The Range Rover Sport Hybrid Test

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid

The first British luxury-climbers, which also has an electric motor on board. The initial contact was added far more spectacular. The first kilometers in a Range Rover hybrid led the author at the wheel of a prototype - not destroyed by the earthquake - adventurous streets of Kathmandu in Nepal to Delhi in India.

Meanwhile, developed by Land Rover even diesel hybrid technology has arrived in everyday life and is also in the Range Rover Sport is available. And despite all the alleged Chaotik in domestic traffic flow, the driving experience can not compare this country with the on Indian roads. Although the use of one narrow garages spindle with the two meter wide Range Rover Sport is a challenge. After all, can this special graduate with a bit of luck in pure electric mode - to the amazement of other garage users who surprised the whispering giant.

Fortunately one of them, because the driver can not deliberately influence the charge status of the electric motor battery powering. When the system has operated too much in the garage on the electric-thrust from the entrance, just continues the V6 diesel. If the battery is just fully, it can be accessed by pressing the button for the pure electric mode. However, the system requires only very gentle foot on the accelerator and for a few hundred yards. If more propulsion demanded, the Nitro is back.

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid

Behind this method. For the driver, the Range Rover Sport Hybrid simply provides more upbeat than the V6 diesel is not only that it reaches the acceleration values ​​of the V8 diesel, it also provides the same amount of torque available -. And starting at 1500 cycles. This results in an agility that you would not trust the nearly 2.4-ton colossus.

And with fuel consumption figures that could also hardly expect from a Range Rover in real life outside the norm consumption world. A practice-section of 8.8 liters of diesel in mixed operation is impressive in this league.

Not least because in hybrid Land Rover does not mean that you divide the drive of the two axes between Nitro and electric motor in order to arrive at an inexpensive all-wheel drive. Here you get the full package included the SUV expertise of the British. Whose qualities could be namely on the tangent not fathom, the Nepalese use but more so.

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid

Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 Hybrid
Drive: V6, diesel, direct injection, 2x2 overhead camshafts, 24 valves, 2 turbochargers, all-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic;

Displacement: 29963 cm³
System Power: 340 hp
maximum torque: 700 Nm at 1500 r / min
Top 218 km / h, 0-100 in 8.9 sec; E-motor: 35 kW, maximum torque 170 Nm; Euro. 5

Chassis: Self-supporting body, aluminum sheet, subframe, front / rear independent suspension, front / rear wishbone, air suspension, electronic damper system, stabilizers, disc brakes (front / ventilated back inside), rack and pinion steering with electric power assistance, ABS, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) ,

Dimensions (L x W x H): 4999 x 2073 x 1835 mm
Turning circle: 12.7 m wheelbase: 2922 mm cold braking distance: 40.7 m braking distance warm: 42.0 m

Trunk: 550-2030 l Weight: 2394 kg gross weight: 3100 kg Fuel tank capacity: 80 l
Normverbr .: 6,4 l / 100 km 169 g / km CO²
Testverbr .: 8,8 l / 100 km

Price: € 99,400 - Price test car: € 115,446 - Vehicle insurance tax: € 1,909.44

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