Citroen Cactus M, The return of the Mehari

Citroën Cactus M, The return of the Mehari

Citroën Cactus M. Citroën finally dares to refer to its flourishing past. The funny C4 Cactus was a base all found to evoke the Mehari. The range of cars definitely seem obsolete. Blame safety standards more stringent, but also to customers increasingly fond of comfort. If Volteis designed by Philippe Starck (read our test of Volteis V + by Starck) has returned to the genre, it's much confidence. Yet Citroën regularly returns to this area where he met with success, with the Mehari launched in the month of May 1968.

Citroën Cactus M, The return of the Mehari

If the luxurious DS has found its embodiment in the eponymous range, it was a more refined basis for reviving the Mehari. Logically, it is therefore the C4 Cactus, Citroën first presented as "essential" by the manufacturer of the marketing department, who is discovered to pay tribute to the famous car from Gendarme de Saint-Tropez. The transformation was simple, probably more than that which gave birth to the early 2000s to the C3 Pluriel, starting from the C3. However, marketing this Cactus M is far from assured.

Citroën Cactus M, The return of the Mehari

To become Cactus M, the C4 Cactus has lost its roof and two doors. Practicalities aside, the Chevrons have thought the owners stung by rain while they were left without roof arch. This concept car features an integrated inflatable canopy, combined with an electric pump. Removal of rear doors against by making access to enough acrobatic seat: passengers must jump over the waistline, with the help of a crevice in the rear wing. Note also that the folding bench allows to spare a large flat surface on the back where you can picnic. Finally, the interior is sealed with a tack resistant to salt.

Citroën Cactus M, The return of the Mehari

Under the hood, the Citroen Cactus M brings nothing new or almost. We find indeed the three-cylinder turbocharged petrol 110hp 1.2 PureTech. This is coupled to the automatic six-speed Aisin EAT6, already view the new association Peugeot 208 and could happen soon on C4 Cactus. Furthermore, this study has the Grip Control, this function of the electronic corrector path that optimizes traction on slippery ground. Finally, the tires "Tall and Narrow" (tall and narrow) 19 inches are expected to improve consumption, given to 4.8 l / 100 km, as road handling on slippery roads. Not sure against by their effectiveness is proven on sand, the ground where M Cactus yet finds its reason for being ...

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