Opel Astra K Lighter and More Efficient

Opel Astra K Lighter and More Efficient

Opel Astra K. Lighter, more efficient and multimedia on the cutting edge of technology - the new Opel Astra K moves in the compact class up with front again. What remains the Opel workers also left another after them the big moment, the reward for years of work and the perfectly calculated starting shot was taken rudely to the great comeback in the compact class by an Italian website? After Astra Leak prefer the presentation and go with all the information and images for Opel Astra K to the public. So much in advance: With the pole position among the compacts, it still looks good.

In the first ride in a camouflaged Astra K, we could already convince that up to 200 kilograms of weight savings bear fruit to the latest generation Astra. "More agility" attested Autozeitung chief editor Volker Koerdt that the Astra owes mainly a completely new vehicle architecture. The Delta II platform is tuned for uncompromised lightweight, whereby alone the weight of the body shell is reduced by about 20 percent from 357 to 280 kilograms. High-strength steels, as well as a compact constructed subframe and savings on both axles also ensure tumbling pounds the chassis. Opel talks about 50 kilograms.

Opel Astra K Lighter and More Efficient

During the Astra was still invited us in for a ride Tarnkleid he shows completely free of Carmouflage strong bonds with the study Monza Concept shown in 2013 at the IAA. Light-footed and athletic with eye-catching, curved lines of beading on the hood and on the sides it can flex its muscles. Since a round butt may not be missing, the elegant skillfully picks and completed the forms.

In addition, the Astra K is considerably more compact than its predecessor Astra J, the always obesity and over-down operating system has been accused. It measures in length five centimeters shorter (4.37 meters), shrinking by 2.3 centimeters and is now 1.46 meters high, which is due, according to Opel especially an optimized aerodynamics. From Schrumpfkur you realize nothing in the interior. On the contrary: In the rear, legroom grows by 3.5 centimeters. As we noted, however, at the exit, the driver and front passenger get closer than the Astra J.

In terms of security and connectivity Opel presents the new Astra in 2015 once again basic understanding and offers technology from the elite upper class. OnStar, the new service and online assistant, locates the car and is helpful in mild questions such as the next China-Restaurant with Mongolian cuisine or in case of breakdown to the side. In addition, WLAN is with LTE speed aboard. In conjunction with the latest generation of Intellilink multimedia system one is at all times optimally networked. Because the revised system can both Android and Apple Auto carplay. News-letter via email, SMS, Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger is possible as well as music streaming via Spotify, Deezer or other services.

Opel Astra K Lighter and More Efficient

OPEL ASTRA K: LED matrix light and three cylinders
Also previously known only from the upper classes: intelligent all-LED matrix light. Or how Opel calls it: Intellilux. Eight elements on each side of the vehicle fit, in conjunction with the front camera, the length of the light beam on, so oncoming vehicles are dimmed, however, continue to illuminate a maximum of oncoming traffic around. Beyond the city limits main beam is automatically and continuously aktivitiert and optimum illumination guarantees. In these budget-conscious class of vehicle is also important: LED lights last much longer than xenon or halogen lamps.

Other technology features in the new Opel Astra K: Verkehrsschilder- and lane departure warning with active steering correction, Blind Spot Warner and a front collision warning system including emergency braking give peace of mind on the road. The speed controller and the automatic steering Parks assistant make life easier also. Expensive but also unbeatable in terms of comfort are massage chair. Who has ever experienced, do not want to miss the kneading stalls. For the new generation Astra Opel offers optional ergonomisch designed seats, including massage function, ventilation and heating and automatic seat bolsters adjustment.

Opel Astra K Lighter and More Efficient

Opel has invested all its know-how in the new savior. "He is up to 200 kilograms lighter than its predecessor -. And his ahtletische Design shows this even externally His dimensions have become smaller, but it has grown, the spaciousness and the comfort strap noticeably," summarizes Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann together. But how it looks under the hood? "Under the hood only engines of the latest generation are used," says Opel's CEO.

On the drive side, Opel will therefore allow no means a setback. The entry make the gasoline engine of 1.4 Ecotec with 100 HP and the 1.6 CDTI diesels with 95 PS. The theme of downsizing is not missing at Astra. First there are the three-cylinder petrol call, we attest amazingly quiet after the first exit. From capacity of one liter, the turbocharged engines recoup 105 hp. In the same line of development of the 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 145 hp, which is celebrating the new Astra K premiere dates. The Vollalumotor is characterized by a direct response and impressive torque from even at low speeds. 250 newton meters are for sale from 1800 revolutions. The top engine in the petrol comes to 200 hp. Premiere of Opel Astra K at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt and is already in October at the dealership. What the Opel Astra K costs can be found here: Prices for the Opel Astra K.

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