The Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid in the test as the plug-in hybrid drive could tempt comfortable user to a higher fuel consumption. Plug-in hybrids is predicted a bright future under the various hybrid versions. They promise electric driving in the city and the usual ranges overland. Mercedes plans to offer up to 2017 ten new models with plug-in hybrid drive. The first is the S-Class in long-wheelbase version.

The S500 plug-in hybrid was introduced in the autumn of last year, this year it was us as a test vehicle. It combines a V6 gasoline engine with an electric drive including 8.7 kWh lithium-ion battery (incidentally, the Magna-battery plant in Graz, which has since been sold to Samsung). As the low capacities suggests the electric range is according to standard consumption test only 33 km, in practice there are but 10 to 15 km away.

Porsche principle
Charging the lithium battery takes at the household power outlet 4 h, at the wall box 2 h. Many users, especially in this luxury segment, will probably be used the other way, namely the battery via the internal combustion engine while driving for emission-free trips in the city charge (takes about half an hour). The approximately two liters of consumption they will accept. Users assume quasi the principle of the first hybrid cars "Mixte" of Ferdinand Porsche. Its lead-acid batteries have been loaded via the internal combustion engine. However, Mercedes is working with the other German manufacturers also intensively on inductive charging.

The interplay between gasoline and electric drive worked anyway excellent. The quiet cruising with the big sedan is a class of its own. The S500 plug-in hybrid is the ideal long-distance sedan and proves thanks to the enormous power of the drive even large sporting qualities. Users can under four hybrid operating modes ("Hybrid", "E-Mode", "e-save", "batch") and three driving modes ("Hybrid", "E" as well as Economy "E +") choose. The selection is made by pressing a key.

The Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The Wizard
Our test model was equipped among other things with Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist, Head-up display (Projection of information in the windshield), panoramic sunroof, power-adjustable rear seats and leather interior, 360-degree camera, air conditioning in the rear. Since it was snowing again and again during the test date, the wizard refused their service and regularly reported "sensors contaminated". The reversing camera is also fixed on good weather. That this is the first plug-in hybrid from Mercedes in the S-Class, is also on the trunk, on the one hand can not be extended and on the other hand is characterized by a powerful stage at which the batteries are installed. Processing was awarded according to the price range. The guarantee for the plug-in components (including battery) is 6 years or 100,000 km away.

Mercedes S500 plug-in hybrid
Drive: plug-in hybrid drive with 6-cylinder petrol engine (2996) and electric motor. Lithium-ion battery with 8.7 kWh, 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive.

Gasoline: 333 PS / 245 kW
E-Motor: 115 HP / 85 kW
Total output: 442 hp / 325 kWmaximales torque: 650 Nm
0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds, top 250 km / h.

Chassis: Four-link front suspension, multi-link rear axle, front / rear air suspension, four ventilated disc brakes, ABS, Brake Assist, ESP stability system, electromechanical power steering rack. No trailer weight. Charging time 230 V / 8 A: 4.1 h, 400V / 16A: 2 h.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5246 x 1899 x 1494 mm
Turning circle: 12.3 m wheelbase: 3165 mm hot braking distance: 35.2 m braking distance cold: 35.4 m

Trunk: 395 l Weight: 2215 kg gross weight: 2825 kg Fuel tank capacity: 70 l
Average fuel consumption: overall system 2.8 l / 100 km 65 g / km CO²
Test consumption: Hybrid mode 10.6 l / 100 km E-Range 33 Km (standard), 13 km (in the test / Winter)

Price: € 86,750 - Price test car: € 151,550 - Vehicle insurance tax: € 1,864

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