Astor Orcal 125, a new option classic look

Astor Orcal 125, a new option classic look

So that our French neighbors have a very different culture from ours biker can be checked with the arrival of the Astor Orcal 125. This is a bike that comes to complete the offer for those who want to buy a 125 cc for driving without a license motorcycle, and also do not want to drive a scooter as 90% of people.

In our country we do not know when this will be available Orcal Astor, but if we know that in France you can buy one from the 18th of July. Besides you can do for just 2,320 euros, a price that places it midway between the cheapest Scooter and a sports option in the engine.

Astor Orcal 125, a new option classic look

The mechanics used indicate that it is of Japanese, specifically Yamaha is said in the video test Motor Live. In the sheet that we have a 125 cc engine, air-cooled feed carburetor. The stated power is 7.1 kW at 8,000 rpm and provides a pair of 9.5 N · m to 6,500 rpm. Perhaps not the most powerful bike, but remember we are not talking about a sport or anything like that. This Astor Orcal is an eminently citizen bike.

Will we see in Spain? For the moment we put us in contact with French importers and they told us they are still looking for importing in our country and they expect to reach our market in 2016. What is clear is that slowly, very slowly, options will appear at the usual scooter that has reigned for 125 years in the market. Here you can watch a video (in French) of the test they have done in France with her.

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