Ducati Diavel Titanium 2015

Ducati Diavel Titanium 2015

The extravagant Ducati Diavel Titanium 2015 power cruiser in stylish titanium version. The Ducati Diavel is an extravagant bike is very difficult indeed to be classified in a category: For a Crusier too sporty for a naked bike but too Cruiser. Regardless of the clientele probably just like this on Their Own, the Diavel is more popular than some critics would have liked. Now the Italians bring the Diavel Titanium even more upscale version of the Power Cruisers.

Basically, it is difficult to convey the company's philosophy of lightweight and sports motorcycles with a powerful cruiser with 240 Rear Tire credible. Ducati it is but somehow succeeded quite well, the "thick" Diavel still to pose as somewhat athletic. At least she is, by far most sporting cruiser, the currently available on the market. Now show the Italians another version of the extravagant Diavel, Which you want, HOWEVER, not too oft meet with great probability on the road - from the Diavel Titanium there will only be a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Ducati Diavel Titanium 2015

What is not made of titanium, is made of carbon!
Of course, each model gets a noble badge with the serial number attached to the tank top - that makes all the glory, more over the name of the model, he is made of fine titanium. Likewise, the headlight surround and partially the passenger seat cover, the rest is from no less noble Carbon. With the "black gold" is already handled almost wastefully on the Diavel Titanium: Specially designed air intakes at the front, radiator covers, windshield, fenders front and rear, sprocket cover and fuel tank cap area - everything from fine and expensive carbon. Even the, with fine Alcantara leather makes plated semi impressively clear thatthis is Certainly not a stripped-down version in the Titanium version.

Lightweight Cruiserweight segment
When weight is very well lightened by many Titanium and Carbon, the Diavel is Titanium with 205 kilos Exactly at the same level as did for a little Diavel Carbon Cruiser sensational. Since the Diavel Titanium is technically not touched, so the performance of the Diavel Carbon will comply with Their 162 hp from the 1098er Superbike engine. Likewise, the Titanium version is equipped with the gadgets like Riding Modes Electronic, DTC Traction Control, Ride-by-Wire and a modern ABS. About The Price Is so far not yet known, but it will be much higher than in resting the Diavel Carbon - beauty you have to pay just EUR!

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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