Akrapovič exhaust for Ducati Scrambler

Akrapovič exhaust for Ducati Scrambler
Release the Beast..! With the latest model of the ever-growing range of Ducati exhaust systems will Akrapovič "unleash the beast" that is behind the latest cult motorcycle of the Italian brand. Whether really lurks a beast in terms of sportiness in the Scrambler, may be doubted, but with Akrapovič it roars certainly a lot better.

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The Ducati Scrambler family is a contemporary reincarnation of the famous bikes in the company in which the best was taken out of the past to create something unique and modern therefrom. This philosophy has also prescribed Akrapovič and developed an exhaust system in a classic design that emphasizes the retro look of the bike, the same performance is expected to increase and provides the typical rich Akrapovič sound.

The new Slip-On Line series for Ducati Scrambler is made of high-grade titanium and be available as ECE and EC certified exhaust system as well as non-homologated Open version. Both plants have been designed exclusively to provide the simple but effective engine of the bike an even better performance and increased freedom of expression. The Slip-On Line exhaust systems have specially made silencer that reveal with their conical tubes their origins in the world of racing. The black-coated exterior surfaces give them an even more classic appearance and also a sporty, uncompromising look.

Akrapovič exhaust for Ducati Scrambler

The Slip-On Line to provide a stable and impressive performance gains over the entire rpm range, especially from 6,800 U / min upwards. The materials used in racing are also designed to reduce the weight. In conjunction with the newly formed silencer made of stainless steel in the homologated version, there is also an optional catalyst to meet the ECE and EC Directives. All this coupled with the deep, sporty sound, which has been tuned to match the bike.

The open system of the Akrapovic slip-on Line highlights the Ducati Scrambler to the next level of tuning of exhaust systems. With a completely made of titanium link pipe and without pre-muffler exhaust system fits perfectly with the character of the engine, giving it a sharper sound. Thanks to an increase in performance over the entire rpm range, improved torque and reduced weight (60%) this exhaust system is to raise the Scrambler with safety to the next level of performance.

Akrapovič exhaust for Ducati Scrambler

For rear silencer there are specially manufactured removable inserts for noise reduction. These were created to give the bike a dual character. The driver can choose between two different soundtracks. With the stakes, the system is suitable for everyday use, without increasing the sound, making the bike ready for special occasions.

For both exhaust systems there are optional manifold through which from the slip-on systems is a complete system. These manifolds are made of high-grade titanium and have bigger pipes to increase airflow. A handmade heat shield made of carbon for both systems beyond an option, through which the production version can be replaced. Thus, the overall impression of the exhaust system and thus of the entire bike is again improved.

Akrapovič exhaust for Ducati Scrambler

The all models of Ducati Scambler family matching plug-and-play exhaust systems do not require a remapping or other attachments. They are supplied with an installation manual is easy to understand.
The Ducati Scrambler is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity and represents a return to the pure essence of motorcycling. By equipping with an Akrapovič exhaust system that gives the machine more power, higher torque and the unique Akrapovič sound, the Scrambler is sure to be a bike, according to the people to turn around because of their looks and their sounds.

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