Ariel Ace 2015

Ariel Ace 2015

A factory Motorcycle with 173 hp Honda V4 engine. Murderous, what has just reached us. Ariel is now building also (again) Motorcycles by measure. Honda delivers the Power of Dreams. By the first motorcycle in 50 years the Ariel brand amazes and listen up. British small volume manufacturers until at last's, namely the pure performance, reduced sports cars, rising after half a century back into a motorcycle shop and with a model that has like no other expected nothing Mild per se; and not also in itself. The built to order and individually configurable vehicles are from a Honda V-engine with 1237 cubic (known from VFR1200F) driven which makes 173 hp and is expected to provide acceleration values ​​of brachial optics justice.

Ariel Ace 2015

Heeled customers, the 20,000 pounds (= 25,000 euros) have liquid, can choose from several options for suspension, steering, trim and exhaust and can be so put together a real unique piece. Should continue to develop over the years, preferences and desires, the motorcycle in the factory can be changed at any time.

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