Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 2015 Test

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 2015

The new number 1? The fine-tuning and upgrading the Tuono was dead right places. Powerful test drive! Full concentration! The Aprilia crew sent us here on any smooth ironed retort track, but on a test round of the hard type. The asphalt is bad and dirty, the potholes are violent. For a sporty naked bike Power as the Tuono actually not a good area, but she drives terrific and the tour is fun. Why?

Aprilia Tuono V4 - a lot of experience is in the model 2015
The new Tuono is not a radical new development but a further development of a popular and proven motorcycle. The Aprilia engineers have this pencil set exactly where the old Tuono had small weaknesses. The result is a model with razor-sharp perfection and precision. Here insert any teething or error more inside, this model is packed with experience and know-how.

Aprilia Tuono 2015 - 175 hp peak power
At one time, I am very happy down the Tuono V2. The Tuono V4 came with me but so far to not quite as good. The engine had too little pressure down and the engine response was not clean enough for me. They could not keep up in my view with the top dogs S1000R and Super Duke 1290. That's different now! The engine in the 2015er Tuono is now a real piece of cake. The hardware has been investing heavily. Pankl connecting rods, larger airbox and a fine-tuning of the crankshaft and in the electronics provide 175 hp. However, the raw numbers are valuable only for the Stammtisch. Here the dirty asphalt inspired me the pressure in the low engine speed and the incredibly good motor coordination.

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 2015

The 175 horsepower are nice, but the terrific engine tuning
It may sound uncool, but the Tuono V4 drives significantly lighter than earlier. Because the electronics engineers made sure that the engine braking effect, depending on the selected gear, engine speed, and also depending on the selected mapping is always neatly adjusted available. Butter soft rolls the Tuono in the radius, in the braking zones they are like a driving school motorcycle, only at corner exit it becomes the raging beast. The engine braking effect is no longer present in practice almost entirely and outweigh the benefits. Only in switchbacks you have your driving style may change a little. Here, driving is easier when you engage stabilizing with the rear brake. So the reason why the Tuono drives so terrific here in the hills not far from Misano are not 175 horsepower but it is the electronically smooth ironed engine brake.

Shirt-sleeved work, great results: The chassis of the 2015er Tuono
But the laurels must once mature the engine electronics is not just. The undercarriage / chassis crew has used the working great. The Tuono has no electronic suspension, but the Aprilia crew had apparently not necessary. The chassis of the TUONO V4 1100 RR has been trimmed with good old mechanics hardware and much test work to perfection. The asphalt suggests bad waves, but the Tuono remains stable on track. In the few clean curves then you can enjoy the boundless confidence from the front, increased by and always hits the desired bar. I love motorcycles in this phase of its model cycle. They are like women in the prime of life. Your youthful nonsense but they have long been stored, they are often beautiful, graceful and fiery in the box.

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 2015

Aprilia Tuono V4 seating position
In the saddle of the Tuono can be felt in the lower body, the proximity to the Superbike. The knee angle is relatively narrow. Still, I would not change the bike. How strapped with a lashing you sit here in the machine. The knee closing the tank is tight and the bulges can be found plenty of grip. From the waist down it is always ready for the attack and full body tension and a lot of pressure in the catches. The torso, however, is properly placed relaxed on the vehicle. Duch you have little strength with his hands take the strong integration in the vehicle in the body and neck and trunk remain loose. Even so complicated radii succeed always totally playful. The proximity to the Superbike at the same time surprisingly large driving comfort succeed the Tuono V4 well. Even larger pilot (I myself am 185cm) should check the sample seats, however, whether her knees still fit into the recesses of the tank all the Tuono to fully enjoy. Experiences of larger pilots are welcome - please just post at the end of the report!

Electronic Features of the Tuono V4
The Tuono V4 offers the Model 2015 a well-functioning switching wizard, which makes upshifting for stability and ride comfort. The ABS works impeccably, would leave if necessary also disable. The AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) can be adjusted in 3 steps and of course can be wonderfully loswheelen with the Tuono of the traffic lights. But in the hectic Infight angle work remains if necessary forward and on the ground. The traction control worked also excellent in practice. Very user-friendly you can configure the control in 8 steps with a click on the left handlebar. Cold tires have to start on cool mornings just once in stage 7 and is thus on the safe side. Throughout the day you clickt then continues down to level 3, then fires with maximum acceleration out of the corners. One must never penetrate into the depths of the menu board, and always requires only the left thumb or the left index finger. Only for adjusting AWC and for the choice of the mapping you have to enter a little deeper into the menu with the "Mode" Rocker.

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 2015

The biggest plus: radical and disciplined at the same time
The new Tuono is overall a great and well-made motorcycle. The technicians managed to portray an easy to drive Power Naked, which still comes emotional and cool. Tuono fans will be satisfied and Aprilia newcomers should give her a chance at a test drive.

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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