First official information Audi Q6

Audi e-tron Q6

First official information about the Audi e-tron Q6: The Stromer will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show as the Audi e-tron quattro concept. The SUV gives an outlook for the first mass-produced electric car of Ingolstadt. At the IAA 2015, Audi is a study on the upcoming Q6 e-tron. The interior is very similar to Audi's Prologue studies.

New information about Audis ILO study: the Audi e-tron quattro concept has been designed from the ground up as an electric car. Movable aerodynamic elements at the front, on the sides and at the rear to improve the flow around the car. The underbody is completely closed. The aim is a drag coefficient of 0.25 and a range of more than 500 kilometers. The cockpit with its OLED screens is based on the Prologue studies. The concept is based on the modular longitudinal second generation. From the size it is positioned between the Audi Q5 and the Q7. The lithium-ion battery is located between the axes and below the passenger compartment. This installation position generally causes for a low center of gravity and a balanced axle load distribution.

Audi e-tron Q6

Three electric motors in the Concept Car
OLED displays with 3D effects add value to the interior. They, too, we already know from the three Prologue studies of Ingolstadt. When driving Audi builds on experience with the R8 e-tron. Three electric motors - one on the front, two at the rear axle - drive the Audi e-tron quattro concept. The thrust is clearly definitiert because Tesla succeeded with the Model S something like squaring the circle. An electric car that has accelerated like a sports car, the range of a combustor and not much more expensive than the premium German competitors - it never existed before. Especially could not imagine a long time that there is sufficient customer for such a car. But if there is, last year alone, Americans have sold more than 25,000 of the electric-powered sedans. Appears much more important, that of all the newcomers a car sends on our roads, which can score with the much talked about "Vorsprung durch Technik". And Audi? Remained long in a state of shock. All news and information on the Audi Q6 e-tron - The range should be considerably more than 500 km

Audi e-tron Q6

At the IAA in September 2015, the Ingolstadt show finally how one imagines the zero-emission future. And I will make all the same better than the competition. "That is, the car should on the one hand to speed in under four seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, but on the other hand significantly more than 500 kilometers to come on a single charge. And not on paper but in practice," says Chief Development Officer Ulrich Hackenberg. The project that aims to make this vision a reality, ie AU516. Internally this is described as C-BEV, a new electric car in A6 format. The car is based on elements of the next Q5. Air suspension, brake, electromechanical steering and the assistance systems come from the in-house parts shelf. Assembly and transmission are however developed from scratch. This also applies to the batteries, which contributes a Korean suppliers under an exclusive collaboration. And have it all: the Audi should be able to move very athletic, and to escape as quickly as possible without in a toothless energy saving program. Even mountain roads, fast freeway sections and aggressive stop-and-go traffic can reach the not melt reportedly. Nevertheless, the top speed at 200 km / h or just above it is to be braked.

Audi e-tron Q6

Audi is planning a one Q6 e-tron and Q6 r-tron
The batteries with an energy content of 90 to 95 kWh are stowed in a drawer, which is attached to the car floor. Audi is planning two variants - a model of efficiency (Q6 e-tron) with around 360 hp and a dynamic version (Q6 r-tron) with 435 hp. If the market will bear it, an RS-flyer could be relatively short crack the 700-hp mark. Currently charged the battery kit the weight balance even with around 650 kg, but the new cells already propel the show car will be significantly lighter. However, could not prevent the series-Q6 will bring nearly 2.5 tonnes on the scales also a brave mix of materials. To compensate, the designers have pushed the drag coefficient to a record 0.25. In order to optimize the flow, the body is lowered from 80 km / h. At the same time go out of the rear spoiler and the rear diffuser. For cooling of the units and of the trunk of the front body is traversed on demand of fresh air through fins. Image and source;

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