The Hot Rod City Tour

The Hot Rod City Tour

The Hot Rod City tour starts later this month in Vienna now. In 13 European cities have them already, the little soapbox racer, with which you can take a guided tour. Now also gets a Vienna Hot Rod City Tour. The single-seater is powered by a four-stroke engine with 170ccm and 14 hp, the vehicle can be driven by anyone who is in possession of a valid B driving license. The manufactured in Hamburg at the manufactory Wenckstern cars reach a top speed of 88km / h (although for the local area's anyway not relevant).

The Hot Rod City Tour Vienna leads from the garage at Schwedenplatz in the immediate vicinity of the rental office in the Judengasse 4 - opening times daily from 10.00 to 19.00 clock - around the Vienna City including detour to Ferris wheel / Prater and Uno-City beyond the realm bridge. Pro Tour are twelve vehicles available, where the hot rod armada led by a guide and completed by another guide, therefore not a participant is lost. 

When rain and bad weather, the Hot Rods have clearly break, and even in winter the runabout remain with its distinctive snout in the garage. Otherwise, find every day at 10.00 clock, 13.00 clock 16.00 clock and 19.00 clock tours instead, the Moonlight Tour starts at 20.30 clock going. A tour takes 120 minutes, the ticket for the classic tour costs € 99th

"Safety is at Hot Rod City Tour Vienna writ large", as Florian Matthies, who has the Hot Rod City Tour exclusively brought to Vienna, explains. The originating from Hamburg dial Wiener is the founder and owner of Hot Rod City Tour Vienna: "Each participant must wear a safety helmet, including balaclava. And of course, applies to us, without exception, the 0.0 alcohol limit. " Info source;

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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