Mad Skills Motocross 2: A Biker Game

Mad Skills Motocross 2: A Biker Game

Motorcycle games for mobile devices are often a very poor quality tomfoolery or fail trying to imitate the benefits that can be achieved on consoles and PC. The last disappointment I took me to the game of SBK, which was nothing more than a boring version of last year's game with new updated textures. But very occasionally it appears one of those simple games in two dimensions, able to hook you for hours. Well, I have found that game and is called Mad Skills Motocross 2. And it's free.

I discovered that with him, Colin Edwards challenged in a video with some of the kids in the KTM Cup in the United States. I downloaded from the App Store (also available in Google Play Store and Amazon) and while I was reading settled the analysis of users. Apparently, what I would find one of those games where it is impossible to advance without checking out. But after several weeks playing almost daily, I can say that despite the advertising and in-app purchases, is one of the most addictive games to date motorcycles.

Mad Skills Motocross 2: A Biker Game

Now, in MadSkills MX 2 we find three different games modes. To wit:
Career: This is the single player mode, divided into two formats, Career and Time Attack. The first is the classic "single player" mode in which we will move level by level through five steps of difficulty. The first unlock settle overcome the simple challenges, but the latter is only available when you reach level 25 the Versus mode. In addition, each track has two times beat the standard and ACE, which in turn unlock new screens within that level of difficulty.

Versus: is a multiplayer mode in which we will face players from around the world head to head duels. Plain and simple. Each challenge begins sending network your best time achieved in X circuit. Another random player will be your "ghost" and compete against him. The funny thing about all this is that you have only two minutes to get the best time. During those 120 seconds, you can try as many times as you like and send your best time ever.

Mad Skills Motocross 2: A Biker Game

Jam: multiplayer challenges are global and weekly. Every Thursday creators offer two new tracks that compete to be the fastest. The number of players is such that divisions are created. To compete to be the fastest in the world, first you have to ingeniártelas for several weeks to reach first division. The game, as a reward for reaching this level offers exclusive gifts as decorations as the famous Red Bull helmet. If you find someone with that helmet in multiplayer, it means that he has been competing in the first division. GAS!

Although the game is free, it offers plenty of shopping opportunities, from minutes to duels on-line turbos for the Career mode. And obviously, you always have the possibility of advancing levels of credit card swipe: new bikes, decorations, unique colors etc ... Any limit that exists, is subject to change if you take the portfolio. Prices are a real abuse. 004 The bikes are based on the main models that Suzuki has produced in recent decades. 

From the 70s until today. In addition, the clothing of the pilot is also inspired by great sponsoring brands. I have to admit here that the seven available bikes are easily recognizable but it will take many hours of play and make all vice. 005 But let's the important thing, the gameplay experience. The controls are very simple; Accelerator and brake on the side of the screen, on the other balance. The truth is that the physical are very achieved, however, have taken much of the work dedicated to his first BMX game. The end time can vary a world very small details, exactly as would happen in real life. On each route there are always different "drawn" (albeit in 2D) to follow but perhaps only one of them is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your motorcycle.

Once you've finished the career mode, you will still enjoy a very active thanks to multiplayer. In it, you have even the opportunity to "follow" certain users to compete against them or see their progress. In fact, you can find me from now with the nickname "lakonur".

It's a great way to kill time and, why not say, melt the battery of your device. Still have work to do to improve optimization (there is some lag even on an iPhone 6) but the overall result is really good. Especially, if we try to compare with almost any other game on the same theme as the official SBK a 3D game without any boring character. GAS!

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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