The New Pick-up Nissan Navara

The New Pick-up Nissan Navara

New Nissan Navara. Pick-ups are booming seen worldwide. But that's not the reason why the Nissan Navara will stand at the IAA in focus. Many visitors already provide him with Stern before on the hood. Pick-ups have the rustic charm of a motorized covered wagon for recreational Cowboys. But when Nissan now for IAA brings the new generation of the Navara to Frankfurt, wants to prove that the load carriers are not only ideal to replay times Colt Seavers in Prenzlauer Berg, but that they are quite well for the future of the Japanese automaker.

For the meanwhile twelfth generation since 1935 more than 14 million times already built vehicle - even if it runs under the name Navara only since 1986 - is not just so progressive drawn like a modern crossover in the style of Qashqai and X-Trail. Who makes enough crosses on the equipment list which gets almost as many extras and so much comfort.

When the car had just learned to roll really, it just had to take the plunge into the cold water. The French manufacturer built in the 1920s actually a motorboat car, here is a historical recording from 1926.  For example, the unique in this class round-View Monitor, which combines the image of four exterior cameras to a view from the bird's eye view and to make maneuvering even with such a huge car a cinch. There are - sometimes even as standard - an emergency braking system, cruise control or a keyless entry system and an atmosphere in the cockpit, the ordinary SUVs inferior, at least at first glance in nothing.

The New Pick-up Nissan Navara

Also under the massive dome celebrates Nissan a high-tech Premiere and assembled there a 2.3-liter diesel engine, which is available in the segment for the first time as a twin turbo. Thus, the power rises from 160 to 190 hp. At the same time, the consumption goes over its predecessor by 24 percent. Combined, the engine is a six-speed manual or an automatic, which has seven gears.

Rigid axle with leaf springs has had its day
Thus, the Navara in equipment and drive advanced are so little compromise among the Japanese during the performance of the truck. On the contrary. Still built upon a seemingly indestructible leadframe flatbed towing continue around a ton and can vary depending on configuration with single or double cab now even take up to 3.5 tonnes on the hook. Similarly, if the terrain is a little more difficult times, there is again a switchable four-wheel drive.

Nevertheless, under the sheet holds the Modern collection: Because the elderly live axle with leaf springs soaked in civilian double cabin of a modern multi-link suspension, which is not just 20 kilograms lighter, but also more comfortable.

The owner of the biggest car cemetery in the world, Walter Dean Lewis, posing next to a 50s school bus. More than 4000 models, mostly of American brands from the 30s to 70s, are located in the 14 hectares of forest near White, in the north of the State of Georgia.

The New Pick-up Nissan Navara

Junk cars can be beautiful
While talking to the Nissan NP300 probably really a few recreational Cowboys on, but so would a pick-up on a fair like the IAA only an outsider. This time, however, could be different but quite and well back of the flatbed into the focus of the visitors.

Finally, the Japanese have already made their first major customers and sells a significant batch of Navara to partner Daimler. The make of it - probably the IAA 2017 - his first pick-up and will ensure that the platform is even acceptable in the premium segment soon.

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