The bike of Marc Marquez

The bike of Marc Marquez

The bike of Marc Marquez for the road. Horn, turn signals and license plate: The Honda RC213V-S is the first MotoGP bike street legal. Marc Marquez won in 2013 and 2014 with his Honda RC213V not just the MotoGP World Championship - he dominated the action on the slopes and had his driving style most colleagues look old. Always at the last minute, with the elbow at the bottom of the Spaniards coined his own driving style. These two years will probably go down in history of the motorcycle World Championship. The one wants to pay homage at Honda, and adapts the RC213V for the road. The bullet gets an "S" to the name, a horn and in a number plate. From July 13, 2015 you can order the RC213V-S. More than dizzying is the price: 188,000 euros (sic!) Will cost the motorcycle. And not even the Honda seamless gear is there included.

Seamless gear falls away
The bike course also benefits from the knowledge from racing. It has, as it inherited the genes of the RC213V, including mass centralization and low friction combined with lightweight construction. The necessary changes and additions to the racing version of fall according to Honda from minimal. The focus was mainly to transfer the driving experience of the RC213V on the road version the developers. To get the power of the RC213V, is a "sport kit" available - to their colleagues to go to the race courses neatly around the ears. What was even changed? The valves are pneumatically but not conventionally controlled by springs. Developed by Honda Seamless transmission does not occur in the RC213V-S.

Anyone wishing to obtain the RC213V-S, must register on from July 13, 2015 online.

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