Spectacular Yamaha XV950 Build Custom by Deus Ex Machina Milano

Spectacular Yamaha XV950 Build Custom by Deus Ex Machina Milano

You can not imagine the face I got when I walked into the web release of Yamaha and I stumbled upon this Yamaha XV950 Build D-Side Yard. With what I like and motorbikes sides of this project which is conducting Yamaha, hardly I could not believe they had gathered in one bike these two concepts.

This time the manager has been the Milanese design engineer Filippo Bassoli, Deus Ex Machina. It turns out on a trip to Spain Filippo last winter found a sidecar that caught my attention and I was tremendously inspiring. Thus, when he was commissioned to Yamaha to work with them he did not hesitate to make the bike was going to ride a sidecar. The name chosen was too easy, D-Side.

In the words of Shun Miyazawa, Product Manager Yamaha Motor Europe, and the burden of proving each and every one of these fabrications: Deus Milano have again set a milestone for the other models Yard Build. They have managed to create something truly original while attractive and perfect for making the most of the XV and summer, without compromising the character of the bike or running ability. The XV950 was the perfect base for transformation thanks to his powerful 950 cc engine with a modern needed to move together with sidecar also very versatile for any type of adventure live power. Moreover, it has not been modified or chassis or engine, nor have made cuts or welds. The fact that you can order parts directly from Deus to include details of the D-Side to your XV is also a very special point.

Spectacular Yamaha XV950 Build Custom by Deus Ex Machina Milano

This guy think he's one of the most envied jobs in the world of the engine and above is sure to pay well. The idea to make the sidecar was to make something simple and minimalist. With a nautical theme in determining the shape of the side, the end result is amazing. The front reminds a sailing boat, while the rear recalls the wooden deck of a boat and is perfect for transporting luggage. The sidecar wheel is the same diameter as the front of the bike, which facilitates the management of the whole.

Another curious detail is the possibility of transporting a surfboard between the sidecar and the motorcycle. This idea came to see the Drover's Dog a Yamaha SR500 transformed a while ago and continues to set trends.

Spectacular Yamaha XV950 Build Custom by Deus Ex Machina Milano

Yamaha XV950 was cleared then go full dressing her personal details that do not need to use or radial or welding. The sub-chassis, for example, binds to the same anchors the original, but you can install an upholstered seat in Alcantara remains higher than the original. The deposit is an exclusive design of Deus, like the front and rear fenders. Braking is entrusted to brakes with six-piston calipers Deus / Discacciati.

Another striking piece is An SC-Project exhaust and intake conical air filter. The handlebar is crosista inspiration and odometer of Motogadget. Finally the painting was done by Kaos Design. But it is best if you have a portfolio can order your pieces sound on the website of Deus Ex Machina and transform your own bike. Then deal with ITV and others and is up to you.

Yamaha XV950 Build D-Side Yard was presented at the Wheels & Waves this year in Biarritz. One option that is taking great importance in the European custom world and held very close to home. To get an idea of ​​how this bike with sidecar, press play and enjoy the video.

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