Honda NM4 Vultus Test

Honda NM4 Vultus Test

Love it, or hate it - the Vultus splits the motorcycle world at the first reputation. By the way, the black scare-me-Mopped is the core but also a genuine Honda high everyday utility value. In any case, the common Vultus tab will remain a rare species, to Germany this year will be supplied only 50 copies. For us, in any case, a good reason, with the rare vehicle to turn a round of testing.

One thing is clear: In the first view of the Honda NM4 Vultus one associates either to a pocket-sized version of the Batmobile or a reality which has become vision of a Japanese manga comic. No matter, however, whether the Characters - keeps from Japan now more for a piece of art or a bold stylistic enrichment of the motorcycle world, and this bike wants to be driven - Vultus called on lateinsich face / face. So quickly made a deep handle in the black corner of the chest of clothes, because a mini-Batmobile needs also a Pseudo-bat-man as a driver, and off you go!

First impressions: typical Honda - also in their design object ergonomics masters from the Far East have done a great job again, because the matte black low-rider suits large and small riders very well. If you prefer the relaxed nature of the motorcycle-locomotion, because actually the Vultus is in fact a true middleweight cruiser based on the widely deployed by Honda NC kit. So bottom line is in wide trains to a variant of the brave Honda CTX, which has done so time for Halloween a really bad bat costume. However Vultus has gotten the current NC-package and must go with 750 cubic at the start, while the CTX loschoppert still with the license-A1-friendly 48 hp engine 670er. But back to the outfit: this works as expected excellent when it comes to maximum attention value because there is currently hardly a vehicle which is so often afterwards seen and nachgezeigt when passing. 

Honda NM4 Vultus Test

Even the spontaneous contact of passersby of all ages the Vultus-rider does not have to worry, the Honda's certainly nothing for Sozialphobiker. But Honda would not be Honda, if they had not thought about the practicality also here: Batman and his successors can in fact elegantly accommodate in the storage compartments of expansive lining gloves and other accessories, also the passenger seat can be folded up to use as a backrest. This is equally simple and clever on longer stages - not just on the highway where the broad Vultus Panel provides at least the upper body for useful windbreak. This is therefore a unique selling point in the Cruiser segment when one because for sitting posture and ground clearance etc. would put in this category this hermaphrodites.

Drive Honda Vultus - einTwin for single cylinder fans
Beyond Design parts may NM4 their mass base course not deny, she drives as expected so affable and easy, as one would expect from the conscious beginner-friendly designed NC-Hondas. Who can make friends with the torque-orientated, for a motorcycle engine rather niedrigtouri gene motor concept with the unexcited nature of the flat built 750-cubic-Twins (55 hp) are certainly happy. The long-stroke twin pushes punchy at low engine speeds and turns out clean - up at just 7000 revolutions already engages the limiter. Thus, the NC models have almost a one-cylinder characteristics. 

The perfect complement to this course as the cruisers Vultus, especially when it is combined with the here leave serial dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), which we can attest to a really high level of maturity in the third generation now. Who just wants to ride relaxed place in the current DSG a prima switching partner who can always overrule switch buttons using the plus and minus, for example when driving through tight corners. Who's not familiar with, it works really well and is "let your soul" not only a viable alternative, most try just once. It's a pity only that for this (in the NM4 vollverschalte) worry-free package are no adequate final drive, a cardan or toothed belts would actually be at this bike concept obligation. A further drawback there in terms of sound - let's say so: acoustic Vultus driver be sure no one noticed, the look has to be enough for this bike.

Honda NM4 Vultus Test

Driving impression Honda Vultus - keep it simple, and bad
But back to our matt black scooter's ride: In contrast to the NC Cruiser for normal people - the CTX - the designers of Vultus an extra wide rear tires donated. The 200/50 gives the slippers matt black manga mobile Although a rich appearance befitting the brand "thick trousers", but unfortunately also makes for a relatively inharmonious steering response. 

Where you lay with the CTX from the first corner to a very complete style needs Vultus some acclimatization period, but then here fit the line. Brakes and ABS are standard NC commodity, and therefore do not fall to negative. Cruiser Typical addition to the restricted by the very dressers footboards Schräglagenfeiheit also the landing gear is down - tuned comfortable, but fast pace you wish for a better cushioning. But this is a rather academic objection: Who wants to go away quickly with such a bike, after all this is primarily about being seen.

Honda NM4 Vultus
Speaking see: Who the rolling around with the Honda is boring, the can - change the display in 25 color levels - very clearly laid out. An automatic color changing mode analogous to the currently activated program of the DCT is possible. By the way, when it comes to painting is happening in the land of the rising sun surprising - quite the colorful manga philosophy following the Vultus - at least in Japan - now available in 10 colors (from sky blue to kava, pardon Lind Green) and optionally with integrated suitcases offered. Honda, it seems with the "art object" on two wheels so to be serious. All who keep the Futuro device for a design aberration which disappears rapidly from the scene to should ever get used to the sight.

Honda NM4 Vultus Test

Self-promotion made easy: Probably the purchase of around 11,500 euro expensive NM4 Vultus is inevitable in entering a new phase of life, because people with this bike are always the center of attention. Undoubtedly, the Stealth Fighter-Honda, making it the presigünstigste option, pretty much all the other road users to upstage - mind you only by the mere presence of the vehicle and without the hassle of more or less of successful driving feats over a loud exhaust or even tinkered-martial Mad-Max optics. Thus, the Vultus would be a bargain as the equipment option "maximum attention" is elsewhere just do not have factory. Enjoy a pleasant, unkomoplizierten middleweight cruiser - to let dangle the cozy first-soul - get buyers of these Honda then virtually free. Text: Norman Bates - Pictures: Gerhard Rudolf / Buenos Dias (

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