Beta Enduro 2015

Beta Enduro 2015

The Beta RR Enduro project developed and improved steadily through the big competition successes and the tireless efforts of engineers and R & D department in Rignano sull'Arno. Models RR Enduro 2015 lighter and handier, which can be their high power and torque better control. They are the ideal for the avid bike rider and the secret weapon for victory-hungry racers.

The RR Enduro 4T 2015 series has been developed by the innovations of the version "RR 4T MY14 Factory" were transferred to all models and by the further introduction of many technological improvements. The main objectives of the development were to make the bike lighter and more agile, by the entire handling is improved, making it more comfortable and easier to drive and is also more powerful. The components of the engine block were made and revised in order to reduce the inertial masses easier. The swept volumes were scaled down in order to increase the maneuverability and to decrease the specific gravities. Compared to the larger displacement volume of the previous models, the absolute power and torque remain unchanged by a new profile of the cam shafts and a new exhaust system. It, however, a better distribution of the torque curve for a wider use was obtained.

Beta Enduro 2015 - the improvements:

Beta Enduro 2015
RR 4T:
The engines are completely new: RR350, RR390, RR430, RR480
New, lighter motor housing, new lighter crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons
New camshafts with revised profile
With revised / Optimized lubrication and cooling
New lighter starter
RR350 and RR390 now equipped with titanium valves
RR 350: new, very compelling 42mm injection of Synerject with exclusive idle, Motorschleppmoment- (engine braking) and warm start additional air regulation.

RR 2 clock:
Beta Enduro 2015
Light, meaningful facelift analogous to 2014er Racing engine.
250: The exhaust control now has a more linear power delivery as well as the 300 2 springs
250: Exhaust now adapted to the displacement for better power delivery
300: cylinder, cylinder head and CDI are of the 2014er RR300 2T Racing

Beta Enduro 2015

RR 2 and 4-stroke:
Front fork: revision of the damper system to improve oil flow, as well as revision of the guidance of the inner tube for better precision
Rear shock: revision of attenuation with new pistons for better oil flow, less thermal stress during operation
New Barpad to FIM specifications
Bench with softer foam
New stickers in classic colors BETA

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