrail asphalt is one of the MOST technology today bikes. Along With the 1299 Panigale is the reference catalog Ducati, a bike That combine many features of different segments with a performance of authentic superbike. Many times we get carried away by the "simple" figure of PVP to sentence if a bike is expensive or not but Perhaps We Should Consider Whether the amount of euros is in line With what the product offers. The € 19.740 for the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S are many and This Year Is That Once You go to a bike last generation comes in an "electronic dimension" so overwhelming and exciting, Which puts you to another level. Usually esta models normally coincides That Overcome the barrier of € 18,000. To this figure must be added the cost of one of the four optional accessory packs, I mean: Touring (heated grips, bags and center stand), Sport (approved Termignoni exhaust, front fender in carbon fiber brake fluid reservoirs and machined aluminum clutch) Urban (top case, tank bag with fixing and connecting USB) and Enduro (auxiliary lights and Touratech components: engine protection bars, radiator guard, crankcase protector, standing easel and larger off-road style footrest).

The Multistrada first generation (2005-2009) resumed forgotten That concept asphalt trail wheels with sticks and sporting character and only Yamaha TDM Dared to sell in the early 90s. First-engine air-oil two valves 1000 cc and then a Climbed to 1,100, design Terblanche always divided the audience.

The second generation (2010-2014) was a Very Important change, since Testastretta engine With four valves inherited 1,198, introducing first DES Öhlins electronic suspension and semi-active Sachs and in 2012, Besides resorting to a complete technological equipment and spend from 95 to 150 hp.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

This year has landed in the third generation standard version, S and D-air, a new turning point, Both for the segment in overall and for the individual brand. Only mounts as the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, the BMW S1000XR or Caponord Aprilia Rally 1200 play in the same league. The Product Manager of Ducati Motor Holding, Federico Sabbioni Engineer, is the father of the Multistrada 2015. Ultimately responsible for more than a dozen technical innovations, Including New developments and solutions That deserve to be Mentioned In This maxitrail:

Motor DVT
In a conventional engine, the open or closed position of the intake and exhaust valves depends on STIs fixed position relative to the timing belt driven by the crankshaft. Synchronization can not be altered, so there is no way to Increase or decrease the amount of valve overlap Simultaneously When Both are open. Consequently, The Time That the valves are opened and closed only really optimized for a range of engine speeds away from Those rpm, and fixed camshaft timing is the best solution. The aim of the Multistrada 1200's Increased engine power in the upper area of ​​the tachometer and engine torque at low gain. Now there is less "rattle" a few turns, and improve increase consumption.

The Variable Timing system Desmodromic (DVT) use hydraulic camshaft phase correctors operation (two for each head) to manipulate the position of the camshaft relative to the gear teeth connected to the timing belt and, just thus vary the valve timing. Now, there is no low-end valve overlap and there uptown 54th, more than 1198 old engine.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

The "Multi" includes four driving modes (Ducati Riding Modes), selectable from the left pineapple, changing the character and engine response: Sport / Touring (160 hp) and Urban / Enduro (100 hp). Furthermore, each acting in a more or less intrusive manner on traction control, ABS, anti-wheelie, suspension and instrument panel information.

The Riding Modes are factory preset for each of the three parameters, but can be individually configured to suit the user in case you want to "tune" to any of the parameters and feel more at ease. It is available by "default" option to return to restore the factory default settings.

The electronic suspension DSS (Ducati Skyhook Suspension) Evolution Incorporates a pressurized fork Sachs 48 mm low friction, shock absorber, a sensor to check the action of the shock absorber Also Receives data and IMU software platform and features a new algorithm. With this "intelligent" system, the suspension "interpret" real-time ground conditions varying the setting of the suspension, driving Regardless of the mode in Which We find ourselves at the moment. Here, the motorcycle is always kept balanced, without gaps in acceleration or braking, and Avoiding travel stops.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

An accelerometer in the stem, one in the back part and one in the unit controlling the DSS Evolution Provides data on the suspended masses. Another accelerometer foot fork Provides information on the unsprung masses. Behind, another sensor Measures the travel of the suspension. The DSS Processes This Information Through a semi-active algorithm based on an imaginary point just fixed on the bike control Make Changes in milliseconds to adjust the hydraulic and minimize movement.

The Ducati Safety Pack is standard across the range Multistrada 1200 and includes multiple operation system ABS calibration curve (9.1 Bosch ME) With three assignments and traction control With 8 levels of intervention (Ducati Traction Control DTC). The DTC Prevent you reduce engine torque to the rear wheel acceleration slip

This new ABS Ensures at all times the optimum distribution of braking force preventative blocking the front and rear wheels, in Addition to Prevent lift the rear wheel braking When uncontrollably. When strong curve braking, the ABS Hence it you reduce the stress and the tendency of the bike to return to a straight position by leaving the lane.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

These acronyms are under the (Ducati wheelie Control) Control anti-horse and use the wheel speed, the speed of lateral motion and the pitch angle (provided by the IMU Bosch) and longitudinal acceleration signals. The monitoring algorithm DWC These signals use to determine the status of the bike and the magnitude of the horse and, Therefore, the system Allows maximum acceleration without scares.

Based on This information, the control unit DWC Estimated demand for power / torque is sent via CAN to the ECU (engine control unit). The ECU Interprets the data provided by the control unit DWC to reduce the level of power / torque required by the pilot. Reducing power / torque shown by the light of DTC on the panel. Depending on the level of DWC, ranging between 1 and 8 different Reductions in power / engine torque Compared With the same dynamic conditions of the motorcycle. Specifically, the power reduction is less With The With Increased level 1 and level 8.

The introduction of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) manufactured by Bosch Allows the implementation of all electronic package of the bike. This sensor Measures the signals of inertia 5D rolling speed (ΩX), speed of lateral motion (ΩZ), longitudinal acceleration (Ax), lateral acceleration (Ay) and the vertical acceleration (az) of the motorcycle. These values ​​use an algorithm, provided Through the CAN system (and other data: such as wheel speeds and other parameters specific to the bike) to determine the pitch and bank angles.

Full LED
The new Multistrada 1200 S headlight technology has LED lights for position, passing and driving, while at the back a 3D light guide Serves as lights and LED position light as brake light. Full Front LED indicators integrated into the handguards and traditional lights at the rear complete the lighting system. Handlebar Also pineapples are backlit.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Technology Refferency

The Multistrada 1200 is started without conventional key. When the driver Approaches the bike With the electronic key in your pocket, the system Recognizes the code in a range of 2 meters away and activate the ignition. At this point, just press the button on the panel will come on and the engine can be started.

The steering lock is electrically activated. When the bike is parked, it can be activated by pressing the power button. The steering lock is released Automatically esta When you press button again.

When entering a curve, the LED headlamps located in specific light in the direction of the road, ACCORDING to a defined slope angle, Allowing you to see just around the corner Instead of Having to drive in the dark. This system is called Ducati Cornering Lights (DCL)

When the tilt angle sensor Detects That the bike is turning, the LED light and lighting addresses the curve to balance the inclination angle; as a result, any obstacle Becomes visible before.

Cruise Control
The cruise control is used to Set the speed of the bike, ideal motorway / highway to rest His right hand. It is activated by pressing a button on the left pineapple Between 50 km / h to 200 km / h, Between 2nd and 6th gear. Through slight press on the same button you can Increase or decrease the speed selected.

Pressing the front or rear brake, or clutch, or turning on the gas in the opposite direction, the cruise control is deactivated. The "Resume" (resume) feature Allows the driver to reactivate the speed originally selected automatically.

The Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), thanks to the Bluetooth technology, can accept an incoming phone call, select and listen to favorite songs and Receive notice of a new SMS.

When you climb on the bike, the smartphone Automatically Connects to Bluetooth'La It Through connection to manage the controls of the main multimedia functions, while the TFT screen shows the track Being listened, the icon New SMS or the name of the incoming call; audio call and music are transmitted to the headphones of the pilot and the passenger.

Through the application for Smartphone Link Multistrada (available for Android and IOS), it Provides several features designed to enrich and share the driving experience.

The Multistrada 1200 S is equipped with a sophisticated instrument panel TFT Full. The display Automatically adapts to variations in ambient light ACCORDING Changes to the driving mode selected.

There are four configurations, differing in style background, the information shown and the design of the screen displays Differ in style tachometer, the information displayed and the screen layout. The Touring and Sport modes are The most comprehensive in terms of information displayed; in Sport mode, the bar graph RPM has the same style as the Panigale; Urban mode displays only the MOST essential driving information, while the Enduro view bar graph RPM adds.

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