Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp - the new benchmark in its price range? Let's dispense with the antipasto and go straight to the cut of meat: with the privilege to invest about $ 45,425 thousand in the desire to bring a German sedan home, the options that appear on the menu are tasty but relatively light. Audi A3 Sedan Environment (1.8 turbo, 170 hp), BMW 320i GP (2.0 turbo, 184 hp) and Mercedes-Benz C180 (1.6 turbo, 156 hp).

New versions and the visual redesigned (bumpers, wheels and tailpipes) are the line novelty 2015. Engine 2.0 turbo, 245 hp at 5,500 rpm, 35.7 mkgf of torque between 1,500 and 4,800 rpm, automatic transmission and eight-speed filling equipment and build quality equal or superior to rivals. Is at least scratching his chin, right? This is the dilemma in which we find ourselves out of the white leather-lined cabin of this discreet Swedish.

Modular muscles
The new Drive-E engines arrived extremely discreetly, just under a year in our market, in T5 versions of the Volvo V60, S60 and XC60 - few people know that this change occurred (formerly the line used the 2.0 Ecoboost, derived from Ford) and, most importantly, the difference this power train brought the vehicle was enormous.

The Drive-E is a modular engine family, sharing between different versions of different powers the same block, crankshaft, oil pan, oil pump and aggregates (such as the air conditioning compressor), and bring preparation for work with future hybrid systems. Thus, the names T4, T5 and T6 fail to describe the amount of cylinders and begin to refer to the power range: T4 from 181 hp T5 from 245 hp T6 and from 306 hp.

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

The 2.0 Drive-E is 22 kg lighter than the Ecoboost and is quite sophisticated. Has head and aluminum block with cast iron shirts (with special treatment for friction reduction), use a synthetic oil developed in partnership with Castrol (specification 0w20), brings resized lubrication galleries, housing the integrated turbine the exhaust manifold , camshafts variables with small diameter bearings and pump electric water run on demand. Furthermore, it was introduced to start-stop function (which comes into action shortly before a full stop), and Eco + programming that changes the mapping of the accelerator, turbine pressure injection and ignition and reprograms the new automatic gearbox - the Geartronic, Aisin eight gears (the previous generation was six), which can be actuated manually by butterflies behind the wheel.

The Geartronic Volvo introduces the Coasting function, which helps a lot to reduce consumption and to increase the feeling of comfort to decouple the transmission on slopes in soft or without acceleration times local plans. These situations are detected by the sensors and accelerometers of the vehicle and make him walk looser at a walking pace, with much less mechanical strength.

Translating the gain in numbers: over the old 2.0 Ecoboost, there was a gain of 5 hp and 10% torque (whose peak reaches 300 rpm before the former), acceleration 0-100 km / h fell 1.2 s - 7.5 s to 6.3 s -, consumption and improved in accordance with Volvo, up to 20%. The Inmetro numbers are 8 km / l in the city and 12.5 km / l on the road. Important to remember that not only was the engine: the new transmission with two gears and the most chilled programming, were essential to improve efficiency.

Both the sedan S60 as the V60 wagon are structured in good EUCD platform Ford (derived from the C1 Focus). This second generation was presented in 2010 - S60 at the Geneva and V60 in Paris - and although they bear five years back and two facelifts counting on this latest, the design follows scoring with his identity, fluidity and refinement.

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

Check the color table below. The cabin offers five combinations of black, beige and gray. Panel and black floor, with benches and beige ceiling. Interior all black, but with beige seats. Interior all black with gray ceiling. Interior all beige. Interior all black.

Volvo S60 T5 Kinetic: digital dual zone air conditioning with rear vents in columns B, bi-xenon headlights with active directional beam and signature on LEDs, alloy wheels Rex 17 "leather seats with electric adjustment for the driver (three memories), six airbags, engine start button, start-stop system, sound system with eight speakers and multimedia 7 "screen with DVD player, rear parking sensors and crepuscular. Power steering with adjustable electric pump on three levels, cruise controller, stability and traction control, ABS brakes with EBD

Volvo S60 T5 Momentum: adds Sensus Navigation system (GPS navigator and entertainment applications, as worldwide via streaming radio, meteorology and sending vehicle data to mobile), electric sunroof, sensor rain, alloy wheels Titania 18 "TFT touch panel with three types of display, adds electrical adjustments to the passenger seat and lumbar adjustment for both butterflies for manual gear changes, aluminum trim around the side windows and tab to luggage in the trunk

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

All cars bring the Volvo On Call, protection service, support and convenience that enables remote locking, auto tracking, auto attendant in accidents and, via application, allows the owner to receive in his diary cell board, maintenance notifications and who commands some functions, such as ignition (for pre-air conditioning) and remote control locks.

It is true that the concept of the booth already denounced certain age, notably the relatively flat and compartmentalized panel with one large central island full of buttons and almost 30 keys. But if the issue is quality and refinement then the conversation changes dramatically: all plastics are of good quality, the type soft touch everywhere, with a beautiful grain and matte finish, preventing reflections on the windshield. More smooth and soft, leather is better than the models presented in the German entry, and if evaluated this unit, the steering wheel in two-tone finish gives an extra touch of refinement. And the sound insulation is worthy of a Mercedes-Benz.

Ergonomically, the Swede is second to none BMW: driving position quite low, huge range of adjustment on the steering column (you can leave the wheel well near the breast, style stock car), exchange fins perfectly positioned (note the photo down the rubberized coating on the back). Although the precise commands, the load of the drives (pedals, steering wheel) is gentle, consistent with the quality of comfort in Shooting.

Below is the sport of the cluster configuration (digital whole, TFT): it shows the tachometer as the main instrument and a digital speedometer in the middle, and satellites as the temperature of the cooling system and power graph available that rotation. In particular, the ceiling console with lighting drives, ceiling and Volvo On Call.

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

The cabin caters well to five adults with 1.80m, but it's observation that the passenger means to deal with the high tunnel. The rear seat back is in a very comfortable slope and, as icing on the cake, the rear vents are in columns B - the standard solution is to position them at the back of the center console, limiting the freshness (after all, the cold air sinks) . The S60-trunk offers 380 liters, just for its size - the Audi A3 Sedan, for example, offers 425 liters and the new Class C, 480 liters.

It is rather strange the first time you crush the gas pedal when this S60 in sports dynamic programming. With this unpretentious' common Volvo "face, you do not expect such a strong thrust in starts and resumed: the zero to 100 km / h it edge six seconds flat - that's BMW 328i time and up there in half a second faster the C250 Sport! It bears repeating your data: 245 horsepower at 5,500 rpm, 35.7 mkgf between 1,500 and 4,800 rpm. It is very torque: playing with him on winding stretches outlined in 2nd and 3rd gear, he was always on the traction limit on curve exits.

The Drive-E engine combined with the new eight-speed exchange brought a whole new life to S60, who suddenly finds herself as the sole leader in terms of performance in its price category. To give you an idea, the zero to 100 km / h declared the Audi A3 1.8 is 8.3 s, the BMW 320i, 7.3 is the Mercedes-Benz C180, 8.5 s - 6.3 s, Volvo is in the comfortable position of being at least $ 50,000 cheaper than its equivalent competitors in acceleration.

Although the batter, the use silk gloves S60: his comfort grip is softly all commands (the load of the steering system is adjustable in three levels), absorption capacity irregularities and faults in the exceptional conditions a hell soundproofing and feel free shooting at a walking pace, with little resistance to movement, thanks to the exchange coasting system.

The transmission is extremely smooth running and behavioral reading almost telepathic driver and nothing owes the ZF 8HP, which equips the models of BMW and Jaguar. At the time of driving sportily, we only hesitation in that classic of automatic reductions: call short speed above 4,000 rpm does not roll here.

Volvo S60 Drive-E 245 hp Benchmark

The platform derived from the Focus because it is low, wide and be well shod with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235/40 R18, Volvo has plenty of lateral acceleration capacity, but does not have the same agility to change direction of the A3 Sedan let alone the BMW 3 Series, which beyond any dynamic tradition of the brand, has rear-wheel drive, which naturally tends to deliver better grip (the front axle steers the rear pulls). Depending on the stretch where you are, will sorrow to follow the Germans (especially the bimmer), even with all the strength difference. Swedish is Massudo with 1664 kg. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the engine showed service: in mixed city-highway use, got an average of 11.5 km / l.

Maturity may be the best term to define who this guy is. If the age of the platform brings some disadvantages such as the higher weight and the design does not exactly on the cutting edge, it also means that it has been developed as much as possible (yes, it is natural that components evolve and change during the product cycle, as bushings, terminals, welds and reinforcements - not to mention in ECUs). And that it was a major drawback, the powertrain has been fully overcome the point of reversing the rules of the game: on the road, the Swedish master turned the man to beat.

He has nothing new face, the multimedia system is not simple to use, yes, it's front wheel drive (such as A3 Sedan) and its discrete and elegant lines, but manjadas are not the magnet looks at the business center or at the door restaurant - which, depending on your profile, it is a quality.

But by the time you experience this redesigned S60, analyzes its finish, tasting the hell thrust engine, sees energy efficiency and begin to do the math, it's pretty hard to refute the title of best value in its class. He is so powerful that it is surely the best option among its competitors to be shielded. It is true that the reputation of higher costs in the Volvo aftermarket is a factor that plays against, including the perception of resale. However, the advantages that this set is delivering are so great that ends up paying off. This is one typical car that enchants you use in the real world, not in the showroom.

Like every Volvo, there is no intention to turn the market upside down. And he could not. The S60 has the same youthful appeal of the Audi does not have the same status as Mercedes-Benz, and even as a Roadster rocket, do not have that sharp cutting edge of the BMW does have so many fanboys. Many will dismiss by the resteau face d'Onte the body and the panel and most do not know how the product has changed with this new powertrain.

Then it is reserved for a specific audience, that lays less weight in the novelty factor and apparent boldness. It is like that delicious restaurant that few people know. And there's the van option.

Volvo S60 and V60: take a test-drive, configure your, make a quotation, dealers list
Technical specification - Volvo S60 T5 Momentum Drive-E
Engine: Four-cylinder in-line, cross, block and aluminum head, 1,969 cc, 16V, head with dual valves, petrol, turbo
Power: 245 hp at 5,500 rpm
Torque: 35.7 mkgf of torque between 1,500 and 4,800 rpm
Transmission: eight-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
Suspension: Front McPherson type and back type multibraços
Brakes: ventilated discs in front and solid back with ABS and EBD
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235/40 R18
Size: 4.63 m long, 1.86 m wide, 1.48 m high and 2.77 m wheelbase. Capacity of the trunk: 380 liters
Weight: 1664 kg

Number of items in this version: digital dual zone air conditioning with rear vents in columns B, electric sunroof, TFT touch panel with three types of display, bi-xenon headlights with active directional beam and signature on LEDs, alloy wheels light Titania R18, leather seats with electric adjustments and three memoirs, six airbags, engine start button, start-stop system, multimedia system with eight speakers and 7 "screen with DVD more Sensus Navigation system (GPS navigator and applications entertainment such as global radio via streaming, meteorology and sending vehicle data to the phone), rear parking sensors, twilight and rain. Power steering with adjustable electric pump on three levels, cruise controller, stability and traction control, ABS brakes with EBD. Image and source by;

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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